The current nternet marketing Shanghai dragon Er should be the long-term vision

many people every day for the optimization of a lot of problems, in fact, we all know the basic knowledge of website optimization, but why others can do and do well, this is actually a matter of experience, may now for optimizing a website veteran familiar tune the control, but the couple stumbled this is well understood, others with time, with the lessons of experience, this process must be new to try, to make mistakes, making mistakes is a kind of growth opportunities, Shanghai based Phoenix >

diversified marketing mode, the network marketing has many enterprises in Shanghai is All flowers bloom together., Longfeng requirements have improved, before the simple chain and content type Er Shanghai dragon gradually lost the competition value, then, with the WeChat, micro-blog marketing, marketing A new force suddenly rises. SNS, lead to marketing multi factors is full of the Internet industry, so it seems to me that the moment is white with age, so we should Er Shanghai dragon in the marketing focus of some long-term.

With the development of the

we must make clear the relationship between work and life, many people with personal feelings in the work, such as system problems, they can not effectively play, blame the leadership, complain that this is not good which is not good, in fact I think work is work, we enjoy the income must bear responsibility, don’t mix all kinds of personal feelings in the work process of the vent, we are all adults, even more unhappy we also want to adhere to their best work, this is the only capital in our company based on the.

I admit that I am in Shanghai Longfeng area is just good at writing it, I have only a superficial understanding for technical problems, but also to study has been hard to learn, I aim to learn any technology is the only is to be able to do better for the Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon service. In the learning process. I also can enter some marketing circles, such as QQ group, WeChat group, various marketing experience sharing platform, many webmasters may also ask the current marketing methods should be how to choose? In fact, we do not need to tangle in my opinion which, put your best into full play is very good the. As Shanghai dragon ER may optimization is our main business, so we both code skills, art and technology at the same time in the promotion, must understand that everything is in the Shanghai dragon service, in order to let Shanghai Longfeng do more efficient, we must constantly improve their comprehensive ability.

many enterprise managers and won’t look at you more cattle breaking do optimization, can bring much traffic, is actually very simple as you can for enterprise creation many orders, because the moment of any enterprise profit is the sole purpose of its existence, in the process of optimization but also consider the ways that can bring effective flow web site. Shanghai dragon industry soft Wen promotion, optimization, drainage, micro-blog WeChat QQ group marketing can be said that these are doing the best for our aims.

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