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careful observation you will find love Shanghai encyclopedia these links are pointing to the column page, and users will open the page. If carefully you will find in the chain of love Shanghai Encyclopedia of more than one same anchor text links to the same page. So the internal links in the construction in the future should be pointing to pages useful to the user, of course, your home page and directory page if the user needs, can also refer to the past, but don’t let the user clicks on the two.

, we can’t escape the user experience of this circle, home page, column page to enter your article by real users, has no need to return to your home page in your article (again is the majority of users, do not rule out the extremely individual households), you can think about it the user enters your website, he needs to find the article, or directly through the long tail keywords in your article page, he needed to your home page

three, Links bottom has its own internal chain

Zhao Yangang once again concluded that most users are not the real demand, and this demand may be your peers, you have transformed counterparts on the meaning of


stressed that before I have to say is not dominated by the internal links we want to link to where you link to where things, because we dominated links do not necessarily useful to the user, and useful to the user is not necessarily what we need.

! is useful to the user?

two, you can not do within the chain, is useful to the user:

do you know why I love Shanghai Wikipedia many pages ranked in the home? Not only because it is the love of Shanghai products, and more is the love Shanghai encyclopedia to the user’s authority, and it itself has a lot of content is the needs of the user, but every Shanghai Longfeng optimization, internal link your

All the ideas and thinking based on the

is now the Shanghai dragon optimization and the past has been a big difference, is not simply send the chain, writing and internal anchor text can be anything. With the search engine algorithm is constantly updated, now the Shanghai dragon Er should be how to do within the chain? The following spring will ink to tell you a never considered internal link building cheating

, don’t do the home page, users do not need the link directory page:

has a lot of friends love their back to the chain in the Links plus, regardless of whether the link is pointing to what page, for now the search engine is more harm than good, if you put these so-called internal Links removed, observation of 3-5 days, ranking will be improved.


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so you do the first page, directory page links, can only be regarded as a return, but does not calculate the weight, serious will be right down.

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