Google raised the encrypted site search ranking weight

website to obtain a higher ranking in Google search. This means that Google can through its own search algorithm, to encourage or combat web developers behavior. For example, slow to load site will usually be punished in search of weight, while those with high quality content sites will be relatively ranked. In consideration of the weight of Google search will use more than 200 "index", most of them failed to disclose.

Mobile phone security company co-founder

this is taken by Google for the web security’s latest move. In view of the NSA wiretapping Internet disclosure event, take one of the network security the most important move this is Google.


, the American Civil Liberties Union chief technology officer Christopher · cable Hodge (Chris Soghoian) said: "this is extraordinary. This is the ultimate motivation driven website encryption."

Lookout and chief technology officer Kevin · Mahaffey (Kevin Mahaffey) said: "if you want to mail a letter with the credit card information and social security account letters, you will choose what kind of envelopes, sealed or transparent?" through encryption, users can effectively take their data a more secure "envelope", which play a protective role.

Google wrote in a blog post: "I hope the future there are more sites using HTTPS". HTTPS is a protocol for encryption of network communication.

, web site operators are often reluctant to use encryption technology, because doing so will increase the cost, and will make the site long time response. Mahaffey and Sohoan pointed out that the encryption costs have decreased, while Google and Facebook use of encryption technology also proved that this is not a "

"it’s like consumer reports in the car list, airbag vehicle ranking will be higher," said Mahaffey.

on the Internet transmission data encryption, the equivalent between the site and attempt to steal user data or sniffing people erected a barrier. Even if the user does not secure WiFi network at the airport or cafe, it will also be able to protect it.

"the Wall Street journal" reported that in April this year, Google executives have discussed internally, to be encrypted into consideration in the website ranking.


NetEase Francisco August 8th message, according to foreign media reports, Google said the day before, the company will increase the weight of the encryption page in the search rankings. The company hopes to promote the website developers to adopt security technology to prevent hacker attacks to steal information website.


said the company in the past few months have raised the weight of encrypted site. So far, this is just a "lightweight" index, only affects less than 1% of the global search. But the company plans to gradually increase the importance of this index.

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