Shanghai Longfeng advertising T-shirt website optimization can not be ignored four mistakes

We will certainly take into account the

in the title, remember to avoid the use of some sensitive words, such as the first, the best words, want to use these words must have strict requirements, otherwise it will cause unnecessary trouble.

in short, guaggu website optimization Shanghai dragon is not as simple as we imagine, there are still some misunderstanding is that we need to pay attention to.

In fact,

in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, all of the new station should be avoided in text in the short term and excessive increase in the chain, should be stable increase in the chain, if increased when less, change greatly, is likely to make the search engine very alert. And buy the chain like opium, once eaten, can not stop, it is best not to buy the chain.

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fourth, avoid the collected articles

keyword, guaggu website description and title, and so on, but to tell you, everything should pay attention to moderate, not too much of the optimization keyword description, nor the transition keywords bold with black, right should be moderately optimized, otherwise the website may be right down. If the site is down right, the right way is to optimize a keyword, title.

second, the title cannot be used in sensitive

Guizhou, understanding Shanghai Longfeng Mazur optimization also called search engine optimization, it is in order to improve the method of a web site before and after ranking in the search engine which is mainly through the use of search engine rules. With the search engine on the Internet and use frequency is high, Shanghai dragon optimization has gradually become a lesson to learn. Let’s talk about the Guiyang angaoshan website Shanghai Longfeng optimization can not be ignored four errors:


third, don’t add anchor text and chain

new advertising T-shirt if you want to get the favour of search engine, it is necessary to avoid the use of some collection tools to collect articles, you have to do is to give them new things instead of the All the world knows. At least for a new packaging, the search engine or not hate doing it. So, in order to improve the rankings with included or suggest that you do not reprint the others, because it is simply not what.

first, do not over optimization

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