Firm ‘not professionally embarrassed’ to represent fugitive killer at appeal

first_imgCharlotte Brown, 24, died after being thrown from the boatIn a statement posted on the firm’s website, senior partner Richard Egan said he was not aware of Shepherd’s whereabouts but that it would be ‘negligent and in breach of professional duties’ if the firm opted not to proceed because of his absence. He noted that case law confirms that an absent defendant has the right to appeal against legal errors at a trial that took place without him.‘We represent our clients without prejudice and to the best of our ability,’ said Egan. ‘That professionalism and duty does not go away because of the perceived morally dubious actions of any particular client (and in the context of a criminal lawyer that would be absurd).’He explained that the Crown Prosecution Service was notified about Shepherd’s absence (along with the court and police) and had an option to either adjourn the trial or proceed in Shepherd’s absence.Egan added: ‘They chose the latter and applied to the judge to proceed. The judge granted their application and the trial went ahead. The court were fully aware that we would act in his absence as we had a professional duty to do so. We are not professionally embarrassed because the client has not attended his hearing.’Brown’s family have told of their shock at learning that Shepherd’s appeal will be heard, with her father Graham telling the Clacton Gazette the fugitive is ‘making a mockery of justice’.In a statement, the Ministry of Justice has said: ‘It is a vital principle of our criminal justice system that a conviction can be appealed and it is only right that legal professionals are paid.’Sir Christopher Chope MP, a member of the Commons home affairs committee, told the Telegraph: ‘If he [Shepherd] is seeking the help of the taxpayer to fund his defence, then he should be disclosing his whereabouts and surrendering to custody.’ Criminal defence firm Tuckers Solicitors has insisted it is ‘duty bound’ to continue to represent a convicted killer who went on the run before his trial and sentencing.Fugitive Jack Shepherd was sentenced to six years in prison for the manslaughter of Charlotte Brown, killed when his speedboat capsized on the River Thames in December 2015. This week it was revealed that Shepherd will receive legal aid for an appeal against his conviction and sentence, despite his continued absence, after permission to appeal was granted by the Court of Appeal.Media attention has focused on the 31-year-old’s legal representative Tuckers, which continues to act for the Londoner and which says it has received around £30,000 fees in connection with the trial.last_img read more

6 cases of Corona virus in the Egyptian League clubs

first_imgThe committee said that the second day of the survey, which included players, coaches, administrators and team workers, resulted in the emergence of 6 positive cases of the new Corona virus, According to the newspaper “the seventh day”. © Sputnik. Derar KhamisThe Egyptian Sports Minister reveals the fate of the Premier LeagueThe five-year committee of the Football Association’s administration is scheduled to hold a meeting today, Wednesday, with the technical managers of the Premier League football clubs, in the presence of Dr. Mahmoud Saad, the manager of the mountain and the officials of the competitions committee and the medical committee, to discuss their decision on the return of the league and their vision of the preparation periods before the league resumes on July 25 / Next July.The quinquennial committee will hear the technical managers’ view of the clubs before setting the deadline for the return of the league, and it is likely that it will resume after the Eid Al-Adha holiday.It is noteworthy that the officials of the Medical Committee of the Football Association asked all the clubs of the Premier League to send the name of a special doctor for each team in order to meet with them and give them training sessions via video conference on everything related to the Corona virus and follow up on the cases of members of the team in full and notify the Medical Committee of any developments in the event of any infections Or symptoms of any member of the team.The Egyptian Minister of Youth and Sports, Dr. Ashraf Sobhi, revealed the fate of restoring sporting activity in Egypt during the coming period, especially the Football League.Subhi said: “The Supreme Medical Committee has developed the guidelines for the return of sports activity, and it was agreed upon after discussions with the International Olympic Committee and also officials of the Ministry of Health.”The Minister of Youth and Sports added that there is no interference by the government in the file of completing the Egyptian League.Sobhi added, that canceling the league or completing the season is primarily due to the decision of the Football Association, and its review of the situation with the General Assembly in accordance with the vision of Al Gabalaya.last_img read more