2014 we need more actively preparing for the Shanghai dragon optimization work

Optimization of

2014 my main job or do the lottery website. I don’t know how far can optimize the road in the lottery program development on the site, but I will take a positive attitude to the optimization work. 2014 love Shanghai algorithm is going to change, I can’t predict nor control, perhaps in 2014 our lottery program development www.88856856.cn site will be K off. So how am I going to prepare for the 2014 site optimization work? Attitude, no method is useless.

simplified Shanghai Longfeng work is not can not be achieved in the normal working process of the webmaster can be optimized.

1, the website is down right or K which leads to a negative attitude towards work: many novice webmaster just contact Shanghai dragon, the optimization will go to check the site every day, is very enthusiastic, if our website how do not increase, will be very difficult, and in the is down right and be K phenomenon, the webmaster very fragile mind will be affected, which will produce negative emotions. The sensitivity of the lottery website as we all know, the station was K will occur almost every month.

with in-depth understanding of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon original appearance on the show, Shanghai Longfeng work is not easy. In the optimization of lottery program development site, with the passage of time, the Shanghai dragon optimization work more questions. The new year outside the chain or to insist that the method also has some adjustments, the specific direction or to a search engine like.

2, 2014 Shanghai Longfeng not just outside the chain, although the chain is very important to the website, but not to that from the chain cannot live, of course website rankings is not only do the chain can be realized, the chain thought simply is not correct.

don’t think to do the promotion to Shanghai Dragon: PPC is indeed better than some conventional Shanghai dragon rankings quickly, but the bidding rankings need continued investment of enterprises, small businesses can not afford to do so is, this is also in the Shanghai dragon is a thing lasting. 2014 PPC will be more difficult to do, the auction will be more and more big investment.

if I want to walk in the long-term optimization on the road, then you should calm down to lower the ranking fell in love with the sea floating, believe in yourself, as long as a day to do their own thing, do not violate the principle of love fall in love with the sea, so Shanghai in the final will be my lottery program development website flat or object. This is to adhere to a process.

2014 has already started, here I wish the webmaster horse money immediately. In 2014 Shanghai dragon how to adjust the optimization work here is not to say. The first day of 2014 of this work, despite the Shanghai dragon optimization means not to say, I just from the thought, from the optimization of Shanghai dragon too, with a positive state of preparations for the 2014 website optimization.

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