10k iTunes voucher nearly slips through winners fingers

first_imgApple’s search for their 10 billionth app download finally came to a conclusion over the weekend, but it seems that the prize of a $10k iTunes voucher nearly slipped out the hands of the winner when she thought it was a prank call!The woman in question was a Mrs Gail Davis of Orpington, Kent, UK and was quoted as saying:AdChoices广告I thought it was a prank call! I said, ‘Thank you very much, I’m not interested’ and I hung up. What’s ironic is that is was not even Mrs Davis who won the prize, it was actually one of her two daughters who managed to download the 10 billionth app (a freebie called Paper Glider) around 9.30am UK time, or 1.30am PST/4.30am EST.The mother only realized it was not a prank call when the daughters rushed down the stairs and told her it wasn’t and then the panic set in. Mrs Davis franticly tried to call Apple back to see if she could get through to anyone to help, but unfortunately the operator had no idea what she was going on about. She was left her in a right pickle, more so with her children who probably would have never forgiven her for losing such a prize.Thankfully an Apple executive rang back a few hours later and all was well.Her daughters are now planning their downloads as I write, but wisely Mrs Davis and her husband are thinking of upgrading their iPod Nanos so they can enjoy the fruits of their daughters success as well.Read more at Cult of Maclast_img read more