Everything You Want To Know About Equifunk V: From The Producers

first_imgOver the past few months, Live for Live Music has been giving our readers the 411 on the Equifunk V All-Inclusive Music Festival, set to take place August 17th-19th in Equinunk, PA, right in the heart of the Pocono Mountains (and about 2 hours outside of NYC).  With a little over one week before the party starts, L4LM sits down with Eric Welles and Jeff Fischer, two of the main men behind the Equifunk idea and concept, to discuss everything about the All-Inclusive festival experience, origins, and how it all came to pass.Hey guys, thanks for sitting down with us and taking the time to answer our questions.  We are really excited for Equifunk, and thought it would be great to sit down with you both, to let our readers know just why this festival is so unique and different from your average fest.  What are the origins of Equifunk, and how did you conceive the idea for Camp Equifunk?It’s actually a pretty funny story.  Eric Kamen, the founder of Equifunk, had a friend’s bachelor party at the camp that we all attended as kids one summer, “coincidentally” named Equinunk, and in the midst of all the fun realized he had to grow that experience for more to share in. By the next summer, Equinunk was transformed into “Equifunk”, and a Festival was born…and the rest, they say, is history. What started out with some friends partying to the Zen Tricksters that first year, has grown into a festival that now had bands like Galactic and Ivan Neville’s Dumpstaphunk headlining, and the supergroup SuckerPunch playing a very-special late night set. We couldn’t be more excited.  What makes Equifunk different from other festivals?  First, it takes place on the grounds of a summer camp, where festival goers have the opportunity to sleep in comfy cabins, complete with a bed and shower to make their stay extra “homey”.Second, it is the first “ALL–INCLUSIVE” Festival.  Think about that for a minute.  At the extremely reasonable price of $325 for a cabin, you get all of your meals for the weekend, a bed and shower, the chance to bunk with your best friends, unlimited beer, access to all facilities and, of course, incredible live music.  Now compare that to a $200 ticket at another festival and add up all of the $8 beers/water you drink throughout the weekend, in addition to the overpriced food.  The best part of the ALL-INCLUSIVE package is that it makes your weekend stress free.  You know where the beer is, you know where the food is, and you don’t have to worry about walking to get what you want.  We literally bring it to you. And if you like camping under the stars, our camping option for $195 is available as well. Third, our festival capacity is only 1,000 people.  You’re paying for an intimate all-inclusive festival with sets from amazing talent like Galactic, Dumpstaphunk, SuckerPunch, RAC, Orgone,Turkuaz and Bustle In Your Hedgerow to name a few, and you don’t have to fight for position to see the stage or fear the large crowd around you.  It’s you, your best friends, and all the space you want.  This is what it feels like to be a part of our family.Why is a summer camp the ideal place for a festival?Summer Camp = FUN, plain and simple.  Anyone who has attended a summer camp as a kid or adult has experienced some of the funniest and most memorable moments of their lives.  From a first kiss, to a food fight, to stealing candy from your bunkmate – why not take the best pieces of childhood and throw it together with some amazing music?  This is the next level of festival-going.On top of that, the setting of Equinunk, PA is like none other; fresh air, gorgeous hills/lake and an incredible night sky.  What could be better?There is a “Bus to Equifunk” option, correct?  Does that mean people from NYC don’t need to figure out transportation?Correct, we will 100% have buses to transport people to and from NYC.  And it’s only $50 round-trip!!!One of the more impressive and unique aspects of Equifunk is that it is considered the first All-Inclusive music festival; completely unlimited food and beer included in the ticket price. Will there definitely be enough food and beer for each camper?Again, we are 100% all-inclusive.  We have enough beer and food to kill a small herd of bears, dinosaurs, and rabbits. If you find yourself hungry or thirsty come find us and we will personally take care of you.  Because that is what our festival is all about!And there is a pool, right?  TWO POOLS!!!!  Awesome!!!  We have heard so much about these epic pool parties.  Tell us about them.I don’t want to spoil the best kept secret about our festival.  If you want to see what all the talk is about, check out the preview video below from last year’s pool party, and do yourself a favor and start the splashing with us this summer with sets from Orgone, Sister Sparrow and many more!Being at an actual, fully functioning summer camp, the average Equifunk attendee may get a little nostalgic; what other activities outside of the music can one expect to find?  That nostalgic feel is exactly what we are trying to accomplish. Want to play hoops with Galactic?  Tennis with Ivan Neville?  Kick ball with Marco Benevento?  We have every activity you could dream of and they are all steps away from the music and your comfy bed, or tent.What have been some of your favorite acts to grace the stage at Equifunk in the past?That’s a really tough question because there have been so many memorable ones to choose from. Let me go with an experience I’ll never forget – when Big Sam’s Funky Nation came into the crowd in 2010 and led a “Funk Conga Line” with everyone there on the floor. That’s something you’ll never witness and be a part of at any other music festival, and just exemplifies the intimate setting we’ve created at Equifunk. Adam Deitch, Roberts Walters, and Eddie Roberts all played at Equifunk together last year, and have played together a few times since then. How did that come into fruition?  Was that something that just happened naturally for Equifunk?They were only playing as a trio for a select few shows in August (I believe 4 or 5), but loved the idea and were super excited to play together at Equifunk. The festival has been known to bring together some rare combinations of artists playing with one another, and we promise you this summer will NOT be any different!  Take for example the return of SuckerPunch.  You have Marc Brownstein and Aron Magner of the Disco Biscuits, Jamie Shields from the New Deal, and Mike Greenfield of Lotus; they haven’t played together as SuckerPunch in almost a decade, and will be making their triumphant return for the first time at Equifunk.  It doesn’t get much more epic than that.  Equifunk is branded as a funk festival, but last year you brought in The New Deal to do one of their last shows.  Explain to us the decision to broaden the horizons of the festival.While funk music has, and always will be, part of the roots of Equifunk, we definitely made it a point to bring in some other genres and spice it up this year. Acts like Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds, Bustle in Your Hedgerow, and RAC will for sure bring in some new elements different from years past. Not to mention some of the DJ sets we have lined up that will keep people dancing all weekend long… While the option to sleep in an actual bunk is extremely appealing, the more traditional camping option is extremely affordable and unique in its own way. Tell us about this option.For those looking to camp out and hold on to that “traditional” festival element, we’ve set up the perfect camping area situated steps away from the stage, pool, and main dining areas. Included within this extremely affordable rate is everything provided in the cabin package – all meals, beer, access to facilities, and all the live music you can handle. When it comes to camping in the mountains, what’s better than sleeping under the stars?How is this festival evolving from last year?  What, if any, changes have been made to ensure the best possible time for attendees?Right off the bat, this is easily our best line-up yet. And that’s no easy accomplishment, as we’ve had some pretty awesome talent in years past. Aside from that, I’d say the biggest change is the emphasis we’re placing on camp activities this summer. Expect more of what you loved so much about being away at camp – a huge field to play Frisbee, softball games, basketball with your friends, hula-hoop lessons, arts and crafts (for some), and even more of your favorite activities.With many festivals, there are schedule conflicts, and it is really difficult to decide what one wants to see.  Equifunk doesn’t seem to have this problem. Was that something that was preconceived, or did everything just work itself out that way?  I’d say a mix of both. We’re definitely cognizant of other festivals/events taking place that weekend, but at the same time, Equifunk is so unique to anything else going on that it’s kind of like comparing apples and oranges. For those looking for the unique experience our festival has to offer, there’s nowhere else to be Aug 17th-19th.Equifunk has a very close-knit vibe, smaller crowd, and intimate setting, would you ever want to take this festival to a grand scale?  Do you have aspirations to make this a much bigger festival?It’s only fitting that you end with the toughest question, huh? Here’s the thing – as the Festival is currently constructed, it’s so incredibly tight-knit and intimate that adding more people will hardly divert much from that feeling of closeness – it will still feel like a small Festival. And while we definitely want to continue to grow Equifunk, we never want to lose that intimate feeling and stray away from what makes this Festival so incredible and unique. At the end of the day, there’s definitely something to be said about being the best kept secret out there…Anything else that you would like to add, that festival-goers may care to know?Yes – expect the unexpected, because this weekend is unlike anything you’ve ever been a part of.**To purchase tickets to the Equifunk V All-Inclusive Music Festival, use the link below.  And don’t forget to use discount code L4LM to save $25 on your pass!Purchase Tickets HereCheck out this video from last year:Check out this teaser video:See how great the all-inclusive aspect of Equifunk is great: ***To purchase tickets to the Equifunk V All-Inclusive Music Festival, use the link below.  And don’t forget to use discount code L4LM to save $25 on your pass!Purchase Tickets Herelast_img read more

Vaccinia infections shared link to martial arts gym

first_imgMar 17, 2011 (CIDRAP News) – The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) yesterday reported on a cluster of four cases of vaccinia virus infection in 2008 that were linked to a martial arts gym in Maryland.The investigation included lab and public health officials from Michigan and Maryland and was detailed in the CDC’s Emerging Infectious Diseases (EID) journal.The case-patient that brought the outbreak to light was a 26-year-old man who was hospitalized Jun 23, 2008, for multiple skin pustules, plus fever and headache. Lab analysis revealed a vaccinia virus that originated in the ACAM2000 second-generation smallpox vaccine.A probe into the source of his infection revealed that he had sparred at a martial arts gym with several military personnel. He reported that one of his sparring partners, a 28-year-old man, had a rash at about the same time, but no systemic illness. Upon testing, the 28-year-old’s serum samples were positive for the same vaccinia virus.A survey of the gym’s members found that several had received the smallpox vaccine, but not within the previous 2 months. Thirteen had reported recent skin lesions, but no smallpox vaccination. Two of that group had recently been diagnosed as having methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infections, and their serum samples showed they had been exposed to the same vaccinia virus.Five civilian clinics had given the vaccine over the past few months, but none of those who received it were members of the martial arts gym. A cross-check of military records showed that several vaccinees had links to the gym, but none were current members or at the gym during the time the illness surfaced.A review of the gym found it was cleaned twice daily, due to MRSA concerns, with proper cleaning products. The source of the virus is still unknown, and no more infections among gym members have been detected.The CDC researchers said that even though the source of the infection was not identified, it was probably a recent vaccinee. They said the cluster was possibly the result of sequential person-to-person spread, though fomites can’t be ruled out.The researchers said the cluster report underscores the need to reinforce transmission precautions in recent vaccinees and that physicians should consider vaccinia virus infections in the differential diagnosis of vesiculopustular rashes.Hughes CM, Blythe D, Li Y, et al. Vaccinia virus infections in martial arts gym, Maryland, USA, 2008. Emerg Infect Dis 2011 (published online Mar 16) [Full text]last_img read more

Venture Global LNG selects duo for Calcasieu Pass job

first_imgVenture Global LNG said that it has engaged two manufacturing and engineering companies for its Calcasieu Pass project in Cameron Parish, Louisiana.Chart Energy & Chemicals, a Chart Industries unit, will provide its mid-scale modular technology, and Tecnicas Reunidas will provide the engineering design for the gas liquefaction and export facility project, the company said in a statement.The scope of work includes designing a multi-train liquefaction plant with a total LNG capacity of 10.0 MMTPA; two full containment LNG tanks, each with a capacity of 200,000 m3; a 600 MW combined cycle power plant and marine facilities, which will include two LNG ships’ berths up to 185,000 m3.The FEED work for the Calcasieu Pass project commenced in August 2014 and is expected to be completed by mid-2015.[mappress mapid=”17102″]Image: Venture Global LNGlast_img read more

Respon Kisruh Tarif, Maxim Ajak Pengemudi Ojol Kompetitor untuk Bergabung

first_img“Sehingga hal tersebut menjadi keuntungan bersama baik untuk pengemudi ojol maupun pelanggan. Khususnya bagi para pengemudi ojol, order mereka akan menjadi lebih banyak penghasilan mereka pun akan terjamin. Ide kami adalah untuk membuat tarif ojol tersebut lebih adil untuk semua orang, itulah sebabnya tarif bawah dan tarif atas di setiap propinsi, harus menyesuaikan dengan UMR di setiap provinsi,” ujar Maria.Diketahui Maxim menetapkan tarif minimalnya Rp1.850 per kilometer dengan tarif batas atas Rp2.300 per kilometer sesuai dengan aturan. Bedanya di penetapan per empat kilometer awal Maxim menetapkan Rp3.000 sedangkan GoJek dan Grab Rp7.000 hingga Rp10.000Karena hal ini pelanggan GoJek dan Grab memilih untuk berpindah ke yang lebih murah. Maria menambahkan, pihak Maxim sendiri membuka diri untuk para driver dari ojol lain untuk bergabung.“Para pengemudi ojol dari kompetitor yang melakukan aksi protes sebenarnya bisa mendaftar dan bekerja bersama kami,” kata dia.Bahkan dia mengatakan, para pengemudi itu bisa mendapat penghasilan lebih besar bila bergabung dengan Maxim, sehingga tidak perlu melakukan aksi yang merugikan banyak pihak. Maria menambahkan, aksi para pengemudi ojol dari kompetitor lain ini sebenarnya merupakan intimidasi yang tidak dibenarkan secara hukum.“Aksi protes yang mengarah kepada kekerasan, intimidasi sampai persekusi sama sekali tidak dibenarkan,” ujarnya.Sebenarnya, pada 2 September 2019 kemarin, Menteri Perhubungan sudah memberlakukan Keputusan Menteri No.348/2019 tentang tarif ojek online yang terdiri dari tarif langsung dan tak langsung. Tarif langsung ditentukan pemerintah dan tarif tidak langsung oleh aplikator seperti Grab dan Gojek.Baca juga: Resmi, Tarif Ojol Naik di Seluruh Indonesia, Ini Dia Kisarannya!Kemenhub menyusun tarif langsung berdasarkan zonasi:* Zona I (Sumatra, Jawa, Bali kecuali Jabodetabek): Rp1.850 hingga Rp2.300 per km dengan biaya minimal Rp7.000 hingga Rp10.000* Zona II (Jabodetabek): Rp2.000 hingga Rp2.500 per km dengan biaya minimal Rp8.000 hingga Rp10.000* Zona III (Kalimantan, Sulawesi, NTT, Maluku, dan lainnya): Rp2.100 hingga Rp2.600 dengan biaya minimal Rp7.000 hingga Rp10.000Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Like this:Like Loading… RelatedBelum Lama di Indonesia, Ojol Maxim Ternyata Berasal dari Rusia19/12/2019In “Basis Aplikasi”Di Tengah Merebaknya Virus Corona, Kemenhub Naikkan Tarif Ojol di Jabodetabek11/03/2020In “Basis Aplikasi”inDriver, Ojol Asal Rusia Hadir di Banjarmasin, Hadirkan Real-Time Deals10/09/2020In “Basis Aplikasi” (kompas.com) Setelah adanya penyegelan yang terjadi terhadap kantor ojek online Maxim, perusahaan ride hailing asal Rusia tersebut akhirnya buka suara masalah tarif murah mereka. Menurut pihak Maxim, tarif yang mereka miliki sudah menguntungkan baik bagi penumpang maupun pengemudi.Baca juga: Belum Lama di Indonesia, Ojol Maxim Ternyata Berasal dari RusiaKabarPenumpang.com mengutip dari cnbcindonesia.com (20/12/2019), humas Maxim Maria Pukhova mengatakan, tarif yang mereka berikan telah dikalkulasi berdasarkan upah pendapatan daerah yang berlaku. Sehingga hal ini membuat Maxim berusaha membantu baik pelanggan maupun driver ojol mendapat layanan yang ramah di kantong.last_img read more

Jazz welcome back George Hill, who leads Utah to 100-83 victory over Philadelphia

first_imgSALT LAKE CITY — The ideal Utah Jazz starting lineup, which had only played a grand total of 12 minutes together all season, was finally back together Thursday night as George Hill rejoined the team — finally — for the first time in exactly a month.Although it took awhile for the Jazz to get synchronized, Hill’s presence in the lineup was obvious as he led the Jazz to a 100-83 win over Philadelphia Thursday night at Vivint Arena as Utah improved to 20-13 on the season.Never was Hill’s value more apparent than in the fourth quarter when he scored 13 points and led the Jazz on a decisive 30-9 run to turn what looked like a possible loss against the NBA’s worst team into a deceiving runaway victory.For the night, Hill’s numbers were outstanding. How about a game-high 21 points on 8-of-10 shooting, 2-for-2 from 3-point range, eight rebounds, six assists and three steals and a blocked shot for good measure.“It’s great to have him back,” said Gordon Hayward, who scored 20 points on the night. “He played well in his first game back, especially there at the end when he kind of controlled it on the offensive end, and I can’t say enough about his defensive play too.”“George clearly played well, even though he’s been out,” said coach Quin Snyder.Hill had missed eight games earlier in the season with a sprained thumb and then missed the last 13 games with a sprained right big toe. He practiced earlier in the week, but missed Thursday’s shootaround and wasn’t declared a go until an hour before the game“I told the guys I’ll do all I can,” said Hill, who acknowledged that he’s still a ways from being 100 percent. “It starts on the defensive end and carries over, and when the shot’s there, just be aggressive. I let the game come to me.”Early on, the Jazz jumped out to an eight-point lead and looked like they would cruise against the lowly Sixers. However, Philadelphia scored 10 straight to take a 10-point lead after the first quarter and kept the lead most of the way through the third quarter when they took a 74-70 lead into the final quarter.That’s when the Jazz finally woke up, scoring 10 straight points in a little over two minutes and holding the Sixers to 1-for-14 shooting as the Jazz went on a 21-2 run at the midway point of the quarter.First Rodney Hood sank a pair of shots, including a 3-pointer, and then Hayward scored a bucket in the lane. Then Trey Lyles sank a 3-pointer and Hood scored again with a 22-footer.The Sixers finally broke the spell with a basket, but the Jazz ran off 11 straight more points, including 3-pointers by Lyles and Hill, from about 28 feet out.Hood added 20 points, while Lyles scored 11 points off the bench. Rudy Gobert’s streak of 11 straight double-doubles ended as he finished with nine points and 13 rebounds. He would have easily kept the streak alive, but only managed 3 of 11 from the free-throw line, a big reason why the Jazz had their lowest free-throw percentage of the year at 53.6 percent on 15 of 28.The Sixers played without leading scorer Joel Embid, who was resting, but Nerlens Noels, who had only played in five games this season after sitting out with a knee injury, scored 14 points off the bench. Ersan Ilysova led the Sixers with 16 points, while Dario Saric scored 14 off the bench and Jahil Okafor scored 13 points.After playing Phoenix on New Year’s Eve, the Jazz embark on a five-game road trip, beginning with Brooklyn Monday night.last_img read more

Eduard Folayang is ONE Championship Fighter of the Year

first_imgHardaway powers Hawks to long-awaited OT win over Spurs The 32-year-old Folayang topped women’s champion Angela Lee, featherweight king Marat Gafurov, bantamweight titleholder Bibano Fernandes and Ev Ting for the recognition.A fast-rising star, the 20-year-old Lee won the atomweight title after outlasting Mei Yamaguchi last May. Lee totes a perfect 6-0 record.Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next Chinese-manned vessel unsettles Bohol town PH among economies most vulnerable to virus EDITORS’ PICK We are young Smart’s Siklab Saya: A multi-city approach to esports Senators to proceed with review of VFA READ: Worth the wait: Folayang cops ONE lightweight title, stops AokiThe three-time SEA Games gold medalist in Wushu went 3-0 last year, scoring unanimous decision victories over Tetsuya Yamada and Adrian Pang before a second-round stoppage of Aoki.AdChoices广告Ads by TeadsFEATURED STORIESSPORTSGinebra teammates show love for SlaughterSPORTSFreddie Roach: Manny Pacquiao is my Muhammad AliSPORTSWe are youngIt was a bounce back year for Folayang, who, prior to his unbeaten streak, suffered a brutal knockout loss to Timofey Nastyukhin in December 2014.READ: Written off at first, Folayang pens own story with ONE title win Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Eduard Folayang: Discipline leads to longevity PLAY LIST 02:58Eduard Folayang: Discipline leads to longevity01:44One Championship Fire & Fury Open workout02:17Eduard Folayang hopes to leave lasting legacy01:31Taiwan minister boards cruise ship turned away by Japan01:33WHO: ‘Global stocks of masks and respirators are now insufficient’01:01WHO: now 31,211 virus cases in China 102:02Vitamin C prevents but doesn’t cure diseases like coronavirus—medic03:07’HINDI PANG-SPORTS LANG!’03:03SILIP SA INTEL FUND Smart hosts first 5G-powered esports exhibition match in PH MOST READ Where did they go? Millions left Wuhan before quarantine Photo from ONE ChampionshipFilipino MMA champion Eduard “Landslide” Folayang was named ONE Championship’s Fighter of the Year just a month after celebrating his first world title.Folayang won the ONE lightweight belt, stopping Japanese legend Shinya Aoki in spectacular fashion in Singapore that capped the Baguio City native’s undefeated campaign in 2016.ADVERTISEMENT Shanghai officials reveal novel coronavirus transmission modes Ginebra teammates show love for Slaughter Chinese-manned vessel unsettles Bohol town View commentslast_img read more

SA’s one-two in 400m hurdles

first_img23 March 2006South Africa claimed a one-two in the men’s 400 metres hurdles at the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne on Thursday, with LJ van Zyl and Alwyn Myburgh finishing in the gold and silver medal positions.Van Zyl was the slowest man out of the blocks, but came back strongly to run a Games record of 48.05 seconds, overhauling his compatriot down the straight.Myburgh, who finished seventh in the Athens Olympics, ran a season’s best 48.23 to comfortably secure silver ahead of Jamaica’s Kemel Thompson, who finished in 48.65.Another South African, Ter de Villiers, finished seventh.Following in Hestrie’s footstepsSouth Africa’s successes in field events continued as 19-year-old Anika Smith followed in the footsteps of Hestrie Cloete by winning the women’s high jump.Smith equalled her personal best of 1.91 metres to finish three centimetres clear of Wales’ Julie Crane. Third place went to Karen Beautle of Jamaica.Back on the track, sprinter Geraldine Pillay added a bronze medal in the 200 metres to the silver medal she won in the 100 metres.Running in lane eight, Pillay ran superbly to claim third behind the Jamaican duo of Sherone Simpson and Veronica Campbell in a time of 22.92 seconds.Shooting silversSouth Africa’s shooting team won two more medals, both of them silver.Esmari van Reenen was squeezed out of first place by India’s Anuia Jung in the women’s 50 metres rifle prone. She finished on 670 points to the 670.7 of Jung.Byron Swanton, whose sister Diane won gold in the women’s trap, finished second in the men’s double trap.India’s Olympic silver medalist Rajyavardhan Rathore successfully defended the title he won four years ago in Manchester, while William Chetcuti of Malta won bronze. Former Olympic champion Russell Mark of Australia had to settle for fourth.Chauke in flyweight finalSouth Africa is assured of at least two more medals, both of them in the boxing ring.Jackson Chauke reached the flyweight final when he beat Uganda’s Martin Mubiri on points on Thursday. He faces England’s Don Broadhurst, who eliminated Jitender Kumar of India, for the gold medal.Welterweight Bongani Mwelase, who won gold at the 2005 Commonwealth Boxing Championships in Glasgow, stopped Botswana’s Moabi Mothiba in the second round of their quarterfinal contest to reach the semi-finals. Both losing semi-finalists win bronze medals.last_img read more

AirlineRatings.com Editor-in-Chief on CNN’s coverage of Lion Air crash

first_imgAirlineRatings.com Editor-in-Chief Geoffrey Thomas AirlineRatings.com Editor-in-Chief has once again been interviewed by CNN for its superb ongoing coverage of the Lion Air tragedy.You can see the CNN story and video here.Read: Questions raised about Lion Air maintenancelast_img

Boxers to start season in Almaty

first_imgCommonwealth Games gold medallist super heavyweight boxer Paramjeet Samota will spearhead the Indian challenge as a 10-member team starts its campaign at the season opener International Invitational Boxing Tournament, starting in Almaty, Kazakhstan, from February 14.While it will be the first tournament for 49kg weight category boxer Laishram Devendro after he qualified for the London Olympics in October, Asian Games medallist heavyweight Manpreet Singh will also be plying his trade in a build-up event to the London Games.The five-day tournament will also see boxers from Russia, France and hosts Kazakhstan.The team: L Devendro (49Kg), Sunil Kumar (52Kg), Chhote Lal (56Kg), Vinay Kumar (60Kg), M Thomas (64Kg), Vijay Kumar (69Kg), Kuldeep Singh (75Kg), Sumit Sangwan (81Kg), Manpreet Singh (91Kg), Paramjeet Samota (+ 91Kg).last_img read more

Floyd Mayweather Goes to Prison Today a Sign of

The face of boxing steps into prison today, an 87-day stint that defines the sport as much as it defines the times and the man.That is not a compliment.It, in fact, is an indictment—on boxing, the world we live in and Floyd Mayweather, Jr.With an opportunity to represent himself and his sport in an upstanding fashion, Mayweather, instead, has failed boxing and himself. And there does not seem to be any outrage about it.The best boxer in the world gets locked up on a domestic violence charge stemming from a September 2010 incident during which he pled guilty to pulling the hair and twisting the arm of the mother of three of his children. His sons, 10 and 8 at the time, were there when he also threatened and hit ex-girlfriend Josie Harris. The older boy ran out a back door to fetch a security guard in the gated community.Sadly, boxing did nothing. No admonishment. No suspension. Nothing. So it’s no wonder that after all that, when he leaves the Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas near the end of summer, he will have actually augmented his stature, his “street cred,” among many who deem it some warped mark of proud distinction to have been locked up.In one of his many and sometimes mindless rants about one thing or another during his remarkable boxing career, Mayweather, 35, has more than once invoked the name Muhammad Ali in relation to himself, a juxtaposition that is ludicrous, but interesting on this day in one way.Ali once went to jail, too. And that’s where the comparisons should end, for Ali stood for something, whether you agreed with his position or not.With the travesty of the Vietnam War getting even worse in 1967, Ali was called up for induction into the armed forces. Back then, men were drafted and had to serve or face jail time. Ali still refused because of religious beliefs. He also said: “I ain’t got no quarrel with them Vietcong. Ain’t no Vietcong ever called me (the N word).”Ali’s refusal got him some jail time. Bigger was the national uproar it caused. His boxing license was cancelled by most states. He was stripped of his title, had his passport confiscated and did not fight for 2 ½ years. Instead of pouting, Ali lectured at colleges and Muslim gatherings around the nation, gaining support as antiwar sentiment increased. In June 1971, the Supreme Court reversed his conviction, ruling that he was entitled to an exemption as a conscientious objector.That little history lesson should show how Ali and Mayweather are comparable only that they starred in the same sport. That’s it.Here’s what Mayweather said on HBO: “I’m in the same shoes as Ali. They hate me when I’m at the top, but once my career is over, they’re going to miss me.”On his domestic violence case, he said: “I took the plea. Sometimes they put us in a no-win situation. I had no choice, but I don’t worry about going to jail. Better men than me have been there. I’m pretty sure Martin Luther King’s been there, and Malcolm X. I have taken the good with the good so I’ll accept the bad with the bad.”Sign of the times: Mayweather was sentenced on December 22, 2011, but judge Melissa Saragosa agreed at the last minute to let him remain free long enough to fight Miguel Cotto on May 5 in Las Vegas, which he did last month and earned more than $32 million—and injected millions more into Sargosa’s city’s economy.Well, the money cannot help Mayweather now. He likely will not be able to train while in prison. For the first week or so, Mayweather will be segregated for his protection from the other 3,200 inmates. He’ll get one hour of exercise time a day outside his cell.It could be worse for Mayweather. He could be a convicted rapist like Mike Tyson. Or maybe a miracle could happen: He could exit a new man of character and community ambition.Don’t bet on it, though.Curtis Bunn is a best-selling novelist and national award-winning sports journalist who has worked at The Washington Times, NY Newsday, The New York Daily News and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. read more