Share station outside Shanghai Longfeng optimization of some experience

(a) the release of the chain

2, soft promotion method: with the development of industry website, acquisition station is more and more, but an article inadvertently can increase a certain number of the chain to your site, and increase durability, many webmaster general quality more reproduced will bring your connection, so this is a very good outside chain promotion plan, general can contribute in several A5, Chinaz and other large network owners, of course, this is also a certain distinction, for example on the Shanghai dragon reproduced rate would be much higher than the other contents of the article, it is recommended that you write some of their own experience.

released in addition to update the site every day outside the necessary work, but many owners for the chain are in a hazy state, blindly to the pursuit of the number of the often overlooked flashy without substance, the most important quality, many webmaster will find the ranking in the station optimization of internal self on the site and their own done the same, and the number of the chain is far less than their own site, but the ranking is higher, this is why? The chain first we can analyze the other site, to see whether the quality of the chain the other is up to your site, and then follow the follow to learn to do, don’t indulge the number in the chain of garbage, we should remember the number to two for good quality standards and love Shanghai more focus on quality, so we must attach to pay attention to their own website The quality of the chain, don’t blindly pursue quantity. Below I share my commonly used method: chain


station to update the blog content and web link, the anchor text pointing, so the site is also a weight lifting, a very good side is the high quality chain take rate, and can bring to a certain extent website traffic.

the answer may be to your website with hundreds of dozens of the chain, also can bring certain.

The chain of

3, Q & a promotion law: as above, with acquisition station is more and more, ask, know, love acquisition Shanghai question and answer several large quiz platform site is also more and more, a satisfactory

external optimization in the webmaster industry with internal optimization is as familiar with the noun, the so-called external optimization is unnecessary chain work and Links work two, but we must remember that you want to do external optimization is the premise of good internal optimization, optimization is unnecessary or external power. Below I for the chain and Links two work tells the author’s experience, we hope to help.

1, the blog promotion method, there are many high weight blog (Sina, love Shanghai, Sohu, etc), I have to raise his own website exclusive blog in these large blog, blog with daily updates and time generating weights, now do blog the state of the second, which shows certain I love Shanghai for raising the level of blog certainly, then I started around its

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