Nokia to Join the mmWave Coalition to Advocate Use of Radio Frequencies Above 95 GHz

first_imgNokia will join the mmWave Coalition together with other technology leaders, including Virginia Diodes and Keysight Technologies, to advocate the use of radio frequencies above 95 GHz. The coalition will advocate a regulatory framework to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), other U.S. government agencies, and the International Telecommunications Union to permit the use of radio frequencies above 95 GHz.Today’s wireless networks are handling more traffic with more people and devices consuming more data than ever before, and the spectrum available today is facing shortages. From extreme mobile broadband to virtual reality and autonomous cars, to the industrial internet, smart cities and 5G – the use of mmWave spectrum will be at the center of the next generations mobile telecom evolution.The mmWave Coalition member companies are united in the objective of removing regulatory barriers to technologies and using frequencies ranging from 95 GHz to 450 GHz. While 5G and possibly even 6G! might look at these as potential frequency bands to use, the Coalition is not limiting itself to supporting any particular use or technology. Instead, it is working to create a regulatory structure for these frequencies that would encompass all technologies and all possible uses, limited only by the constraints of physics, innovation and the imagination.Knowing that the need for even more spectrum will continue to grow, governments and the industry are looking at even higher frequency spectrum use.  The FCC is already starting to look at this now. It is currently considering whether to open up even more spectrum in the millimeter-wave bands for 5G and other uses, including spectrum above 95 GHz and is set to take up a proposal on spectrum above 95 GHz as early as December 2017 or Q1 2018.The success of innovative services riding the mmWave spectrum will be dependent on national governments and regulators working with the industry to support access to the right amount and type of spectrum, and under the right conditions. Nokia and the mmWave Coalition are advocating the great promise of frequencies above 95 GHz that will assist in expanding broadband services for all communities and bring new entrants and applications to the market.Click here to learn more about the mmWave Coalition.last_img read more