Single page website can full page layout and Animation


set up a blog Cato and animation combined with the website

single page website do the front after two do not impatient, we also need to test their single page website is in accordance with the Shanghai love the new algorithm, and the most simple way is to observe the law, observe the love in Shanghai after updating our website ranking is reduced or decreased, whether the snapshot has been effectively updated included, whether to increase, if our website meet these points, the >

with different animation must have different content, but as a webmaster is to do the site in the development of different content, a map does not affect the optimization of the website, the key is the different figure and animation with the appropriate language to describe, let the search engine to feel out of the ordinary web site map and animation, but also the only way to love Shanghai will enhance the site’s ranking, can even imagine a spider recognized website can enter the Shanghai love home position? Is obviously not the innovation, therefore as a single page webmaster must do figure and animation work let love, Shanghai recognized our website.

in the face of high demand love Shanghai search engine, the author suggests that still do single page website owners, we can change a kind of perspective and thinking to operate our website, such as our optimization in single page website, can take the following methods to save the network station in Shanghai love the impression in detail below the talk.

to do with the animation of the innovation graph description

said the single page website most webmasters will think of drawing and animation, single page websites are generally sell a product or service, through the map and animation propaganda to make it easier for users to accept, it is precisely because of the development of minority single and content page restricted single page website.

algorithm recently from pomegranate love Shanghai search engine, we can see that love in Shanghai as the basis for the quality improvement of the web page, and the page quality is single page website, although not too much pop, but the single page content quality is not high, the single page website also can page layout and animation

does not accept love Shanghai map and animation website, but under the existing technical conditions of Shanghai do not love can be completely recognition of map and animation, as a single page website it is necessary to set up a blog site according to the types and characteristics of their own, we can find many selling services the site is taken to set up a blog on the site at the bottom, although this method is simple but it also damaged the user experience, because users have been down but there is a blank page, you let the user would like to. Therefore the author’s suggestions can be established in a separate blog column, making a map, the map of the center are concentrated in this column, this website will not want to love Shanghai crawl content, more do not worry about the website not to love Shanghai update.


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