Relaxing patient privacy rules would worsen the opioid epidemic

first_img Tags addictionadvocacyopioids As the national opioid epidemic continues to escalate, policymakers are increasingly desperate for solutions to stem the tide of devastation. Those of us who have been working to fight for decades to combat addiction in America — through the crack epidemic, the meth epidemic, and the previous heroin epidemic — have a message for them: Listen to the voices of patients, families, and recovery advocates to understand what to do and how to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past or creating more damage.We also have a message for patients, families, and recovery advocates: Make your voices heard now as Congress considers the Overdose Prevention and Patient Safety Act. This legislation would jeopardize the confidentiality of substance use treatment and discourage patients from seeking the care they need to get well and stay well — and stay alive.At issue is a section of the Code of Federal Regulations known as 42 CFR Part 2 (or just “Part 2” for short). It was established more than 40 years ago in the middle of the nation’s previous opioid epidemic, when policymakers realized that people were not seeking treatment because they were afraid that doing so could lead to their being arrested, losing custody of their children, or other negative consequences.advertisement Paul N. Samuels Patty McCarthy Metcalf Related: That is why more than 100 organizations representing millions of people in recovery from addiction have joined forces to oppose weakening the core protections provided under 42 CFR Part 2. Such a change would have the chilling effect of discouraging patients with substance use disorders from seeking the care they need to get well and stay well.Unfortunately, Part 2 has become a convenient scapegoat for miscommunication or poor treatment of patients with substance use disorders in general medical settings. One reason for this is the widespread lack of understanding about when and where Part 2’s protections apply. There is a misperception that these rules contribute to the opioid crisis by preventing the sharing of health information in medical settings. That is inaccurate. Part 2 applies only to health care facilities and clinicians whose primary purpose is to provide substance use disorder care. It doesn’t apply in emergency departments, surgical units, primary care offices, and the like. In those settings, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, the standard patient privacy law, applies. @lac_news Taylor Wilson’s parents fought for 41 days to get their daughter treatment. They couldn’t stop another overdose Part 2 created an added layer of confidentiality protection for individuals receiving treatment in addiction-specific programs, such as residential addiction treatment programs, methadone clinics, and detoxification units within hospitals. Treatment programs covered by Part 2 are, for example, prohibited from giving a patient’s medical records without a special court order to law enforcement or to people suing the patient. These programs also cannot share patient information with payers or other providers without the patient’s written consent. Unlike other diseases, drug addiction is criminalized in our society. It is not just stigma that keeps people in recovery from being open about their history of alcohol and/or drug addiction. It is the very real risk that disclosure could result in loss of employment, loss of housing, loss of child custody, loss of benefits, discrimination by medical professionals, and even arrest, prosecution, and incarceration. Part 2 is often the only shield between individuals in recovery and the many forms of discrimination and prejudice that could destroy their lives.advertisement Please enter a valid email address. Firefighters transport an overdose victim to a hospital in Rockford, Ill. Scott Olson/Getty Imagescenter_img Newsletters Sign up for First Opinion A weekly digest of our opinion column, with insight from industry experts. Leave this field empty if you’re human: In the midst of this devastating national opioid epidemic, we cannot afford to have patients and their families fear seeking treatment because they don’t have faith that their confidentiality will be protected. Instead of improving care, the proposed changes to 42 CFR Part 2 could discourage patients from seeking treatment while also exposing them to potential discrimination and harm, as well as magnifying their vulnerability to data breaches, an increasingly common occurrence in today’s connected world.When it comes to health care policy, decision-makers should follow the standard “First, do no harm” rule. Loosening privacy protections for people in treatment for a substance use disorder or in recovery from one would undermine efforts to solve the nation’s opioid crisis. And the harm stemming from it would be immeasurable and immediate.Paul N. Samuels is the president and director of the Legal Action Center, a national nonprofit legal and advocacy organization that works to protect the rights of people with addiction. Patty McCarthy Metcalf is executive director of Faces & Voices of Recovery, the nation’s leading recovery advocacy organization. Privacy Policy First OpinionRelaxing patient privacy rules would worsen the opioid epidemic About the Authors Reprints A scrappy upstart in the pain pill business takes on mighty Purdue Pharma By Paul N. Samuels and Patty McCarthy Metcalf Nov. 24, 2017 Reprints Related: @FACESandVOICES So when a patient comes to an emergency department after having overdosed on heroin or another opioid, Part 2 does not stand in the way of doctors contacting the family. When a patient comes in for surgery and the doctor does not ask about or document the patient’s history of substance use, Part 2 is not the problem. HIPAA is already the law of the land in these scenarios, and relaxing Part 2 will not improve communication or patient care.What relaxing or dismantling Part 2 will do is make the records of patients and their families engaged in addiction treatment more vulnerable to being misused in ways that harm the patient. It means that patients in recovery from opioid addiction who are taking medications such as methadone, buprenorphine, or injectable naltrexone would lose the added protection that Part 2 currently provides. It means that family members who are participating in a loved one’s treatment risk having details of family therapy shared without their consent.last_img read more

Makeup Artist Ruth Bergin on finding her passion, meeting a hero and silver linings

first_img By Emily Miller – 7th June 2020 Previous articleBaby Dan Donoher set for blood tests next weekNext articleRemember the Game: Portlaoise CBS denied 2004 All Ireland glory Emily Miller Facebook Electric Picnic Facebook Electric Picnic WhatsApp Pinterest Makeup Artist Ruth Bergin on finding her passion, meeting a hero and silver linings The Bergins have been in Abbeyleix for five generations and my Mum is from Cullohill. Abbeyleix really is a lovely place to live.I then went to Kilkenny College as a day pupil for secondary school.I loved secondary school. I played a lot of sports and loved art so spent most of my time avoiding class and doing extra curricular activities!I never really struggled in school so it was easy to scrape by doing the absolute bare minimum (but) I would not recommend!Did you have a clear vision in secondary school of where you wanted to be career wise?I cannot stress it enough when I say I had no idea what I was going to do with my life!I loved art so thought that maybe Art History was the path for me but it’s bizarre looking back because I really never thought about the future all that much until I was in my 20s.What path did you take after school?After school I was planning on doing a general Arts degree maybe with Art History, English and History as those were my favourite subjects, and I really didn’t have any other ideas at the time.Luckily my Mum saw that I was destined for more so she encouraged me to follow my talents and do a year long art portfolio course in The Further Education Centre in Abbeyleix, about 50 yards from my parents house!It was a tough adjustment at first but I had such a great year. The tutors on the art programme at the time – Jackie, Jock and Edel – were so amazing and passionate. They really took such an interest in each and every student.After that I was convinced I should do Fine Art in college (but) a few years later I realised that really wasn’t the path for me.I then took a year out where I did all manner of things such as the 12-week cookery course in Ballymaloe and a 9-week part time makeup course.I worked on my portfolio that year to apply to Makeup, Stage and Screen Design in IADT. I got full marks in my portfolio and was offered a place straight away, but you guessed it, I decided that wasn’t for me either!Where did you study to become a makeup artist?A week before I was due to start in IADT , I decided to do a week long beauty makeup course in LA Makeup Academy (I don’t think they’re still running) and was dazzled by the makeup world.I asked my parents if I could do the year-long course there instead and fast track my career.After some convincing they agreed and it turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made.Is it a competitive industry?Every industry is competitive. I believe that if you’re good at what you do, have a passion for it and are willing to work hard, competition doesn’t matter and you’ll always be successful.Probably a hard question … but what is your favourite item in your kit?At the moment, because it’s summer, my Chanel Soleil tan de Chanel cream bronzer!What’s your career highlight so far?My career highlight so far has been continually exceeding my expectations for myself.Tell us a little bit about your collaboration with Rebeluna Cosmetics?It was amazing, such a success and is still going successfully!The reaction to it has been so much more than I was ever hoping for. We had to release parts of the collection as new singular products and as separates for sale as there was such a demand for them, The Ruth Bergin Signature Sponge in particular has exceeded all expectations!It was such a surreal experience, something I would never have envisioned happening to me felt so normal.Who has been your most famous client?When I used to work for In Your Dreams in the UK (UK based festival company) we did Glastonbury VIP Camp Kerela and I glittered up Millie McIntosh and Hugo Taylor and that was pretty cool!What other makeup artists do you admire either within Ireland or internationally?I really admire Michelle Regazolli Stone or as she is better known, MRS makeup. She is the epitome of hard work and I really admire what she has built for herself purely through graft and dedication. And she is a lovely, fun person too.Lauren Cleare, the owner and founder of Rebeluna Cosmetics, and now good friend is an amazing woman with such vision and work ethic.We’ve been working together for 3 or 4 years now and have always believed in each other.We all have somewhere or something that embodies home for us … what defines Laois for you?Laois to me is Abbeyleix, my parents house. I have such a strong connection to the town because I’m from the very centre.Being able to walk up to Morrisseys with my dad in the evening for a drink and a chat, having the bog walk on our door step, walking up to Papa Nonis (formerly the Eagles Rest) for a pizza.Abbeyleix at Christmas time is such a busy special time of year and I love being home for it.We’ll all be missing the Electric Picnic this year, no doubt you’ll be missing creating the festival glam you’re known for?I will miss it! Of all the festivals I’ve been to, I have to say EP is the best!It’s such a privilege to have something so amazing in our home county and I love going. Roll on EP 2021!Luckily I can still create looks for fun on Instagram.Would you ever consider working abroad?I’ve thought about it, I even had a visa to move to Vancouver a few years ago.But I decided against it, things were just starting to really kick off for me here and a huge part of being a makeup artist is building a client base and a reputation and I felt that the makeup industry here in Ireland is like no other place!There are so many opportunities here for makeup artists. I would have been throwing away an opportunity had i left at that time.For anyone looking at becoming a makeup artist … any words of wisdom?Work hard, expect nothing, do everything at the start, even if it’s for free!Eventually the graft will pay off and you’ll be able to charge what you like and pick and choose your jobs.Until that day comes, to quote Rupaul, you better work!Do you enjoy the tutorials that you do and passing on the skills you’ve learned?Yes I do enjoy them, I’m enjoying them a lot more at the moment because I have time to really put effort in.Usually I work so much as a makeup artist that I’m too tired or drained to talk to a camera.I’m now running online makeup courses for professionals and non professionals. I have been recording and preparing content for them over the past few weeks and have been loving the new venture!People are so excited about them and have had such an amazing response, hopefully I can keep running them!The first batch are due to start next week. Link in my bio on Instagram for all the info and to buy tickets.If you hadn’t pursued makeup artistry, what other career would you have considered?I don’t even want to think about my life If I wasn’t a makeup artist! I’d probably still be wandering aimlessly.What accounts on Instagram do you love to follow?I really am a hard core makeup junkie and am obsessed with constantly improving my skills so I love international celebrity makeup artists like @patrickta.I went to his masterclass last year in Dublin and they say never meet your heroes, but he was so talented, humble, funny and complemented my hair!How do you like to spend your downtime? I spend my down time – well at least I DID before Covid ruined my plans – cooking. I love good food and drink so I eat out a lot, getting out and active, travelling, spending time with my boyfriend, family, friends.One of the perks of my job is getting to go to amazing product launches and industry events. My work is a huge part of my life. Honestly it’s more than a career, it’s a life style.There is so much time and effort that goes into keeping on top of having content to post for Instagram, emails, collaborations, mails on Instagram, staying relevant and keeping followers engaged etc, etc! Not to mention constantly cleaning my kit and brushes, keeping it stocked and organised.I’ve actually really been enjoying the time off this pandemic has given me. Silver linings!What’s next for Ruth Bergin MUA?I have big plans over the next few years and some of them are closer to home than you might think! Stay tuned!Ruth is now running online makeup courses for Professional Makeup Artists and Non Professionals!The first round of courses are commencing June 8th and 9th. You can find Ruth on Instagram @ruthberginmakeupartist and follow the link in the bio for more information.SEE ALSO – Laois author Helen Cullen on early influences, a big breakthrough and her favourite wordsSEE ALSO – An open letter from LaoisToday: Think local, support local and #LoveLaois as businesses open their doors again Makeup artistry is just that – an art – and Abbeyleix native Ruth Bergin has put her background in fine art to great use building a massive fan base in her career so far.This impressive lady, who has over 40,000 followers on Instagram, already has her own signature collection of makeup brushes with Rebeluna Cosmetics, has worked at Glastonbury and is now running her own online makeup courses.And to think a few years ago a visa for Vancouver might have meant a very different path … Electric Picnic organisers release statement following confirmation of new festival date WhatsApp Home We Are Laois Makeup Artist Ruth Bergin on finding her passion, meeting a hero and… We Are Laois Tell us a little bit about your background … where did you grow up, family, school etc?  I grew up in Abbeyleix town, I am the youngest of four siblings, two boys and two girls.I went to primary school in Scoil Mhuire Abbeyleix and always loved being a townie so I could walk home from school and get a blue Mr. Freeze on the way home and go to the park and tennis club! Laois Councillor ‘amazed’ at Electric Picnic decision to apply for later date for 2021 festival RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Twitter Bizarre situation as Ben Brennan breaks up Fianna Fáil-Fine Gael arrangement to take Graiguecullen-Portarlington vice-chair role Pinterest Twitter TAGSAbbeyleixRuth Bergin News last_img read more

Regulators, industry step up efforts to replace LIBOR

first_img James Langton The relief covers trade execution, swap clearing, registration requirements, margin rules and business conduct requirements, among other provisions that may be impacted by the replacement of LIBOR.“Next year is going to be crucial for the transition away from LIBOR. Firms that fail to do so will put themselves and the global financial system at risk,” CFTC chairman Heath Tarbert said in a statement.Tarbert added that the CFTC is one of the first regulators to provide firms with LIBOR-transition relief.“The CFTC remains committed to working with market participants and our fellow regulators on this critical issue,” he said.FSB calls for action on LIBOR transitionSeparately, the Financial Stability Board (FSB) published a report on benchmark reform that calls on policymakers and the industry to put forth “significant and sustained efforts” to transition away from LIBOR by the end of 2021.“There has been good progress in many derivatives and securities markets, but transition in lending markets has been slower, and needs to accelerate,” the FSB said.The FSB also said that firms should expect increasing scrutiny of their transition efforts over the next couple of years.“It is essential that both firms and national authorities around the world take steps now to ensure a smooth transition,” said Andrew Bailey and John Williams, co-chairs of the FSB steering group, in a joint statement.“As a matter of priority, authorities should discuss with financial institutions, and financial institutions with their clients, the transition process and agree on the steps needed,” they added. Related news Share this article and your comments with peers on social media Final bell tolls for LIBOR CSA adopts benchmark oversight regime Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Keywords Financial benchmarksCompanies Financial Stability Board, Commodity Futures Trading Commission U.S. LIBOR may live a little longer U.S. derivatives regulators are providing firms with relief to facilitate the shift to alternative benchmarks as global financial markets prepare for the transition away from LIBOR.Three divisions of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) have issued no-action letters that set out conditions for swap dealers and other derivatives firms to qualify for relief to replace provisions that reference LIBOR with other benchmarks. Miniature of business men observing maze risk concept bee32/123RFlast_img read more

SEC pays US$3.8 million whistleblower award

first_img Share this article and your comments with peers on social media Keywords Whistleblowers,  EnforcementCompanies Securities and Exchange Commission Businessman Blowing Whistle Isolated on White Background EHStock/iStock BFI investors plead for firm’s sale Related news Mouth mechanic turned market manipulator PwC alleges deleted emails, unusual transactions in Bridging Finance case James Langton As a result, the SEC brought an enforcement action that returned millions of dollars to harmed investors.The details of whistleblower cases are not reported to protect the identity of people who provide tips to the SEC.“Today’s award underscores the paramount role the SEC’s whistleblower program plays in safeguarding the Main Street investor,” said Jane Norberg, chief of the SEC’s Office of the Whistleblower.“Since the beginning of the program nearly 10 years ago, the SEC has ordered more than US$2.5 billion in financial remedies based on whistleblower information, including more than US$1.4 billion in disgorgement and prejudgment interest, of which almost US$750 million has been returned or is scheduled to be returned to harmed investors,” Norberg said.With this latest award, the SEC has now paid approximately US$505 million to 87 whistleblowers, including US$119 million in the last 10 months. A whistleblower whose tip helped the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) bring down an active fraud scheme is getting a seven-figure payday.The SEC said that a US$3.8 million whistleblower award is being paid to a tipster who helped it disrupt an ongoing fraud by providing the regulator with “significant information.” Facebook LinkedIn Twitterlast_img read more

Kumba Mi Yabba Christmas Fair Dec. 18 – 20

first_imgAdvertisements RelatedKumba Mi Yabba Christmas Fair Dec. 18 – 20 RelatedKumba Mi Yabba Christmas Fair Dec. 18 – 20 FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail In its bid to continually create promotional opportunities for micro, small and medium size enterprises (MSMEs) in Jamaica, the Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC), will be staging its annual Kumba Mi Yabba Christmas fair at the Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre on Hope Road.The fair, now in its ninth year, will be staged from December 18 to 20, and will showcase a wide range of authentic Jamaican products, including ceramic items, paintings, carvings, household accessories, aromatherapy items, clothing, accessories and local cuisines.Speaking with JIS News, Public Relations Officer at the JBDC, Miss. Sancia Campbell pointed out that Kumba Mi Yabba provides a platform for local producers and manufacturers of innovative and indigenous products and services, to showcase their merchandise.She added that the event also provides a medium for entrepreneurs to access a wider market, both locally and overseas.New to this year’s staging, Miss Campbell announced, is the launch of the Jamaica Wellness Cluster’s new line of products, which include teas, body wash and lotions.“There are always more persons every year producing something new and things that are geared toward promoting brand Jamaica,” the Public Relations Officer noted, adding that the annual event continuously features “high-end, high quality products.”She noted too, that another first this year, was the staging of Kumba Mi Yabba at two locations – the first held at Pier One, Montego Bay on December 12 and 13.“We took Kumba Mi Yabba to Montego Bay this year, which is just part of our commitment to expand the product, so that other persons can be a part of it…now that we have had the experience with Montego Bay, we will know all of the areas that we need to work on, to ensure that everyone will be satisfied with the offering,” she noted.Some 200 exhibitors are expected at the Kingston event, with an anticipated 10,000 persons visiting the Christmas village. The event will last from 1:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. on the first day and 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. on the remaining days.center_img Kumba Mi Yabba Christmas Fair Dec. 18 – 20 CultureDecember 17, 2009 RelatedKumba Mi Yabba Christmas Fair Dec. 18 – 20last_img read more

Exploring Student Affairs: Services for faculty and staff

first_imgShare Share via TwitterShare via FacebookShare via LinkedInShare via E-mail Published: Dec. 4, 2017 In addition to providing a variety of resources and support for students, many departments within the Division of Student Affairs have services available for faculty and staff. Health and wellnessFaculty or staff employed at least half time on the Boulder campus are eligible for Rec Center membership, including their spouse, partner and/or dependents, as well as access to other Rec resources.Wardenburg Health Services offers a number of services to staff and faculty for a fee, including injury/overuse screenings, physical therapy, massage, acupuncture, the Bike Fit Program and more.Event planningCU Events Planning & Catering is your full-service planning resource for various campus or group events. Highly qualified event planners will help produce your ideal event, whether you’re planning a lunch meeting, reception or graduation event.Ralphie’s ListFaculty and staff can search for and list available rentals on Ralphie’s List, CU Boulder’s rental database managed by Off-Campus Housing & Neighborhood Relations. CU also offers university apartment options to faculty and staff with or without families. Trauma counseling and supportThe Office of Victim Assistance offers free confidential counseling, advocacy and support to all CU Boulder staff, faculty and their significant others impacted by traumatic and disruptive life events.Green Office ProgramThe Environmental Center provides the Green Office Program for faculty and staff. This educational program integrates many of CU Boulder’s campus sustainability initiatives, including transportation, purchasing, recycling and energy.Recommendation lettersCareer Services has resources and tips for faculty and staff on how to write recommendation letters for students.Exploring Student Affairs is a series for discovering the roles of Student Affairs on campus as a resource not only for students but also faculty and staff. Read more from Exploring Student Affairs: “Supporting students and colleagues through traumatic events,” “Supporting student resiliency,” “Helping students get involved,” “Talking about alcohol, other drugs,” “Recognizing and responding to stress,” “Resources to create an inclusive learning environment,” De-escalating conflictCategories:From Student AffairsAdministrationCampus Communitylast_img read more

AEFI reporting to be done through Co-WIN: Health Secretary

first_img Related Posts By Press Information Bureau on December 16, 2020 Add Comment Read Article Adverse Events Following ImmunisationAEFIcold chain pointsDCGIDr V K PaulEUARajesh Bhushan COVID-19 Updates News Public Health AEFI reporting to be done through Co-WIN: Health Secretary Phoenix Business Consulting invests in telehealth platform Healpha Comments (0) MaxiVision Eye Hospitals launches “Mucormycosis Early Detection Centre” Adoption of AI/ML can disrupt healthcare services WHO tri-regional policy dialogue seeks solutions to challenges facing international mobility of health professionals Need to build on the standard principles of AEFI, make it specific to COVID-19 vaccines: Dr V K PaulIn the course of a media briefing on the action taken by the Government, preparedness and updates on COVID-19, Rajesh Bhushan, Union Health Secretary, emphasised that the Drug Controller General (India)’s requirement for more data to grant Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA) will not negatively impact the timeline for vaccine roll-out.Briefing about the latest developments in plans and preparations for vaccination, the Health Secretary informed that all 36 states and UTs have concluded meetings of State Steering Committee as well as State Task Force. 633 districts have already concluded meetings of District Task Force.  Further, 23 Union Ministries and Departments under the Centre and States have been identified and assigned roles with respect to planning, implementation, social mobilisation, awareness generation etc., for the vaccine-roll out.The Health Secretary informed that detailed instructions on Infection Prevention and Control Practices during vaccination have been issued in order to remain prepared to handle Adverse Events Following Immunisation (AEFI) that may crop up post- vaccination. For this, states have been told to identify at least one AEFI Management Centre in each block, which could be a Primary Health Centre, Community Health Centre, District Hospital, private health facilities or any other fixed health facility with medical officers and para-medical staff. AEFI reporting will be done through Co-WIN. Every session sites will be linked to designated AEFI Management Centres, stated the Health Secretary.The Health Secretary further informed:Training modules for medical officers, vaccinator officers/alternative vaccinator officers, cold chain handlers, supervisors, data managers, ASHA coordinators etc.  have been finalised.Physical trainings as well as trainings on virtual/online platforms have started.National and State Training of Trainers (ToTs) workshops have been completed.Guidelines have been issued for estimation of electrical and non-electrical cold chain equipment and their strengthening.Guidelines have been issued for management of cold chain at last cold chain points and session sites.29,000 cold chain points, 240 walk-in coolers, 70 walk-in freezers, 45,000 ice-lined refrigerators, 41,000 deep freezers and 300 solar refrigerators will be used.Speaking about AEFI, Dr. V K Paul, Niti Aayog said that in such cases, the vaccine manufacturers conduct a Phase IV Clinical Trial or Post-Marketing Surveillance where they monitor and track the effects of the vaccine systematically after it has been passed. He further urged, “If a vaccine or two comes after obtaining Emergency Use Authorisation, you should have complete faith on the fact that the vaccine is scientifically proven, matches global standards, safe and effective”.Replying to a media query about AEFI for COVID-19 vaccine, Dr. Paul informed, “This is an adult vaccine. Our AEFI system was targeted to children and women and those vaccinations take place in a certain way, starting with hospitals and then into the communities. But when we deal with adults, certain practical aspects have to be tackled. Secondly, these vaccinations are in multiple new platforms that bring in complexity. Further, if a EUA is given, it calls for more responsibility. Lastly, there are always new aspects, side-effects, situations that have to be kept in mind. Above all, a large number of beneficiaries and target-groups are to be tackled over a short period of time in a mission-mode. Therefore, there is a need to build on the standard principles of AEFI and make it specific to the fuller dimension of the requirements of this particular set of vaccines.”In reply to a media query on DCGI seeking more information from SII, Bharat Biotech and Pfizer for grant of EUAs, Health Secretary replied that this procedure will not negatively impact the time-line for roll-out of vaccine. Dr. Paul replied, “This situation was factored-in from before as it is EUA. There should be more than reasonable satisfaction about the safety, immunogenicity and effectiveness of the vaccine”.In reply to a media query on reports of infections linked with COVID-19 that is leading to loss of eyesight, Dr. Paul said, while COVID-19 can be a mild disease by itself, it can be without any symptom or even be a serious disease with serious complications like this which have not occurred before.In reply to another media query, Bhushan informed that State Governments have been allowed to form vaccination session sites even at units where the army or paramilitary is posted.Looking at the present global scenario, Dr. Paul cautioned that a second or third peak may occur in India, though it is impossible to do a definite prediction. He urged everyone to remain careful, follow the preventive steps and not take the improved situation in India as granted. “An overwhelming proportion of our people, our citizens are still very very susceptible to this virus”, he said. He specially mentioned that Uttarakhand, Nagaland and Himachal Pradesh have a high proportion of cases that needs to be controlled.(Edits by EH News Bureau) Share The missing informal workers in India’s vaccine story Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals releases first “Comprehensive Textbook of COVID-19” Menopause to become the next game-changer in global femtech solutions industry by 2025last_img read more

Youth Urged to make use of Marcus Garvey Resource Centre

first_imgRelatedYouth Urged to make use of Marcus Garvey Resource Centre RelatedYouth Urged to make use of Marcus Garvey Resource Centre Youth Urged to make use of Marcus Garvey Resource Centre CultureSeptember 5, 2012 FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail Young people in St. Ann are being encouraged to make use of the Marcus Garvey Resource Centre in the parish to gain greater insight into the National Hero’s life and work. The facility, housed at the Parish Library in St. Ann’s Bay was officially opened on August 17, to commemorate the 125th anniversary of Garvey’s birth.  It is equipped with books written by the National Hero, the works of Garvey scholars, several memorabilia, and copies of the Negro World newspaper that Garvey founded and was its chief editor. The project was made possible through the efforts of the Jamaica Library Service (JLS), St. Ann Homecoming Foundation, St. Ann Parish Council, CHASE Fund, Dr. Julius Garvey, who is the national hero’s son, the African American Cultural Alliance, the Marcus Garvey Foundation in Philadelphia, among others. Director General at the JLS, Patricia Roberts, said that the objective of the centre is to preserve the heritage of Marcus Garvey, and to encourage the study and exploration of Garvey’s contribution to Jamaica and people of African descent across the Diaspora. “It is to awaken and increase community understanding of the relevance of Garvey’s teaching in modern Jamaica, and to develop and additional avenue for heritage tourism,” she told JIS News. She said the aim is not only to provide a space and resources on the life and work of Marcus Garvey, “but also to have his spirit alive in the walls to enrich the lives of all who walk through the doors of this centre.” Mrs. Roberts informed that there are plans to expand the offerings in time for next year’s celebration of the National Hero’s birth, noting that the creative work of second and third students of the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts will be added to the existing resources. “Major landscaping of the grounds is also planned and some rehabilitative work has already been done to the Marcus Garvey statue by the Jamaica National Heritage Trust (JNHT), and flowers are being replanted by the St. Ann Development Company and other valued partners,” she told JIS News.  Mayor of St. Ann’s Bay, Councillor Desmond Gilmore, hailed the establishment of the facility, noting that it stands as a fitting tribute to the legacy of the country’s first National Hero and son of the parish. “I am very happy about it,” he said. “It provides the opportunity for students to come in and do their research on Marcus Garvey, and having access to more information will build the thought process of our young people. I want all of us in St. Ann to work for the preservation of this centre,” he added. Custos of St. Ann, Hon. Radcliffe Walters, is encouraging young people in particular, to make use of the centre for research purposes, while reigning Jamaica and St. Ann Festival Queen, Kemesha Kelly, noted that the establishment of the facility will increase awareness of the achievements of the National Hero, particularly his contribution to the “elevation of black people and their perception about themselves.” “It will give young people, and the wider community access to the work of Marcus Mosiah Garvey.  I encourage all the citizens, who use the centre to be very careful with the material and take care of the material, so that someone else, the next generation can know about his work,” Miss Kelly said. Marcus Garvey was born in St. Ann on August 17, 1887. A publisher, journalist, entrepreneur, and orator,  he was a staunch proponent of the Black nationalism and Pan-Africanism movements. He founded the Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League(UNIA-ACL), and his philosophy has influenced millions around the world.center_img RelatedYouth Urged to make use of Marcus Garvey Resource Centre Advertisementslast_img read more

St. Mary Infirmary National Project for Labour Day

first_imgFacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail The national spotlight for Labour Day 2013 will be on the St. Mary Infirmary in Port Maria.Minister of Youth and Culture, Hon. Lisa Hanna, made the announcement at the launch of National Labour and National Workers Week 2013, on Monday, May 13, at Jamaica House.Miss Hanna informed that work will be done to upgrade the facility, “so that our infirmed may feel loved, cared for and protected.”The infirmary houses 81 persons, 20 of whom are physically and mentally challenged.The Minister pointed out that the project will require many hands and urged volunteers to assist. “We will be refurbishing, replanting and replacing. Our work will concentrate around the vegetable garden, recreation room, chapel, kitchen, plant nursery, the poultry and animal stock, among other areas. Additionally, it is our plan to bring young people to groom and entertain the inmates,” she said.Miss Hanna emphasised the need to lend a hand to the most vulnerable.“Our focus must therefore be on the disabled, the infirm, the weak and helpless, those at risk, children and our senior citizens if we are to progress into a viable economy and an equitable society. We have to foster within us a greater love for each other, protecting those in need and caring for those who have served before us,” she said.National Labour Day and Workers’ Week are being celebrated under the theme: ‘Lend a Hand… Build our Land’. The commemorative activities are being spearheaded under the Ministries of Youth and Culture; Local Government and Community Development; and Labour and Social Security.Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Portia Simpson Miller officially launched the event on Monday at Jamaica House, where she announced that National Workers Week will be observed from Sunday, May 19 to Thursday, May 23.In the meantime, Minister of State, Ministry of Local Government and Community Development, Hon. Colin Fagan, said his Ministry will be facilitating the registration of projects through the Parish Councils and the Social Development Commission (SDC). These entities will be active in the mobilsation of communities to volunteer and participate in projects, he said.Mr. Fagan also informed that the NSWMA is on alert and will be making special arrangements for the removal of garbage and other debris generated as a result of the work.He encouraged owners of trucks and equipment, such as front end loaders to aid in the clean-up activities.“You can lend your contribution to Labour Day in this effort. In fact, everyone can contribute in some way, no matter how small, to make a difference in someone’s life,” he added.The State Minister outlined a number of projects that will be undertaken by Parish Councils islandwide to commemorate Labour Day 2013. These include work on the Mandeville Regional Hospital, Manchester; Roaring River Early Childhood Institute, Westmoreland; Charles Gordon Market, St. James; and Spanish Town Market, St. Catherine.Work will also be undertaken to: build two houses for homeless persons in St. Thomas; repair steps to the Port Antonio Hospital, Portland; renovate Green Island Library, Hanover; erect partition of classroom blocks at St. Mary’s All Age School, St. Elizabeth; repair the Golden Age and Worthley Girls Homes in the Corporate Area; and to paint bathrooms at Central Police Station.Labour Day and Workers’ Week 2013 are being celebrated against two significant milestones, the 40th anniversary of the declaration of Labour Day by former Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Michael Manley, and the 75th anniversary of the birth of the modern Trade Union Movement, following the labour riots of 1938.Contact: Andrea Braham St. Mary Infirmary National Project for Labour Day LabourMay 13, 2013 RelatedSt. Mary Infirmary National Project for Labour Day Advertisementscenter_img RelatedSt. Mary Infirmary National Project for Labour Day RelatedSt. Mary Infirmary National Project for Labour Daylast_img read more

Public Education on Climate Change Effects Remains Priority – Minister Pickersgill

first_imgAdvertisements RelatedNWC Looking to Partner With Chinese Companies on Water Projects Public Education on Climate Change Effects Remains Priority – Minister Pickersgill EnvironmentAugust 29, 2013Written by: Douglas McIntosh Photo: Melroy Sterling Water, Land, Environment and Climate Change Minister, Hon. Robert Pickersgill (right), presents Richard Bernard, one of 65 participants in the recently concluded Climate Change Action Training (CCAT) Programme, with his certificate during the graduation ceremony at the Airy Castle Church of God – Ground of Truth in the parish, on August 28. The training was organized by Jamaica Rural Economy and Ecosystems Adapting to Climate Change (Ja REEACH) project, for young people in St. Thomas. Mr. Pickersgill was the guest speaker. Related7,000 More Rural Residents to Benefit from Better Water Supply Water, Land, Environment and Climate Change Minister, Hon. Robert Pickersgill, says public education on the effects of climate change remains a priority for his Ministry.Speaking at a graduation ceremony for more than 60 young persons who participated in a Climate Change Action Training (CCAT) Programme in St. Thomas, at the Airy Castle Church of God – Ground of Truth, on August 28, Mr. Pickersgill stressed the importance of public education in enlightening persons on the dangers climate change poses for small island developing states, like Jamaica.He cited projections for Caribbean countries to experience more frequent and intense hurricanes, extreme rainfall, and longer periods of drought, resulting from climatic variations.“The price we pay for climate change directly impacts on our environment. In fact, the impacts of climate change are felt in every aspect of our lives and in all sectors, including agriculture, fisheries, tourism, our supplies of ground and surface fresh water, and infrastructure, to name a few,” he outlined.Arguing that climate change is the “most pressing” long-term challenge facing many nations, Mr. Pickersgill said focus in Jamaica is being placed on adaptation with mitigation strategies as a “supporting mechanism.”“Climate proofing (in) all sectors, through policy development, budgetary allocations, and development planning, is therefore no longer an option for us. Jamaica will not be spared the impacts of climate change, and so adaptation is not a choice, it is imperative, given our past experience as well as empirical evidence,” the Minister emphasized.This, he noted, would mean that some results would be long term, “but we have to act now. In other words, while we are adapting, we also should be mitigating against climate change and its impacts.”Mr. Pickersgill also underscored the importance of trees in limiting the effects of climate change, while lamenting the challenges which deforestation poses.Mr. Pickersgill contended that the essence of sustainable development “is the realization that we need to balance the competing goals of economic development and the preservation of the environment.”“However, I reiterate my belief that economic development cannot and must not take place at the expense of our environment and vice versa,” he said.Some 65 young people, ages 14 to 28, from Bath, Airy Castle, and its environs in St. Thomas, graduated as Climate Change Agents after participating in the Climate Change Action Training (CCAT) programme, organized by Jamaica Rural Economy and Ecosystems Adapting to Climate Change (Ja REEACH).The programme entailed some 32 hours of in-class training, and over 20 hours of field research, community consultation, and project implementation between June 1 and August 24. The participants were presented with certificates and special awards.The CCAT is designed to assist in developing a cadre of informed, skilled and dedicated climate change action agents at the community level, to provide immediate and ongoing climate change leadership.Ja REEACH, formerly the Marketing and Agriculture for Jamaican Improved Competitiveness (MAJIC) Project, aims to protect and enhance the welfare of residents and ecosystems of targeted rural communities affected by climate change.It is being jointly implemented by the Government and the United States-based Agricultural Co-operative Development International/Volunteers in Overseas Co-operative Assistance (ACDI/VOCA), with support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).center_img Story HighlightsThe Minister stressed the importance of public education on the dangers of climate changeHe cited projections for Caribbean countries to experience more frequent and intense hurricanesThe programme entailed some 32 hours of in-class training Public Education on Climate Change Effects Remains Priority – Minister PickersgillJIS News | Presented by: PausePlay% buffered00:0000:00UnmuteMuteDisable captionsEnable captionsSettingsCaptionsDisabledQualityundefinedSpeedNormalCaptionsGo back to previous menuQualityGo back to previous menuSpeedGo back to previous menu0.5×0.75×Normal1.25×1.5×1.75×2×Exit fullscreenEnter fullscreenPlay RelatedK-Factor Unit of NWC to Spend $4 Billion on Water Projects FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail last_img read more