Everything You Want To Know About Equifunk V: From The Producers

first_imgOver the past few months, Live for Live Music has been giving our readers the 411 on the Equifunk V All-Inclusive Music Festival, set to take place August 17th-19th in Equinunk, PA, right in the heart of the Pocono Mountains (and about 2 hours outside of NYC).  With a little over one week before the party starts, L4LM sits down with Eric Welles and Jeff Fischer, two of the main men behind the Equifunk idea and concept, to discuss everything about the All-Inclusive festival experience, origins, and how it all came to pass.Hey guys, thanks for sitting down with us and taking the time to answer our questions.  We are really excited for Equifunk, and thought it would be great to sit down with you both, to let our readers know just why this festival is so unique and different from your average fest.  What are the origins of Equifunk, and how did you conceive the idea for Camp Equifunk?It’s actually a pretty funny story.  Eric Kamen, the founder of Equifunk, had a friend’s bachelor party at the camp that we all attended as kids one summer, “coincidentally” named Equinunk, and in the midst of all the fun realized he had to grow that experience for more to share in. By the next summer, Equinunk was transformed into “Equifunk”, and a Festival was born…and the rest, they say, is history. What started out with some friends partying to the Zen Tricksters that first year, has grown into a festival that now had bands like Galactic and Ivan Neville’s Dumpstaphunk headlining, and the supergroup SuckerPunch playing a very-special late night set. We couldn’t be more excited.  What makes Equifunk different from other festivals?  First, it takes place on the grounds of a summer camp, where festival goers have the opportunity to sleep in comfy cabins, complete with a bed and shower to make their stay extra “homey”.Second, it is the first “ALL–INCLUSIVE” Festival.  Think about that for a minute.  At the extremely reasonable price of $325 for a cabin, you get all of your meals for the weekend, a bed and shower, the chance to bunk with your best friends, unlimited beer, access to all facilities and, of course, incredible live music.  Now compare that to a $200 ticket at another festival and add up all of the $8 beers/water you drink throughout the weekend, in addition to the overpriced food.  The best part of the ALL-INCLUSIVE package is that it makes your weekend stress free.  You know where the beer is, you know where the food is, and you don’t have to worry about walking to get what you want.  We literally bring it to you. And if you like camping under the stars, our camping option for $195 is available as well. Third, our festival capacity is only 1,000 people.  You’re paying for an intimate all-inclusive festival with sets from amazing talent like Galactic, Dumpstaphunk, SuckerPunch, RAC, Orgone,Turkuaz and Bustle In Your Hedgerow to name a few, and you don’t have to fight for position to see the stage or fear the large crowd around you.  It’s you, your best friends, and all the space you want.  This is what it feels like to be a part of our family.Why is a summer camp the ideal place for a festival?Summer Camp = FUN, plain and simple.  Anyone who has attended a summer camp as a kid or adult has experienced some of the funniest and most memorable moments of their lives.  From a first kiss, to a food fight, to stealing candy from your bunkmate – why not take the best pieces of childhood and throw it together with some amazing music?  This is the next level of festival-going.On top of that, the setting of Equinunk, PA is like none other; fresh air, gorgeous hills/lake and an incredible night sky.  What could be better?There is a “Bus to Equifunk” option, correct?  Does that mean people from NYC don’t need to figure out transportation?Correct, we will 100% have buses to transport people to and from NYC.  And it’s only $50 round-trip!!!One of the more impressive and unique aspects of Equifunk is that it is considered the first All-Inclusive music festival; completely unlimited food and beer included in the ticket price. Will there definitely be enough food and beer for each camper?Again, we are 100% all-inclusive.  We have enough beer and food to kill a small herd of bears, dinosaurs, and rabbits. If you find yourself hungry or thirsty come find us and we will personally take care of you.  Because that is what our festival is all about!And there is a pool, right?  TWO POOLS!!!!  Awesome!!!  We have heard so much about these epic pool parties.  Tell us about them.I don’t want to spoil the best kept secret about our festival.  If you want to see what all the talk is about, check out the preview video below from last year’s pool party, and do yourself a favor and start the splashing with us this summer with sets from Orgone, Sister Sparrow and many more!Being at an actual, fully functioning summer camp, the average Equifunk attendee may get a little nostalgic; what other activities outside of the music can one expect to find?  That nostalgic feel is exactly what we are trying to accomplish. Want to play hoops with Galactic?  Tennis with Ivan Neville?  Kick ball with Marco Benevento?  We have every activity you could dream of and they are all steps away from the music and your comfy bed, or tent.What have been some of your favorite acts to grace the stage at Equifunk in the past?That’s a really tough question because there have been so many memorable ones to choose from. Let me go with an experience I’ll never forget – when Big Sam’s Funky Nation came into the crowd in 2010 and led a “Funk Conga Line” with everyone there on the floor. That’s something you’ll never witness and be a part of at any other music festival, and just exemplifies the intimate setting we’ve created at Equifunk. Adam Deitch, Roberts Walters, and Eddie Roberts all played at Equifunk together last year, and have played together a few times since then. How did that come into fruition?  Was that something that just happened naturally for Equifunk?They were only playing as a trio for a select few shows in August (I believe 4 or 5), but loved the idea and were super excited to play together at Equifunk. The festival has been known to bring together some rare combinations of artists playing with one another, and we promise you this summer will NOT be any different!  Take for example the return of SuckerPunch.  You have Marc Brownstein and Aron Magner of the Disco Biscuits, Jamie Shields from the New Deal, and Mike Greenfield of Lotus; they haven’t played together as SuckerPunch in almost a decade, and will be making their triumphant return for the first time at Equifunk.  It doesn’t get much more epic than that.  Equifunk is branded as a funk festival, but last year you brought in The New Deal to do one of their last shows.  Explain to us the decision to broaden the horizons of the festival.While funk music has, and always will be, part of the roots of Equifunk, we definitely made it a point to bring in some other genres and spice it up this year. Acts like Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds, Bustle in Your Hedgerow, and RAC will for sure bring in some new elements different from years past. Not to mention some of the DJ sets we have lined up that will keep people dancing all weekend long… While the option to sleep in an actual bunk is extremely appealing, the more traditional camping option is extremely affordable and unique in its own way. Tell us about this option.For those looking to camp out and hold on to that “traditional” festival element, we’ve set up the perfect camping area situated steps away from the stage, pool, and main dining areas. Included within this extremely affordable rate is everything provided in the cabin package – all meals, beer, access to facilities, and all the live music you can handle. When it comes to camping in the mountains, what’s better than sleeping under the stars?How is this festival evolving from last year?  What, if any, changes have been made to ensure the best possible time for attendees?Right off the bat, this is easily our best line-up yet. And that’s no easy accomplishment, as we’ve had some pretty awesome talent in years past. Aside from that, I’d say the biggest change is the emphasis we’re placing on camp activities this summer. Expect more of what you loved so much about being away at camp – a huge field to play Frisbee, softball games, basketball with your friends, hula-hoop lessons, arts and crafts (for some), and even more of your favorite activities.With many festivals, there are schedule conflicts, and it is really difficult to decide what one wants to see.  Equifunk doesn’t seem to have this problem. Was that something that was preconceived, or did everything just work itself out that way?  I’d say a mix of both. We’re definitely cognizant of other festivals/events taking place that weekend, but at the same time, Equifunk is so unique to anything else going on that it’s kind of like comparing apples and oranges. For those looking for the unique experience our festival has to offer, there’s nowhere else to be Aug 17th-19th.Equifunk has a very close-knit vibe, smaller crowd, and intimate setting, would you ever want to take this festival to a grand scale?  Do you have aspirations to make this a much bigger festival?It’s only fitting that you end with the toughest question, huh? Here’s the thing – as the Festival is currently constructed, it’s so incredibly tight-knit and intimate that adding more people will hardly divert much from that feeling of closeness – it will still feel like a small Festival. And while we definitely want to continue to grow Equifunk, we never want to lose that intimate feeling and stray away from what makes this Festival so incredible and unique. At the end of the day, there’s definitely something to be said about being the best kept secret out there…Anything else that you would like to add, that festival-goers may care to know?Yes – expect the unexpected, because this weekend is unlike anything you’ve ever been a part of.**To purchase tickets to the Equifunk V All-Inclusive Music Festival, use the link below.  And don’t forget to use discount code L4LM to save $25 on your pass!Purchase Tickets HereCheck out this video from last year:Check out this teaser video:See how great the all-inclusive aspect of Equifunk is great: ***To purchase tickets to the Equifunk V All-Inclusive Music Festival, use the link below.  And don’t forget to use discount code L4LM to save $25 on your pass!Purchase Tickets Herelast_img read more

Stewart-Haas Racing reveals Kevin Harvick’s new black Mobil 1 scheme for 2019

first_imgOn the day after Christmas Kevin Harvick unwrapped a new black Mobil 1 scheme that will adorn the No. 4 Stewart-Haas Racing Ford for nine Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series races in 2019.The sleek new look will make its debut on March 17 at Auto Club Speedway in Harvick’s home state of California for the Auto Club 400 (3:30 p.m. ET, FOX, MRN, SiriusXM NASCAR Radio).RELATED: Harvick through the yearsHarvick won eight times in 2018 en route to finishing third in the Monster Energy Series final standings. Two of those victories (Texas and Michigan) came in a Mobil 1 paint scheme.Here’s a preview of the new scheme:last_img read more

Developments in Ambulance Reimbursement Methodology Signal Change for Fire-Based EMS Systems

first_imgBurwell’s intent was highlighted in the recent passage of the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (P.L. 114-10). This bill was passed with strong bipartisan support and signed into law on April 16, 2015. Recently, there’s been much talk regarding the impact of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) on prehospital care and EMS. Many have said there will be little impact. Others believe the ACA will have significant impact and will usher in a new era in EMS delivery, similar to the way paramedicine changed the fire service in the early 1970s. One major policy statement came recently from U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Sylvia Burwell. She announced that by 2018, 90% of all Medicare fees-for-service payments will be linked to quality or value. Furthermore, those payments will be tied to quality or value through alternative payment models. Those alternative models include accountable care organizations (ACOs). Although EMS wasn’t included in the original language of the ACA, there’s been considerable focus on the fact that EMS drives huge costs based on where we transport patients. Fire-based EMS providers must look to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and federal government statements to understand the changes the ACA will bring to prehospital care providers. Burwell’s statement that 90% of Medicare payments will be linked to such programs should catch the attention of every fire-based EMS provider, as it will most assuredly impact your ambulance transport revenue. Since ACOs will be paying the ambulance transport fees for their patients, will they be concerned if you continue transporting their patients in a very expensive ambulance to a very expensive ED? Or will the ACOs prefer treating their patients much less expensively in outpatient clinics, freestanding emergency centers or with alternate methods of transportation? Review the 2009 NHTSA work on KPIs, begin measuring your system and make improvements where needed. This review should expose the mindset and direction of this newest effort. The first KPI to be released this year will address EMS care of patients with suspected strokes. Note that some KPIs in the 2009 effort measured organizational financial-efficiency indicators and ambulance vehicle crashes along with expected clinical measures.Talk with the ACOs in your area and help them understand how you can help them solve their problems.Regularly review the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) ACA Web page for white papers and other information about the ACA. Quality programs mandated by HHS have traditionally been referred to as value-based purchasing. HHS ties reimbursement bonuses or penalties to a medical provider’s performance in areas such as key performance indicators (KPIs) and patient satisfaction scores. Remember, the future isn’t hard to predict when those molding it are standing on the mountain top and telling us what that future will look like. Kaiser Health News further describes P.L. 114-10 as “reward[ing] providers who receive a significant portion of their revenue from an alternative payment model or patient centered medical home with a 5% payment bonus.” This concept describes an ACO. ACOs will receive a capitated, or preset, amount of money for each of their patients. They will coordinate a patient’s care with all providers with the goal of avoiding duplication and improving quality of care. If an ACO spends less per patient than they receive, they’ll be financially rewarded. If they spend more, they’ll be financially penalized. Burwell’s statements, the passage of P.L. 114-10 and other CMS actions show a clear need for three actions from fire-based EMS providers: Threats can turn into opportunities with strategic planning. A potential threat to your ambulance reimbursement rates needs your action now. Burwell’s statement and the fact that the federal government, through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), awarded a grant to the National Association of State EMS Officials (NASEMSO) to develop KPIs for EMS, should make us all pay attention. This project may look similar to NHTSA’s 2009 effort to develop KPIs, which ultimately stalled because the developing partners couldn’t agree on all the elements. Call to Action Burwell’s statement about the increasing use of ACOs should also cause our ears to perk up. It implies that in years to come, most payers will be ACOs, not insurance companies. According to Kaiser Health News, P.L. 114-10 “transitions to a new system focused on quality, value and accountability. Existing payment incentive programs would be combined into a new Merit Based Incentive Payment System.” This concept clearly describes the idea of value-based purchasing. ∗Editor’s note: This article originally appeared in On Scene, the digital publication of the IAFC, and is reprinted with permission.last_img read more

What If There Is Proof Of Abundance Everywhere?

first_imgAddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to EmailEmailEmailShare to RedditRedditRedditShare to MoreAddThisMoreWe are so blessed. For real. Need proof?Let’s do an exercise right now…Look around at the abundance that surrounds you. See this incredible scene that you are blessed to look into and the furniture that you might be sitting on.Notice the photos, art, decorations, environment, and beautiful things that might be surrounding you.Look outside and see how plentiful the world is. See the cars, trees, birds, food, and resources around you.Open your address book and look at how many people are in your life. If there is one way to be happy today, it’s by focusing on how much you have and expressing gratitude for it.Imagine the possible shifts in your perspective as you are actively and consciously looking for proof of abundance.Please join me in this journey by posting your best #ProofofAbundance pictures on social media.Be sure to use #ProofofAbundance and tag me in the photo so that I can enjoy it too!Together we can have a ripple effect of gratitude and abundance on each other and beyond!Much Love and BIG smiles,Michelle Ploog www.michelleploog.com  Follow me at @michelleploog(Photo Credit: Simaje, CC)AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to EmailEmailEmailShare to RedditRedditRedditShare to MoreAddThisMore Say thank you.We are surrounded by abundance. We have supermarkets that offer produce flown in from around the world so that we can experience a massive variety of foreign fruits and veggies. We have roads bustling with thousands of cars, buses and taxis. We have millions of people ready to help anyone in need. We have a supply of fresh air. We are truly blessed.Often we focus on lack rather than abundance. We get caught up in everything we don’t have rather than focusing on everything that we do.There is a fear that has been reinforced through our industrialized society that insists that we never have enough; and even if we do have enough, everything might be only moments away from disappearing.3 Myths That Keep You From Living Fully and Fearlesslylast_img read more

Employment & Economy

first_imgEastern Washington’s population and economic center is Spokane County. Spokane’s economy survived the Great Recession and emerged more diversified. Spokane’s recovery is being led by five industries: advanced manufacturing, health services, finance/insurance, transportation/warehousing and education. Without the advantage of mega employers, these five industries have medium-sized employers that are flexible and efficient in their markets. The region is home to more than 500 manufacturing businesses; distribution centers for PepsiCo, American Tire Distributors and Caterpillar Logistics Services Inc.; and health care providers such as Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center & Children’s Hospital. High-tech companies in manufacturing, scientific and technical industries are creating new jobs and expanding the economic base. Steady growth is predicted to continue in the near future.Spokane County is also home to Greater Spokane Inc., which connects businesses to valuable relationships and resources. GSI provides a wealth of information and resources to entrepreneurs, including a relocation guide, data and statistics, educational and networking events, and ambassadors. For more information on the economy in Spokane and other business resources, visit www.greaterspokane.org.The median age in Spokane County is about 37 years old, which means the workforce skews slightly older. Median household income in the county is $50,550, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. There is no state income tax.Rail and Transit AccessThe Greater Spokane area’s highway and rail infrastructure connect it to the global marketplace. Interstate 90, which runs through the heart of Spokane, is a major commuting route for eastern Spokane County and northern Idaho. This strategic freight corridor is the northernmost east-to-west, coast-to-coast interstate. The North Spokane Corridor is a nonstop arterial across the city linking Interstate 90 to the south with U.S. Route 395 to the north. Additional major highways that connect the region to outside markets include U.S. Highway 2 (to Everett and Newport, Washington), U.S. Highway 95 (to Canada and Mexico), U.S. Highway 195 (to Lewiston, Idaho) and U.S. Highway 395 (to Canada).Rail access is provided by the Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroads. These rail services ship nationally from the shipping yard in Spokane Valley. The area serves as a gateway to and from the interior U.S. and Pacific Rim, with east-west access and reciprocal switching capabilities that few other regions can offer.Natural ResourcesWith agriculture as one of the region’s most important industries, it’s not surprising that nature itself is one of Spokane’s most valuable natural resources. In fact, Washington is the nation’s leading producer of apple juice and the second-largest wine producer. Spokane County boasts the second-highest number of farms in Washington, with about 2,500.The climate and geography are ideal for agriculture but also offer numerous recreational pursuits. The area has miles of trails for hiking and biking, many in lush forests; rock formations perfect for climbing; lakes and rivers ideal for water sports; and more than 30 golf courses, surrounded by stunning landscapes.Fairchild Air Force BaseWith thousands of employees, Fairchild AFB is the largest single-location employer in the region, according to Greater Spokane Inc. The workforce includes more than 6,000 active-duty personnel, Air National Guard, Army National Guard members and civilian members. The base had a total economic impact of nearly $420 million and created more than 2,300 jobs, according to its 2015 Economic Impact Statement.last_img read more

NAHBS 2015: Boo hollows out bamboo for new, lighter race-ready gravel grinder & more!

first_imgThis one’s made with aggressive, racing geometry and 700×42 tire clearance. But all of those metrics can be whatever you want, they’re all made custom. You could even build it for belt drive, or choose between mechanical or electronic (or both) groups.The other big new feature debuting on the SL models is it’s their first thru-axle design, which stiffened up the rear end enough that they could eliminate the seatstay bridge.It’s built around a Santa Cruz Bicycles’ rear derailleur mount and Syntace X12 thru axle. They use a dummy axle during construction so they can mold the rear dropout structure directly around the hanger, so there’s no extra metal used in the dropouts, it’s all bamboo and carbon fiber. The only other metal on the frame are the water bottle bosses.It’s also their first post mount brake design, which further cleans up the bike and drops weight.The SL moniker will refer to all top level bikes, and they’ll only be available as full custom. This one’s the SLG, for Super Light Gravel. There’ll also be an SLX (cross) and SLR (road). Retail is $4,495, a thousand dollar premium over the standard bamboo and carbon frames. This brings with it a stiffer carbon layup, too, making the front end laterally stiffer. All told, the thru axle dropouts save about 80g, and tube saves about 100g, but you add a bit back with the actual thru axle compared to a QR skewer.The gravel bikes will also get a smaller diameter seatstay to add more compliance. That wasn’t done on Nick’s bike because he’ll be doing a lot of road riding, too.Another cool thing they figured out with this build was that you can hack XX1 rear derailleurs to work with CX1 drop bar shifters. Nick wanted the wider gear range for the Crusher in the Tushar, where there are bigger climbs, but the CX1 rear derailleur won’t clear the larger cogs on an XX1 cassette. But, the XX1 derailleur’s movement didn’t jibe with the CX1 shifters…until they found you could determine the pull ratio by putting the CX1’s derailleur cable loop and mounting it on an XX1 rear derailleur. By swapping that piece (the black plastic bit that the cable wraps around between the adjustment bezel and the derailleur’s pinch bolt), you get the XX1’s bigger pulley offsets with CX1 shifter compatibility.The one above is shown in stock formation, but he’ll be switching things over based on the next race’s elevation profile.They also figured out you can combine XTR Di2 shifting with an XX1 cassette and get the best of both worlds: crisp, motorized shifts with a wider range cassette. They said it worked perfectly with no modifications to either group’s parts.Below the SL is the RS, which uses the standard alloy dropouts, regular seatpost, no internal Di2 wiring, and is offered in stock sizing.The beauty of custom is you can get things like this awesome monster crosser/off road touring bike.BooBicycles.com Boo Bicycles has been making carbon fiber-and-bamboo bicycles for years now, but they keep refining the process. The latest iteration becomes the new premium SL offering, which not only drops weight from the frames, but makes them stiffer and stronger, too.Above is the new SLG top-level gravel road bike, and this one’s built for Boo’s Nick Frey to race at this year’s Dirty Kanza and Crusher in the Tushars.The upgrade is a new way of forming the top and downtubes. On their normal tubes, they hollow out the bamboo. On these, they hollow it out even more, making it lighter, then an S2 fiberglass load dispersion material is placed on the inside of the bamboo tubes and is cured while under compression from the inside. The result is a tube that’s much more impact resistant. Frey told us there tends to be a lot of downtube damage on composite frames in events like the Dirty Kanza, coming from really sharp gravel flying off the front wheel. Frey says they took a normal bamboo tube and smashed it on a table corner and it cracked, but repeated blows with the new S2-enhanced tubes didn’t show any damage.But those aren’t the only changes growing on this bike…last_img read more

SunCommon collaborates with Cal solar tech firm on bifacial PV panels

first_imgSunCommon,Vermont Business Magazine SunCommon, a Waterbury Center-based solar installer, has joined California’s Sunpreme Channel Network — a strategic partnership program designed to deliver the most advanced solar products and expertise to residential, carports and commercial clients through leading solar installers. Sunpreme carefully selects its strategic channel partners, awarding the distinction only to installers that consistently put customers first with high quality solutions.As Vermont’s largest solar company, SunCommon provides the residential, carports and commercial solar markets with the best and most reliable solar packages while delivering the highest level of installation quality. “Our customers trust us to provide technically superior products with compelling value, and know that they can count on years of our experience to deliver results. Sunpreme represents everything we look for in a premier product to inspire the customer’s enthusiasm and drive customer delight,” said James Moore, President at SunCommon. “We are honored to be recognized by Sunpreme as a Channel Partner after successfully installing projects using Sunpreme Solar Technology. Their global reputation and high standards are an endorsement of SunCommon’s commitment to our customers and to superior quality,” added Moore.”Sunpreme Channel Partnership recognizes exceptional installers for their relentless focus on providing high end solar products, superior installations and customer satisfaction. Vermont and New York Solar market are of strategic importance, and we warmly welcome SunCommon to Sunpreme Channel Partnership. We congratulate them on their commitment to high standards and helping clients reach their energy goal,” said Surinder S. Bedi, Executive Vice President for Global Quality & Reliability, System Products and Market Development at Sunpreme. “Sunpreme bifacial smart panels are an industry game changer offering customers the highest performance solar panels — with impedance matching technology and its improved lifetime yield. This complements a highly compelling product offering that integrates bifacial technology, robust product reliability and most cost effective solar electricity solution available to their strong customer base,” added Bedi.About SunCommonAs Vermont’s largest solar business, SunCommon believes that everyone has the right to a healthy environment and brighter future – and renewable energy is where it starts. Energy from the sun can power our lives and build vibrant communities. Our mission is to tear down barriers to clean energy and use our business as a force for good. SunCommon has helped over 3000 Vermonters and New Yorkers go solar at home or join a Community Solar Array and nearly 30 businesses power with solar and save.SunCommon was chartered as one of Vermont’s pioneering Benefit Corporations and is a Certified BCorp based on a rigorous third party assessment of our commitment to the triple essential point of people, planet and profit. The business is headquartered in Waterbury where most of our 70 workers operate out of Vermont’s largest net-positive office building, which produces more energy than it uses. In our first three years, SunCommon earned distinction as one of Vermont’s Best Places to Work, from the US EPA with an Environmental Merit Award, and with a Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence. For more information, please visit www.suncommon.com(link is external).About Sunpreme, Inc.Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, Sunpreme is a global solar photovoltaic company that designs, develops, and manufactures its innovative bifacial double glass panels utilizing a proprietary Hybrid Cell Technology (HCT), with efficiencies from 21.5% to 23.5%. These panels deliver the best cost performance value to clean-tech customers, worldwide. Sunpreme’s Bifacial, Smart panels are among the world’s most powerful, with STC outputs ranging from 310 to 510W before the bifacial boost of up to 15% with superior product reliability and environmental stewardship. Sunpreme was ranked among the top three performers in the entire global PV market. It has won 7 of the top 10 rankings among thin-film PV products. Sunpreme solutions are deployed in 25 countries around the world. For more information, please visit www.sunpreme.com(link is external) or contact Samantha Lam [email protected](link sends e-mail).SOURCE SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Sunpreme, Inc.last_img read more

Weekend Kitchen: A trick question and a brownie ice cream sandwich

first_imgWhat’s your favorite ice cream flavor? Don’t answer – it’s a trick question. The only appropriate response is: all of them. Preferably all of them at once.I was reminded of this during a recent trip to Syla and Maddys, the amazing ice cream shop on Mass. Street in Lawrence. They have something called the 5 Flavor Sampler. Five different mini scoops in a cup or a cone – it’s what dreams are made of (you can see Daisy eating it in the picture above).So it should come as no surprise that my new favorite dessert includes many flavors of ice cream at once. Open my freezer on any given day and you will see a quart of Breyers Neapolitan – my all-time favorite store-bought ice cream. I recently sandwiched all three flavors between brownies, whereby creating what I believe to be the perfect summer dessert. The recipe can be found here. Warning – it will be next to impossible for you not to make this if you click on it!last_img read more

Big turnout for annual Senior Service Day at Shawnee Mission East

first_imgLauren Cole helps feed a child at Avenue of Life in KCK for her SME Senior Service Day project.This year’s annual Senior Service Day event at Shawnee Mission East prompted 85 percent of the class to spread out across the metro Wednesday for service projects ranging from running a field day for special needs kids to sorting onions at Harvesters.Danny Tapp arrived at East at 7 a.m. and traveled to Harvesters in Kansas City with 25 other seniors to help package 1,000 pounds of onions.“We had to sort out the rotten ones and make bags of 20 each that went out to families,” he said.“It was hard work,” added Clayton Phillips. “It felt good making sure the food was safe for those who needed it.”Krissie Wiggins, coordinator of the SHARE program at East, said about 340 seniors participated in this year’s event. Many left school early in the morning to do service projects at more than a dozen places.Stanley Morantz and Ellie Booton helped harvest vegetables at Hillcrest Transitional Housing in KCK for their SME Senior Service project.Gretchen Crum and Ragan Rapp were among those who visited seniors at Brighton Garden in Prairie Village. They played games with the residents, painted nails and made Halloween crafts.“I thought it was really nice, I got a day off school and talked to different people,” Crum said. “The ladies were interested in what we were going to do after high school.”Rapp added, “it was interesting to talk to them and see how in tune they are. One lady used to be a camp counselor and did crafts with kids.”Cody Mason was among the seniors who stayed at East to help run what was called “Anna’s Special Field Day.” It was a series of activities for special needs kids. Among the activities were hula-hoops, bowling and jump roping.“I really hadn’t interacted with special ed kids that much,” Mason said. “It was cool to hang out with them.”Cameron Collins, another field day volunteer, enjoyed one boy who was into super heroes and pretended to be The Hulk.“I got to meet kids I never met before,” he said.Wiggins said the key lesson she wanted all the seniors to learn was the continuing need for their service in the community.“I got on the bus and told kids to listen to these organizations, how they started and the work they do,” she said. “This is your future. The populations these organizations serve will never go away.”SME seniors returning from the service projects were treated to a picnic lunch at Harmon Park.last_img read more

Roeland Park approves plan to replace high dive with climbing wall at city pool

first_imgThis is the AquaClimb Classic Plus 4×2 Panel the pool committee recommended for Roeland Park.Roeland Park councilmembers on Monday approved spending up to $12,000 on a 16-foot climbing wall feature for the Roeland Park Aquatic Center. The city will split the cost of the $21,650 wall with the Johnson County Park and Recreation District.The climbing wall was introduced as a replacement option for the pool’s 3-meter high dive, which was identified as potentially unsafe for recreational use in the November 2018 Waters Edge report.“Having the ability to provide an amenity yielding a similar experience to the removed 3m diving board, yet offering a safer experience for users was very attractive,” the Roeland Park Aquatic Center Advisory Committee said in their recommendation report.The 16-foot feature will be attached to the side of the pool and is intended for use by one person at a time. The Roeland Park Aquatic Center will be the only facility in northeast Johnson County to offer the amenity.The pool advisory committee also considered modifying or replacing the high dive so that it met Federation Internationale de Natation (FINA) standards, but decided the climbing wall was the best option.JCPRD Project Manager Marshall McKinney said Lenexa and Gladstone pools replaced their high dives with climbing walls and have been happy with the results.McKinney also pointed out the expected cost of the climbing wall is less than the cost of replacing the high dive.“We still are actually saving money and providing, what I think, is a better amenity,” McKinney said.last_img read more