Lego bricks meet iPhone with Life of George augmented reality game

first_imgThough some may argue that Lego is something only kids should play with, we here at Geek think the magic of Lego bricks should be something people of all ages can enjoy. After raving about such Lego masterpieces as the world’s first fully functional Lego greenhouse, Lego robot hands, and a Lego machine that can create 3D shapes out of foam, we’re pretty excited about a new iPhone app and toy that Lego is set to release in the next few days called Life of George.The app is free, but to play the game, you have to purchase the Life of George box of Lego pieces for $29.99. Inside the box are 144 pieces, a Playmat (a dotted piece of cardboard that also acts as a sort of green screen for the pieces you build), and a short set of directions for getting started.The idea behind Life of George is pretty simple. Your iPhone tells you what to build, and then starts a timer. You build whatever is on your screen, place it on the Playmat, and then hold your phone over your creation to take a photo. The app can tell which bricks you use, so it can determine how accurate you are, and you’re judged on time and accuracy.There are two modes you can play in: Game Mode and Creation Mode. Game Mode lets you play on your own or against a partner. George loves to travel and take photos of things he sees on his adventures. The goal is to recreate those objects in Lego form. After you snap a picture, your score is determined, and if it’s high enough, you can advance in the game and unlock objects.There’s also Creation Mode, which lets you create and save your own designs. So, you could build a Lego Cthulhu, snap a picture, save it, and have a friend try to recreate it.Lego has managed to do an exceptional job of combining a physical activity (building) with video games. This will definitely help with hand-eye coordination, and problem solving. It’s also a brilliant idea because Lego can simply update the app with new levels so that there are always new adventures for George to go on.The game is geared towards kids ages 12 and up since the pieces are too small for younger children. Life of George will be available to order from Lego’s website starting Saturday. An Android app is supposedly in the works, too.via TechCrunchlast_img read more