Shanghai railway station is included on the day share love experience

can be love Shanghai included, not only some lucky, there are also some efforts and dedication. Take this opportunity to do a summary, but also the way to share with everyone.

to tell you the truth, this website do very patience, perhaps my dedication touched love Shanghai, perhaps is really love Shanghai already can scarcely wait spider, ha ha! A month ago with the domain name. But due to busy work, he is not willing to just the free templates, so has been delayed until yesterday before the template written, keywords in order, while the whole thought Sunday to the space who can afford to relax. During this period, there were several friends in the group show their new station on the line, my mood ah good complex. The last bite insists on its own original template, write their own, write their own content, it seems that decision is correct.

users are free for a long time, also want to write their own ideas in line with their own template. Based on such an idea, get the domain name after I started writing template. Respectively on the home page, channel page, column page, content page made the appropriate Shanghai Longfeng optimization, such as: TITLE, A tags, keywords layout etc.. In addition, DIV+CSS will use the content and style are completely separated. In addition, the streamlining of the redundant code page, that page is smaller.

today is busy with work, suddenly sent a message to a friend, said that I loved the new collection of Shanghai. I love Shanghai site a bit skeptical open, ha ha! Actually included, so unexpected, just yesterday I uploaded to the space. Had done to the company website, basically a week or so in love with the sea is included. So, yesterday to the space, do a simple setting, no longer.

to write their own articles, this to a lot of friends are also more headache. But there is.

choose a good space service provider

to write their


some friends asked me if I buy VPS, I was a lazy, don’t want to be bothered. So, choose with me in the same city space. Why is the same city? There was a painful experience, there is a space for the first China firm said, also attracted to his door. Results one day out of the question, I called N phone, did not give me. Angrily, I went to their office, but the staff told me they only collect permissions, the other can only be solved by the Beijing headquarters staff. No, I put the site out to space, taking the same city there. Since then, there has been compliance with this rule. Of course, here is because I target user group is also located in the same city. The server space is located in the same city also can be easily accessed by users. On so many, I hope everyone must choose the right space service providers.


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