India lucky to have a stand-in captain like Ajinkya Rahane: Ian Chappell

first_imgFormer Australia captain Ian Chappell said India were lucky to have a stand-in captain like Ajinkya Rahane, who led the hosts to a 2-1 series win over Australia in Dharamsala in the absence of injured Virat Kohli. (Ajinkya Rahane should stay on as India’s Test captain: Mitchell Johnson)”India are very very lucky to have a stand in captain like Rahane. I thought he did a fantastic job,” Chappell told ESPNcricinfo. (Virat Kohli blasts detractors: If someone pokes us, we won’t back down)”It is not easy to do the job of a fill in because you know the actual captain has a got a certain style. So (in that situation), you think ‘what do I do? Do I try to copy that style or do I just be myself’, and Rahane did the right thing. He captained in his own way,” said Chappell.Rahane performed the duties in his own quiet way, a contrast to the usually animated Kohli on the field. (Virat Kohli says his friendship with Australian cricketers is over)”I would say Rahane is aggressive in his own quiet way. You know you don’t have to be a gung ho captain to have the whole team behind you. You just need to do a good job and have the guys have faith in what you are doing. (If anyone pokes us, we won’t back down: Virat Kohli) “And if you are making the right moves, the aggressive field placing moves that Rahane was making, that sort of ting brings the right behind the captain. (Virat Kohli ecstatic after series triumph)advertisement”They (Kohli and Rahane) do it totally different. But I thought Rahane did a good job and had the team right behind him because of the way he captained,” added Chappell.last_img read more