Firefox coming soon to Intelpowered Android devices

first_imgThere aren’t a lot of Android devices on the market that utilize an Intel processor, but that’s not stopping Mozilla developers from adding full x86 support to the to-do list for Firefox. Mark Finkle, head of Firefox mobile development, has posted on his personal blog that an early developer build is now available for those who want to try it out.If you own a Motorola Razr I, ZTE Grand X IN, Orange San Diego, or a Lenovo K800, the optimized build should offer an improved experience. At the very least it’ll be an improvement over what members of the press saw at Motorola’s launch event for the Razr I, where both Chrome and Firefox failed to even install on the Medfield phone.Mozilla’s already made it clear that its plan is to make sure Firefox is available to everyone who uses an Android device. Most recently, that meant polishing off the changes required to support older ARMv6 processors. That compatibility landed in the latest stable version of Firefox for Android. With that subset of users (which still counts in the millions) looked after, it’s a logical step for Mozilla to move on to folks with Intel phones. It’s unlikely that the chipmaker is going to give up the fight and let its ARM rivals continue dominating the mobile marketplace.The only folks left out in the cold now are the 4% or so who run an Android version older than Froyo — but they’re missing out on a whole lot more than just Firefox.More at Mark Finkle’s Bloglast_img read more