Everything You Want To Know About Equifunk V: From The Producers

first_imgOver the past few months, Live for Live Music has been giving our readers the 411 on the Equifunk V All-Inclusive Music Festival, set to take place August 17th-19th in Equinunk, PA, right in the heart of the Pocono Mountains (and about 2 hours outside of NYC).  With a little over one week before the party starts, L4LM sits down with Eric Welles and Jeff Fischer, two of the main men behind the Equifunk idea and concept, to discuss everything about the All-Inclusive festival experience, origins, and how it all came to pass.Hey guys, thanks for sitting down with us and taking the time to answer our questions.  We are really excited for Equifunk, and thought it would be great to sit down with you both, to let our readers know just why this festival is so unique and different from your average fest.  What are the origins of Equifunk, and how did you conceive the idea for Camp Equifunk?It’s actually a pretty funny story.  Eric Kamen, the founder of Equifunk, had a friend’s bachelor party at the camp that we all attended as kids one summer, “coincidentally” named Equinunk, and in the midst of all the fun realized he had to grow that experience for more to share in. By the next summer, Equinunk was transformed into “Equifunk”, and a Festival was born…and the rest, they say, is history. What started out with some friends partying to the Zen Tricksters that first year, has grown into a festival that now had bands like Galactic and Ivan Neville’s Dumpstaphunk headlining, and the supergroup SuckerPunch playing a very-special late night set. We couldn’t be more excited.  What makes Equifunk different from other festivals?  First, it takes place on the grounds of a summer camp, where festival goers have the opportunity to sleep in comfy cabins, complete with a bed and shower to make their stay extra “homey”.Second, it is the first “ALL–INCLUSIVE” Festival.  Think about that for a minute.  At the extremely reasonable price of $325 for a cabin, you get all of your meals for the weekend, a bed and shower, the chance to bunk with your best friends, unlimited beer, access to all facilities and, of course, incredible live music.  Now compare that to a $200 ticket at another festival and add up all of the $8 beers/water you drink throughout the weekend, in addition to the overpriced food.  The best part of the ALL-INCLUSIVE package is that it makes your weekend stress free.  You know where the beer is, you know where the food is, and you don’t have to worry about walking to get what you want.  We literally bring it to you. And if you like camping under the stars, our camping option for $195 is available as well. Third, our festival capacity is only 1,000 people.  You’re paying for an intimate all-inclusive festival with sets from amazing talent like Galactic, Dumpstaphunk, SuckerPunch, RAC, Orgone,Turkuaz and Bustle In Your Hedgerow to name a few, and you don’t have to fight for position to see the stage or fear the large crowd around you.  It’s you, your best friends, and all the space you want.  This is what it feels like to be a part of our family.Why is a summer camp the ideal place for a festival?Summer Camp = FUN, plain and simple.  Anyone who has attended a summer camp as a kid or adult has experienced some of the funniest and most memorable moments of their lives.  From a first kiss, to a food fight, to stealing candy from your bunkmate – why not take the best pieces of childhood and throw it together with some amazing music?  This is the next level of festival-going.On top of that, the setting of Equinunk, PA is like none other; fresh air, gorgeous hills/lake and an incredible night sky.  What could be better?There is a “Bus to Equifunk” option, correct?  Does that mean people from NYC don’t need to figure out transportation?Correct, we will 100% have buses to transport people to and from NYC.  And it’s only $50 round-trip!!!One of the more impressive and unique aspects of Equifunk is that it is considered the first All-Inclusive music festival; completely unlimited food and beer included in the ticket price. Will there definitely be enough food and beer for each camper?Again, we are 100% all-inclusive.  We have enough beer and food to kill a small herd of bears, dinosaurs, and rabbits. If you find yourself hungry or thirsty come find us and we will personally take care of you.  Because that is what our festival is all about!And there is a pool, right?  TWO POOLS!!!!  Awesome!!!  We have heard so much about these epic pool parties.  Tell us about them.I don’t want to spoil the best kept secret about our festival.  If you want to see what all the talk is about, check out the preview video below from last year’s pool party, and do yourself a favor and start the splashing with us this summer with sets from Orgone, Sister Sparrow and many more!Being at an actual, fully functioning summer camp, the average Equifunk attendee may get a little nostalgic; what other activities outside of the music can one expect to find?  That nostalgic feel is exactly what we are trying to accomplish. Want to play hoops with Galactic?  Tennis with Ivan Neville?  Kick ball with Marco Benevento?  We have every activity you could dream of and they are all steps away from the music and your comfy bed, or tent.What have been some of your favorite acts to grace the stage at Equifunk in the past?That’s a really tough question because there have been so many memorable ones to choose from. Let me go with an experience I’ll never forget – when Big Sam’s Funky Nation came into the crowd in 2010 and led a “Funk Conga Line” with everyone there on the floor. That’s something you’ll never witness and be a part of at any other music festival, and just exemplifies the intimate setting we’ve created at Equifunk. Adam Deitch, Roberts Walters, and Eddie Roberts all played at Equifunk together last year, and have played together a few times since then. How did that come into fruition?  Was that something that just happened naturally for Equifunk?They were only playing as a trio for a select few shows in August (I believe 4 or 5), but loved the idea and were super excited to play together at Equifunk. The festival has been known to bring together some rare combinations of artists playing with one another, and we promise you this summer will NOT be any different!  Take for example the return of SuckerPunch.  You have Marc Brownstein and Aron Magner of the Disco Biscuits, Jamie Shields from the New Deal, and Mike Greenfield of Lotus; they haven’t played together as SuckerPunch in almost a decade, and will be making their triumphant return for the first time at Equifunk.  It doesn’t get much more epic than that.  Equifunk is branded as a funk festival, but last year you brought in The New Deal to do one of their last shows.  Explain to us the decision to broaden the horizons of the festival.While funk music has, and always will be, part of the roots of Equifunk, we definitely made it a point to bring in some other genres and spice it up this year. Acts like Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds, Bustle in Your Hedgerow, and RAC will for sure bring in some new elements different from years past. Not to mention some of the DJ sets we have lined up that will keep people dancing all weekend long… While the option to sleep in an actual bunk is extremely appealing, the more traditional camping option is extremely affordable and unique in its own way. Tell us about this option.For those looking to camp out and hold on to that “traditional” festival element, we’ve set up the perfect camping area situated steps away from the stage, pool, and main dining areas. Included within this extremely affordable rate is everything provided in the cabin package – all meals, beer, access to facilities, and all the live music you can handle. When it comes to camping in the mountains, what’s better than sleeping under the stars?How is this festival evolving from last year?  What, if any, changes have been made to ensure the best possible time for attendees?Right off the bat, this is easily our best line-up yet. And that’s no easy accomplishment, as we’ve had some pretty awesome talent in years past. Aside from that, I’d say the biggest change is the emphasis we’re placing on camp activities this summer. Expect more of what you loved so much about being away at camp – a huge field to play Frisbee, softball games, basketball with your friends, hula-hoop lessons, arts and crafts (for some), and even more of your favorite activities.With many festivals, there are schedule conflicts, and it is really difficult to decide what one wants to see.  Equifunk doesn’t seem to have this problem. Was that something that was preconceived, or did everything just work itself out that way?  I’d say a mix of both. We’re definitely cognizant of other festivals/events taking place that weekend, but at the same time, Equifunk is so unique to anything else going on that it’s kind of like comparing apples and oranges. For those looking for the unique experience our festival has to offer, there’s nowhere else to be Aug 17th-19th.Equifunk has a very close-knit vibe, smaller crowd, and intimate setting, would you ever want to take this festival to a grand scale?  Do you have aspirations to make this a much bigger festival?It’s only fitting that you end with the toughest question, huh? Here’s the thing – as the Festival is currently constructed, it’s so incredibly tight-knit and intimate that adding more people will hardly divert much from that feeling of closeness – it will still feel like a small Festival. And while we definitely want to continue to grow Equifunk, we never want to lose that intimate feeling and stray away from what makes this Festival so incredible and unique. At the end of the day, there’s definitely something to be said about being the best kept secret out there…Anything else that you would like to add, that festival-goers may care to know?Yes – expect the unexpected, because this weekend is unlike anything you’ve ever been a part of.**To purchase tickets to the Equifunk V All-Inclusive Music Festival, use the link below.  And don’t forget to use discount code L4LM to save $25 on your pass!Purchase Tickets HereCheck out this video from last year:Check out this teaser video:See how great the all-inclusive aspect of Equifunk is great: ***To purchase tickets to the Equifunk V All-Inclusive Music Festival, use the link below.  And don’t forget to use discount code L4LM to save $25 on your pass!Purchase Tickets Herelast_img read more

Vermont Creamery sold to Land O’Lakes

first_imgVermont Creamery, Inc,Allison Hooper holds the “Best Places to Work in Vermont” award with members of her team and Governor Phil Scott on March 22. VBM photo.Vermont Business Magazine Vermont Creamery Co-Founders Bob Reese and Allison Hooper and Land O’Lakes, Inc(link is external) President and CEO Chris Policinski announced today that their businesses have joined forces. Vermont Creamery will become an independently operated subsidiary of Minnesota-based Land O’Lakes. It will continue to produce its award-winning fresh and aged goat cheeses, cultured butter and fresh dairy at the creamery in Websterville. According to a press release announciing the sale, terms of the acquisition will not be disclosed.The $13 billion, Minnesota-based Land O’Lakes will get a company that has received numerous awards for its butter and goat’s milk cheeses. Just in March, Vermont Creamery received a “Best Places to Work in Vermont” award from Vermont Business Magazine and won three national awards at the US Championship Cheese Contest in Wisconsin, including a gold for its Creme Fraiche. According to VBM, Vermont Creamery has 45 employees and annual sales in the $10 million-$50 million range.Allison Hooper and Bob Reese, Co-founders of Vermont Creamery. Courtesy photos.“We have always taken seriously our commitment to our farmers, employees and Vermont’s working landscape—these values are at the core of our decision to sell the business,” said co-founder Allison Hooper. “As we experience unprecedented growth, we need a partner who can bring the resources and expertise necessary to help us realize our vision and the potential of our business.”“We purchased Vermont Creamery and welcome them to the Land O’Lakes family because we love their brand and would like to help bring it to even more people,” said Chris Policinski, Land O’Lakes president and CEO. “We share a value-added, branded approach to marketing our products, a meaningful respect for our customers and deeply rooted rural values.”Hooper and Reese, who founded the business in 1984, say Land O’Lakes is the ideal new owner. A farmer-owned food and agricultural cooperative, Land O’Lakes has been in operation for more than 95 years. Widely known for its iconic butter brand, it is a diverse business that also includes Purina Animal Nutrition and WinField United. At its core, Land O’Lakes is driven by agricultural products that return value to farmers and fulfill its purpose of feeding human progress.“Vermont Creamery’s heritage mirrors our own here at Land O’Lakes—a company founded by people who care about bringing the highest quality products from farm to fork,” said Beth Ford, Land O’Lakes group EVP and COO. “We are excited about the culture of product innovation they have built in addition to the category itself and the opportunities for even more expansion.”Vermont Creamery Bijou“After years of thoughtful planning and a rigorous selection process, we are confident that we have found the best steward of our business, values and people in Land O’Lakes. We are both respected dairy brands with deep connections to farmers and an unyielding commitment to quality and innovation. We look forward to this opportunity to tell our story more broadly and increase access to our high-quality dairy products,” co-founder Bob Reese added.Reese and Hooper will serve as trusted advisors and brand ambassadors for the business. President Adeline Druart and the leadership team will remain in place as will all employees of the business. Ayers Brook Goat Dairy is not included in the transaction. The Hooper family will retain ownership of the farm, which will continue to serve as a key supplier to the creamery and catalyst for the growth of the goat dairy industry in Vermont.Adeline Druart, president of Vermont Creamery remarked, “Bob and Allison have been such incredible entrepreneurs building Vermont Creamery’s success and mentoring the team on their vision and values for the business. Partnering with Land O’Lakes adds the next key ingredients for our growth: additional resources and dairy expertise. This transaction positions Vermont Creamery for continued success in the future.”Founded at a time when Americans rarely ate goat cheese, Vermont Creamery has grown over nearly 35 years to be a premiere producer of fresh and aged goat cheese, crème fraîche and cultured butter. With hundreds of awards and burgeoning national distribution, Vermont Creamery is respected as a pioneer of the artisan cheesemaking movement in America. In 2014, Vermont Creamery was the second cheesemaker in the world to earn B Corp certification and will maintain this certification and commitment to their community, employees and environment under new ownership.RELATED STORIES:Engelberth and Stantec top list of Best Places to Work in VermontVermont wins seven golds in US cheese championshipsAbout Vermont CreameryCombining the European tradition of cheesemaking with Vermont’s terroir, Vermont Creamery’s line of fresh and aged goat cheeses, cultured butter, and crème fraîche have won over 100 national and international awards. In their 32nd year of business, Vermont Creamery supports a network of more than 20 family farms, promoting sustainable agriculture in the region. B Corp Certified in 2014, Vermont Creamery is the founder of Ayers Brook Goat Dairy, the country’s first demonstration goat dairy.About Land O’LakesLand O’Lakes, Inc., one of America’s premier agribusiness and food companies, is a member-owned cooperative with industry-leading operations that span the spectrum from agricultural production to consumer foods. With 2016 annual sales of $13 billion, Land O’Lakes is one of the nation’s largest cooperatives, ranking 215 on the Fortune 500. Building on a legacy of more than 95 years of operation, Land O’Lakes today operates some of the most respected brands in agribusiness and food production including LAND O LAKES® Dairy Foods, Purina Animal Nutrition and WinField® United and Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN™. The company does business in all 50 states and more than 60 countries. Land O’Lakes, Inc. corporate headquarters are located in Arden Hills, Minn.last_img read more

Westwood police hosting neighborhood picnic Saturday to thank community for support over recent months

first_imgWestwood police will be hosting a picnic for the community Saturday on 47th Street.After the shootings in Dallas and Baton Rouge earlier this year, law enforcement in northeast Johnson County saw an outpouring of support like never before.Saturday, the Westwood Police Department is turning the tables to say “thank you” to the community for that support. Westwood police will host a neighborhood picnic from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday in the parking lot of the Retail Grocers Association, 2809 W. 47th Street.The Kansas City, Kan., police department, which starts its jurisdiction right across 47th Street, will help host the picnic. Special guests will be members of the Johnson County and KCK chapters of the NAACP who will have a table at the event.“It has been my life experience, that as you break bread with folks, you get a chance to understand them better,” said Westwood Police Chief Greg O’Halloran.“It’s our small gesture to thank all of you for your support, especially over these last few months. We received so many nice cards, letters, food and gestures of kindness and support over the last couple of months; it’s been very touching.  It is also a chance for all of us; WPD, KCKPD and the NAACP to get to know all those that we serve a little better,” O’Halloran wrote toe the community.Walmart is providing the food and police officers will be flipping the burgers. “It’s a simple menu, but it’s free,” O’Halloran said, in inviting the public.Both police departments will have vehicles on display and a bounce house for the children.If you appreciate our coverage of community schools, government, business and organizations, we hope you’ll consider helping keep the site running by making a donation today.Even a small contribution goes a long way toward helping us bring you the news you can’t find anywhere else.DONATE NOW!last_img read more

All appellate jurists retained and voters decide 20 runoffs

first_img All appellate jurists retained and voters decide 20 runoffs All appellate jurists retained and voters decide 20 runoffs December 1, 2016 Regular Newscenter_img Voters retained all three Florida Supreme Court justices as well as all 28 district court of appeal judges up for retention on the November 8 general election ballot and they also settled runoffs in nine circuit and 11 county court judicial races.At the Supreme Court, Justice Charles Canady received a 68.01 percent yes vote, Chief Justice Jorge Labarga tallied 66.01 percent, and Justice Ricky L. Polson got 67.8 percent. Each polled more than 5 million “yes” votes, more than the about 4.6 million votes President-elect Donald Trump got in carrying the state in the presidential contest.The Supreme Court retention vote may have an effect on Trump’s presidency as he has identified Justice Canady on a list of people he would consider appointing to the U.S. Supreme Court.Voting in the district court of appeal retention races followed the pattern of recent elections. All the judges were retained by comfortable margins, but judges in the First DCA got the lowest retention percentages while those in the Third and Fourth DCAs got the highest. First DCA • Judge Ross Bilbrey, 63.23 percent.• Judge Susan Kelsey, 64.91 percent. & #x2022; Judge Lori S. Rowe, 63.51 percent.• Judge Kent Wetherell, 62.2 percent.• Judge Bo Winokur 61.5 percent.• Judge Jim Wolf, 62.51 percent. Second DCA • Judge John Badalamenti, 69.34 percent.• Judge Marva L. Crenshaw, 68.81 percent.• Judge Patricia J. Kelly, 72.23 percent.• Judge Nelly N. Khouzam, 67.37.• Judge Matt Lucas, 70.76 percent.• Judge Robert Morris, 69.38 percent.• Judge Stevan Travis Northcutt, 67.49 percent.• Judge Samuel Salario, Jr., 69.81 percent.• Judge Craig C. Villanti, 69.74 percent.• Judge Douglas Alan Wallace, 69.92 percent. Third DCA • Judge Edwin A. Scales, 71.77 percent.• Judge Linda Ann Wells, 74.73 percent. Fourth DCA • Judge Cory J. Ciklin, 73.79 percent.• Judge Dorian K. Damoorgian, 72.74 percent.• Judge Jonathan D. Gerber, 74.68 percent.• Judge Robert M. Gross, 72.72 percent.• Judge Spencer D. Levine, 73.01.• Judge Melanie G. May, 76.11 percent. Fifth DCA • Judge Jay Cohen, 67.95 percent.• Judge James A. Edwards, 69.43 percent.• Judge Brian Lambert, 68.85 percent.• Judge Vincent G. Torpy, Jr., 68.33 percent.Here are the circuit court results: Ninth Circuit • Luis Calderón, 58.76 percent.• Joseph Haynes Davis, 41.24 percent. 11th Circuit , Group 34 • Mark Blumstein, 51.16 percent.• Luis Perez-Medina, 48.84 percent. 11th Circuit , Group 52 • Oscar Rodriguez-Fonts, 50.27 percent.• Carol “Jodie” Breece, 49.73 percent. 13th Circuit • Melissa Polo, 60.28 percent.• Gary Dolgin, 39.72 percent. 15th Circuit • “Lou” Luis Delgado, 53.85 percent.• Gregory Tendrich, 46.15 percent. 17th Circuit , Group 9 • Andrea Ruth Gundersen, 56.64 percent.• Lea P. Krauss, 43.36 percent. 17th Circuit , Group 15 • Barbara Roseann Duffy, 60.57 percent.• Abbe Sheila Rifkin, 39.43 percent. 18th Circui t • Christina Sanchez, 54.91 percent.• Steve Henderson, 45.09 percent. 19th Circuit • Michael J. McNicholas, 56.75 percent.• Robert “Bob” Meadows, 43.25 percent.In county judge races: Bradford County • Tatum Davis, 60.98 percent.• Dan Sikes, 39.02 percent. Brevard County • Kelly McCormack Ingram, 55.9 percent.• Rod Kernan, 44.1 percent. Broward County , Group 3 • Florence Taylor Barner, 59.66 percent.• Rhoda Sokoloff, 40.34 percent. Broward County , Group 7 • Nina Weatherly Di Pietro, 51.55 percent.• Ian Richards, 48.45 percent. Broward County , Group 14 • Kim Theresa Mollica, 58.95 percent.• Bradford A. Peterson, 41.05 percent. Lake County • Brian Welke, 51.22 percent.• Cary Rada, 48.78 percent. Orange County , Group 1 • Eric DuBois, 52.76 percent.• Michael Gibson, 47.24 percent. Orange County , Group 4 • David Johnson, 51.67 percent.• Tom Young, 48.33 percent. Orange County , Group 5 • Evellen Jewett, 55.39 percent.• Frank George, 44.61 percent. Palm Beach County • Dana Marie Santino, 51.51 percent.• Gregg Lerman, 48.49 percent. Volusia County • Shirley Green, 51.2 percent.• Heather Caeners, 48.8 percent.last_img read more

Obituary: Laverne J. Harbert June 17, 1925 – April 27, 2020

first_imgLAVERNE J. HARBERT June 17, 1925 – April 27, 2020Laverne J. Harbert, beloved mother, grandma or G-ma, and great-grandma, passed away peacefully at her home with her daughter by her side on April 27, 2020. I’m sure Dad welcomed her home. Laverne was born on June 17, 1925. She was preceded in death by her parents Irma and Rocky Capps and George Wittich. She was also preceded in death by her high-school sweetheart and loving husband of 64 1/2 years, Tom Harbert in November 2009. She is survived by her 3 children: Jim, Bob (Vicky) and Sue Harbert. She also leaves behind 4 grandchildren: Kari (Rob), Steve (Christy), Brad, and Missy (Mike); and 7 great-grandkids: Skyler (Shelbie), Kyle, Kirsten, Dustin, Ryan (Monique), Allyson and Jaxon.The family moved to Los Alamos in 1959 where the kids grew up. Mom was an avid bowler in Los Alamos and Albuquerque. She and Dad also loved to square dance and round dance in St. Louis and in Los Alamos. Mom grew up dancing a lot of Jitterbug but unfortunately married Dad who couldn’t dance the Jitterbug very well.Mom always told a story about a soldier friend “Charlie Dunn” that she would dance with on the Admiral when he was on leave. After Mom and Dad were married, Charlie came to town and the three of them went to a cocktail lounge and Dad fed the juke box so Mom and Charlie could dance. What a special love they had for each other. After Dad retired in 1986, they moved to Albuquerque. Mom was a hoot at family gatherings and if there was music playing, you can bet, her hips were moving. She will always be remembered for her sense of humor, dancing and just being so darn cute.To view information or leave a condolence, please visitwww.danielsfuneral.comlast_img read more

Saint Lucia Announces Updated Travel Protocols Beginning 9 July

first_img(Office of the Prime Minister, Saint Lucia) Following a reassessment of travel protocols based on market conditions, The Government of Saint Lucia will introduce several new and updated protocols for arrivals from July 9, 2020. Travellers will be required to obtain a negative PCR (Polymerised Chain Reaction) test within seven days of travel unless they are arriving from countries in the Travel Bubble designated by the Government of Saint Lucia.  Oct 15, 2020 Visitors travelling only from destinations that have zero or a low instance of COVID-19 cases will be exempt from the seven day pre-testing requirement. These destinations currently include Antigua, Barbuda, Aruba, Anguilla, Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Bonaire, British Virgin Islands, Curaçao, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, Monsterrat, Saint Barthelemy, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Martin, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Saint Martin, Trinidad and Tobago and Turks and Caicos. Visitors with a travel history from these areas in the last 14 days will also be exempt from quarantine. You may be interested in… Pre-Arrival Registration of Travel ·         All arriving passengers will be screened, including temperature checks, at the airport. Any symptomatic passengers will be isolated and tested. They will be required to remain in quarantine/isolation at their hotel or Government Operated Quarantine Facility until the test result is obtained. If the test is positive they will be transferred to a treatment facility until they receive two negative test results and are clinically stable. Six Eastern Caribbean countries deemed safe for travel – CDC New Protocols Include Mandatory COVID-19 Pre-Test Within Seven Days of Travel, Exemptions for Visitors Traveling from Designated ‘Travel Bubble’ and Pre-Arrival Online Registration Hotel, Accommodation and Transportation Updates  For more information about Saint Lucia’s COVID-19 response, all protocols and details of requirements prior to entry, please visit www.stlucia.org/covid-19. Share this:PrintTwitterFacebookLinkedInLike this:Like Loading…  To keep visitors informed on the island, health and safety protocols have been reinforced with new signage at airports and other public places. That includes QR codes navigating travelers to a landing page for more information and FAQs.  Oct 15, 2020 The Government of Saint Lucia introduced its first Phase One protocols on May 18, including new health and safety rules to protect its citizens as borders opened for international travel from June 4. Since then, Government and tourism officials have continuously monitored global health updates and have assessed protocol options for reopening.  All visitors and returning citizens to Saint Lucia must complete a Pre-Arrival registration form prior to arrival. Visitors can go to www.stlucia.org and click on the COVID-19 page to find a link to the form. Visitors must fill out details including proof of negative PCR testing and indicate which COVID-19 Certified hotel they will be staying in.  Share this on WhatsApp Oct 16, 2020center_img Returning Citizens: ·         Pre-testing prior to travel is now mandatory. Visitors must provide a negative test result taken seven days or less before travel to Saint Lucia. This comes into effect from July 9, 2020 and will be reviewed after 30 days.   Mandatory On-Island Safety Protocols New Testing Protocols: To mitigate the possible spread of COVID-19 for visitors and Saint Lucian communities, all safety protocols introduced for Phase One of reopening remain in place. Visitors will be required to follow the local regulations in Saint Lucia, including the wearing of masks during on-island transportation and when in public places. Visitors are advised to also check with accommodation properties regarding individual hotel safety and wellness policies. CMO says Saint Lucia at critical stage of COVID-19 outbreak ·         Anyone arriving without proof of a negative PCR test will be subject to immediate isolation and testing with possible quarantine or treatment should a passenger test positive – at their own cost. It is recommended that visitors check their local government websites to identify PCR testing locations. U.K. travelers need to check with an accredited private healthcare provider for PCR testing options.  St. Lucia records more cases of COVID More deaths from COVID-19 recorded in CARICOM countries,…  During Phase One, visitors can stay only at hotels that are COVID-19 Certified. Amongst the required protocols, accommodations must sanitize luggage upon check in; maintain a fully equipped nurses station; observe strict detailed sanitization protocols for housekeeping; maintain required distance with tables for dining; and have hand sanitizer stations installed throughout the property. Sanitizing stations and showers for staff must also be installed for use prior to reentering the public.  ·         Passengers arriving with proof of a negative PCR test may be exempt from on-island testing and advance through immigration, baggage claim, customs and arrivals for transportation to their COVID-19 certified hotel, pre-approved home quarantine facility or Government Operated Quarantine Facility.  Oct 16, 2020 All returning Saint Lucia citizens and residents must also complete the Pre-Arrival registration form as above (insert link).  On arrival, they are required to quarantine for 14 days at a pre-approved home quarantine address, Government operated quarantine facility or a COVID-19 certified property. A key part of Saint Lucia’s responsible reopening is the COVID-19 compliance certification process for the accommodations sector.  To date, hotels that have received COVID-19 Certification include Bay Gardens Beach Resort & Spa, Sandals Grande St. Lucian, Stonefield Resort Villas and Sugar Beach – A Viceroy Resort. Several other hotels and resorts are on track to receive certification in July. Visitors can select COVID-19 certified hotels through direct booking, tour operator or airline provider. last_img read more