The new owners how to improve the site included and weight in a relatively short period of time

this point should be a lot of people know and understand, but I want to exchange a good link or difficult. The first site at the start, can be a little better to exchange links, the weight ratio is relatively high. If you really can not find, you can spend some money to buy some high weight link. Exchange links need to pay attention to the following points: >

original article for any time a website is very important, because love is love fresh things in Shanghai. This is like a person, for new things are very curious, want to touch. But it is difficult to write original articles, if every day write one or two article original, one or two days and two or three days maybe, but for a long time will certainly hope.

do Links exchange


website weight we say there are two statistical methods, one is the webmaster tools, one is love station network. Webmaster tools right in a short period of time to make up is relatively easy, the general can do 1 weight in a month’s time, but love is not the same as the weight, the weight of Shanghai love love stand a bit difficult to do. There is a Google PR value, this is an evaluation of website quality based on the official Google out of their own, but now Google has launched China mainland market, but there are a lot of love with the Google website in the exchange links the PR value, after all, this is an official of the people. We are going to talk about how to in a short period of time will be included in the site and make up the weight:

many webmaster in website optimization will ignore the point, is to optimize the inside pages of the article. Page optimization is a little skill, is set at the bottom of a recommended reading, this column is the best in the content page, this article will link into a part of the article, increase the weight of the article, this old article drives an old article, the weight high drive new article.

is a website the most important thing is to have a good page, this page appearance has two advantages, one is for users to browse, increase website user stickiness, website user stickiness, love is also very important in Shanghai; the second is to love Shanghai worm crawling. This is a love for Shanghai must take the spider web structure: each page must contain the top channel, each page can be connected to the home page. This is similar to a spider web, each strand can be connected, at any point to another place.

Optimization of

design of a more beautiful ", the reasonable structure of

the inside page

In fact,

to do a website that is also not difficult, but if anyone can in a month will be the site of the station to do 1 or 1 love weight above, is a bit difficult, if done, it is absolutely the master (except for cheating, cheating is easy to fall in love with the sea K station).

the content of the original site, the original article accounted for relatively high

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