Do you have 5 year old or 9 year old marketing?

first_imgMy daughters will illustrate.I asked them both how they would get someone to buy a toy.This is what the five year old said:Mommy can you please buy it?I said that might not work. So what would be another option?She said:Mommy can you please, please buy it?The nine year old said this:First you have to make a good toy. Because it’s cheap, people will get mad and sue you.Then you have to tell them all the great things about it and why it’s wonderful. Don’t make it too expensive.Then you have to get them really excited by telling them the cool things it does for them.Make the commercial colorful, interesting and realistic.So which kind of marketing do you have?Please, please, please give me money. Pretty please. (Repeat often.)Or: We have really amazing programs, here is why they are interesting and here’s why you should care.last_img read more