The blog forum brings us benefits

in the forum to elaborate, as a Shanghai dragon ER should know the chain in the forum is definitely the best. From the current point of view: some forums have shut down the signature function. However, it seems that the A5 is not closed, but also in the A5 forum signature with our own web site there is a good effect. On the contrary, if have not let the forum add signatures to choose? To solve this problem, I also have their own exclusive method: you can go to the hot plate, reply to your post, and then add a web site. But in this process, we also need to consider a point: if your post is K out how to do? And just love Shanghai included your reply to posts, when love Shanghai next update, your site has a lot of the chain are inexplicably disappeared, the chain is unstable. Easy to cause the website ranking is not stable. In situations like this, for the website the old do not care, if new words you could be in trouble. Therefore, when we go to high weight forum outside the chain, must be a hot point topic post, and then add a URL in the tail, can not take the form of irrigation, the administrator moderators can easily see, as long as seriously, will give you unexpected results. Sk>

I believe that many of the Shanghai dragon ER should know to improve your site’s ranking is the best choice for the forum blog. The Forum blog can not only increase the chain, can also enhance the site’s ranking, is definitely an efficient method.

three months ago I had a friend told me that his website ranking is not stable, consulting I have a fast and effective method to make the site’s ranking can stable. At the time of his website "Dalian ventilator" keywords in fifth pages, different times of the day there is always ranking fluctuations. So I told him one of the most simple way: to improve website ranking, the Forum blog is definitely the first choice. According to friends I said go step by step, finally stable, now "Dalian ventilator" keywords ranking home page, the effect is very good, then I will to share my experience and skills.

from the current point of view, to improve the site rankings than any website forum are clearly using blog. Because the blog management authority is always in their own hands, take some time every day for dozens of blog, each blog post is communicated with the article you will find that the effect is very obvious. This blog can not only bring traffic, but also can increase the chain site. Some people do not have to improve the site’s ranking blog, is really let me out. Maybe they think the blog this thing, it is a waste of time. But I don’t agree that blog for the game, QQ web site is not very useful, but for the product promotion website or help. Of course, blogging is to pay attention to skills, before I wrote an article "to improve website ranking using the blog is the best way to" we are interested can see, which provides a lot of blogging related skills.

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