Love Shanghai and Google website of Shanghai Longfeng difference

4, keywords ranking difference

2, the difference of

today, according to different practical experience to talk about Google and Shanghai Shanghai dragon love website, website optimization first to determine the Google website optimization is to love Shanghai website optimization, at present most domestic enterprises have closed the Shanghai sex website optimization, and the Chinese habit, do English station, so do foreign trade mostly choose Google website optimization and because foreign Google most. Today focus on both the website of Shanghai Longfeng difference.

3, the website of different

The punishment of content

love of Shanghai is relatively large, light right down, or K station, Google K is the most general station included right down, there will be no major changes, the same point, was down the right keywords ranking of course not. Weight recovery time is different, love Shanghai for a shorter time, Google for a long time, Google does not drop right, right down to the recovery time is relatively long, like some people, not easily angry, good temper, angry more powerful. This accords with the custom of foreigners.

The punishment

loves Shanghai and Google love original content, this is the same, the quantity and quality of love Shanghai pays more attention to the content, the quality of Google pays more attention to the content, more emphasis on the technical aspects of the article, this is why we search for technical reasons the love of Google.

1, the railway station, and the effects of different

I think the quantity and quality of love Shanghai value of the original content, quantity and quality of the chain, the quality and the quality of the chain of Google pay more attention to the content. The chain is especially valued quality rather than quantity, we can see that the chain of Google rarely, love >

according to the author’s experience, Google included new sites faster than the love of Shanghai, the new study period is longer than the actual love Shanghai, love Shanghai included a new station is often the first and only included the home page, the home page put out, even if included, do not put out, such as fifteen days or so to put out. Google didn’t have time for this, the new station also included the home page and inside pages, and at the same time put out. The new keyword ranking, the difference will be more, love Shanghai new station in general if there is no ranking, ranking, ranking is relatively stable, unless the site is down right. We all know that Google ranking priority to new sites, just included stations generally give a good ranking, ranking two update, ranking began to disappear, the real rankings, has become the two ranking.

discriminant of original content, they also have the difference, we often develop this phenomenon, we write the original content, delivered to the weight of the high site, high weight forum, or weight high website reproduced in our article, the article title than our original search rankings, despite the fall in love with the sea we collected first article. This is a lot of Google, Google to the original general higher weight. Google pay more attention to the content, if the site of high quality original, generally ranked very good.

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