Shanghai dragon can fire long behind the Shanghai dragon Er how to rise

for the confirmation of the thing, then don’t put too much thought on the go! Because these are unknown things, think to Shanghai not to worry about things that we have no need to worry, then how to act as a "left behind" Shanghai dragon Er rise? Here I Shanghai dragon recommend a few empty >

search engine will not like the journey to the west, Niubi monster fairy buganre small demon, wanted to kill you dead, like the Taobao Sun Wukong, the Jade Emperor had? Is this Shanghai dragon industry can maintain long? Not when I get started, has been forgotten.


netizen "mianzhaodahai" questions to:

I think everyone was starting out when Shanghai dragon in this industry, are afraid of their choice of industry in the near future by the society or abandoned people have forgotten, then, he even learn a good hand skills again? So abandoned time just is oneself has "age, how to all sorts of ideas, to do? A lot of new Shanghai Longfeng Er closed the door to choose other way, there are many reasons why I want to have this problem, such as a lot of people in each big forum written on the demise of Shanghai dragon theory, what, I think these content influence on the novice really quite large, so here the author Shanghai dragon city novices think you said, as long as the search engine of the day, Shanghai dragon must still, today I visited several forums every day around here. I will not say out, see a lot of really quite care about this new Shanghai Longfeng prospects, after a strong fire may be extinguished when this fear does make people fantastic, then we look at the friends questions! Solve the problem from the source is the only solution the most efficient.

the Shanghai dragon city Taijiquan:


first talk about the metaphor of the users is quite thinking, many large sites do some love Shanghai dare not to ask, can’t also interfere with, even if they don’t love Shanghai as the search engine, can let a lot of know the website, such as Taobao, Jingdong and Gome etc. these large enterprises do shopping station don’t need to love Shanghai search engine to promote their own, because it is funded, and we fell in love with these small sites, we would like to step on the Dead Sea Nie an ant so simple, oh, these are just scare beginners who, we love Shanghai and these sites are complementary and mutually beneficial, if there is no love in Shanghai we have these sites to provide them with information, data, nobody around its search engine to do it in today’s search engine market, not Is the lead brother, so we do not worry, as long as it does not violate the principle of love Shanghai if you stand still can bring you unexpected harvest, there is the Shanghai dragon in this industry, the blaze as the flame, is not extinguished, unless a nuclear war or more sophisticated! Than search engine technology.

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