Keywords website construction and optimization of the five major misunderstanding

, a keyword selection is too broad

keyword selection?

two, determine too subjective

in the website construction and website optimization in actual combat, the choice of keywords to identify and implement is a consistent link, is also very key link. The contents of the construction and optimization of the target site, it is based on the established keywords. For example, our goal is to make the word "Shanghai site construction", ranking in the search engine home page, then all of the work, should revolve around the word to do. Of course, the website optimization also includes other aspects, such as web program specification is simple, safe and stable operation of the environment and so on. But all this is for the keyword optimization services, only the keyword is the core.

no investigation no right to speak, the website also needs to investigate the choice of keywords, scientifically choose the appropriate words. The author has deep feeling, when planning the production site, opinionated feeling "pages" such words must be hot, or even that basically and "construction site" such words flow. Then the company website TITLE focuses on the web, but later on the user traffic analysis found, that is not the case. In determining the keywords, must not be subjective, but make a careful and objective analysis. The best way is to analyze the competitor’s website.


this phenomenon often occurs in the production and site optimization keywords little is known about the website construction, even do not understand the clients. Keywords relatively broad, can indeed bring more traffic, and more potential customers. But at the same time, broad keywords also increased the difficulty of optimization, the increase in workload and time will increase the growth also cost optimization and risk optimization. If our clients are mainly from the area, you may wish to use "name + core words", such as "Shanghai website construction". Or you can add a word to the core attribute, similar to the "professional website construction" this word is to reduce the difficulty of optimization. Compared with the broad keyword optimization the uncertainty of the results, it is better to choose keywords more confidence, determined in a region through the service, in fact the results of the optimization effect is not necessarily bad.

we often see a lot of good design and site traffic, is also very beautiful, but the conversion rate is not high. It is the keyword selection problem. Give an inappropriate example, the theme of the site is the domain name registration and hosting, business mail, IDC product sales, but the core keyword is "site construction", although related, but not to the point. For example, many web site optimization, keywords ranking is too subjective, after efforts to finally make up, but the search target keywords are few, no attention and traffic. Is to rank first, how can he? But can bring joy to his brief. So, what are the common mistakes of the

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