On three elements of Shanghai Longfeng chain need to pay attention to

this point, mainly explain the BBS signature, many BBS signature is directly garbage post, is not love, some, is "passing on, floating, and so on, so the recovery, nothing more than to a signature, every day spent a lot of time in the garbage recovery. I remember Tang Lei said, one day made 1000 posts, what is the significance of this approach, why, is a waste of your time, but in fact, every link opportunities is nothing more than open posts, scanned the theme of this article speed, not reading, but also to know about, and then talk about their point of view, I also cherish the opportunity of the post, respect him, in order to better respect yourself.

The In fact,

domain through extensive links, it is here, improve the site’s domain and improve the quantity, a website and so on, many people believe that love is love do domain correlation, to explore the chain address recently, explore every week every month, and then summarize what you can do the chain, which do not look outside the chain, etc., all need to pay attention to, is of great significance to the construction of the chain and extensive, from different IP links, more good in a large number of links from the same IP, to explore the more links, is good for the website. More able to get better voting power.

third: do the chain, the domain to the end

has recently seen a Shanghai love the way of the chain, the chain is always love Shanghai priority among priorities we seek, if can maximize the value of the chain, how will the chain we need to do to become more efficient, we have been working on, the day watching the love of Shanghai outside the chain, every week expect love in Shanghai on a number of updated ranking, every week waiting for the love of Shanghai some reactions to their website, how to maximize the quality of the chain to make the chain and love Shanghai admits, now every day should be the direction of our efforts. What should we do about it.


In fact,

second: do the chain, cherish every link

still have a lot of resources on the network, not we can not find, but we disdain to do it, Links platform most easily, is a collection of 500-1000, to tell the truth, these should be registered, and released all their links, think about yourself once rumors in the resources on the network how many have all fix, these resources, some of them are very small, for example network favorites, very small, very small, but how many people pay attention to, we usually place is Links blog ah, ah, and so on, thinking only of high quality Links, thinking of what to do to maximize the weight of their own website, the weight is one is out, a little big, to the healthy development of their own weight.

the first point: do the chain, not because of the chain rather than

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