The correct website architecture allows each page ranking

I think everyone misunderstanding of some of the most common are the list page, page list as keywords constantly moving, keywords layout can not lead to stable. This page layout is extremely unfavorable to the website ranking, of course, some people will say that I didn’t want to let this list page ranking, but as a website only update mechanism. In fact, this idea is not right, we do the Shanghai dragon should not let go of each ranking page, the ultimate use of resources. So similar to the list page HUB page should be how to layout? My general approach is to write a paragraph of text in this page, like corporate profile as the write list in the list, which introduced the layout of some key words, because the only way to do keywords will be stable. First of all have stable keywords on the page, then let this page have updates in a mechanism.

enterprise station I saw too many mistakes in the website structure, because I have engaged in the enterprise stand optimization of two time. The website also handled a lot, the analysis of the competition website also many. That is one of the largest defects now enterprises in addition to a home ranking ability outside, other pages are not the ranking ability. Just list page architecture has been said, the general enterprise stand on the three page, the home page, list page, page. To introduce the architecture within the page now. In the first page to call some of the same column page article, on the one hand is to let yourself in the page of an update mechanism, second is to let the inside pages have more entrance, which included, because it is the foundation of the rankings.

framework is the basis right web site keywords ranking, but now too many of the website architecture is no longer suitable for the current search engine ranking rules. Especially some 07 years ago to do some websites, I usually call the website called generation website. These sites are not in line with the current search engine ranking algorithm, but there are still a lot of people towards the move on the wrong path, and did not change the production site of thinking. According to this observation especially some enterprise station, in addition to the home page ranking ability, few pages will have ranking. Although one reason is because the weight is not enough, but still with the web page structure also has a great relationship, and the correct site architecture is the foundation of the rankings. Today to introduce some misunderstanding in the website construction and the right way.

in the call content must not random call, we must call the same column content, because the search engine will think the same column is the most relevant content. Another point is not call too many pages, if the page calls you a more than content words of the fifty percent words, it is very dangerous. Because too many calls will dilute your content importance, call a general recommendation ten on it. It is also worth your attention is to reduce this website template text, I see too many enterprise stand love to do some boilerplate text, the similarity between these sites will increase the content for each row >.


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