Ride Away Stigma campaign

After a 55 day journey from Vancouver B.C., a Dundas woman pedalled into the driving park Sunday morning.Danielle Berman cycled across the country to raise awareness for mental health and suicide prevention.4,500 kilometres ago, Danielle Berman never imagined “Ride Away Stigma” would get this big.During her ride from Vancouver to her hometown of Dundas, thousands of people shared their experiences with suicide and depression with Berman.She lost her father to suicide 15 years ago and struggled with depression in her teen years.Berman said she got better with the support of her family and it’s become her mission to make it easier for others who are struggling to reach out for help.By talking about suicide and raising money for mental health organizations, Berman is slowly eliminating the stigma that prevents people from speaking up.Even though her ride is finished, she plans to keep the conversation going.Berman and her team have created quite a presence on social media.Her Facebook post about Robin Williams’ death reached nearly 40,000 people.They’re hoping to capitalize on that to keep people talking and donating to suicide prevention.You can learn more about the ride and donate to the campaign at: read more