The details of the independent P needs special attention in website optimization

(3D game 贵族宝贝 original, A5 first, please keep the original.

A5 (a5id for a long time not to straw God) write what? A good mood today, is enough time, or to write it, we recently several moderators are independent of IP in Shanghai Longfeng optimization in a discussion, effect is good, and now have a lot of people to their own website optimization in the choice of space, will choose to use the IP space, this can not be because the same IP site is love Shanghai right down, leading to their own website right down. But many people may ignore a very important issue, that is in the use of independent IP space, IP is able to directly open the site, but the IP will be the love of Shanghai included, many of my friends do not understand, I still look for everybody in the screenshot, I this domain name for example:


The above contents are


we see from the above website IP is love Shanghai included, snapshots or 8, other pages have also been included. As a result, I don’t think I have to say, everyone can understand, so the number of search engines on their web sites are not good, very simple reason is that you use a different domain analysis, DNS analysis to the IP above, the site can be opened, not space background bound to. And the content of alliance is the same effect, love is not the love of Shanghai.

the solution I still want to have it, one is the 301 permanent redirect. The IP redirect to your own domain name. Second that is the IP limit, let IP do not access this space. Because my station is not restricted to earth, so I had to do a 301 permanent redirection, so that the weight is included in the IP page to your own domain name, also do not worry about the malicious people to your IP, analyze the.

from the map can see is my name and my web site is using xirang independent IP to look at the following screenshot can understand what the problem is now

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