Share Shanghai Longfeng typical customer problems

problem, do the bidding, why do Shanghai dragon

flowShanghai dragon in the natural ?

due to the position of the search results, much less commercial atmosphere, in the user search keywords to see your website ranking results, will be more respect.

Shanghai dragon has higher quality

so how to effectively communicate with customers? Xuzhou billion network that data shows all their own to be fully armed, to clarify the ideas, find the related industries of Shanghai Longfeng data to support their point of view, so as to obtain customer approval. Below we summarize several typical problems of customers, for your reference.

three, Shanghai dragon dead

: the coverage of Shanghai dragon is for most of the search engines. The PPC and the search engine must sign the agreement.

Shanghai dragon is dead? Actually, there are a large number of sites, whether big or small, regardless of business website or have development >

Shanghai dragon

the malicious Click: it is understood that the average bidding advertising was two and some salesmen consumed.

The long-term development of the Shanghai dragon

will help site: Shanghai Dragon – take a long time, the effect will be gradually reflected. When the ranking is stable, only need to maintain the ranking, there is not much fluctuation.

there are three main points:

Shanghai dragon, the first thing to do is on the site of internal optimization, structure optimization, user experience, site internal data and so on, once the search engine of your site, the weight of your site again upgrade, then the site traffic will you Everfount. Stop doing Shanghai dragon even in your website, the effect will still remain.

the Shanghai dragon more long

the user’s browsing habits: after investigation, 95% people will choose the left natural ranking website, Shanghai dragon with the Internet browsing habits.


effect: Shanghai dragon as long as the rankings, keep the corresponding maintenance, will continue to maintain or improve.

is reflected in where?

value two, Shanghai dragon

: the cost of competition within the industry in a short period of time to increase cost, while the Shanghai dragon does not exist this factor.

search engine optimization, it is a purpose to improve website ranking in the search engine in the way of using search engine rules. For customers, Shanghai dragon in this industry is very small, because the way to understand it is less and less, and many customers will confused Shanghai dragon and other promotion, so we do not understand and in Shanghai dragon communication, often get into trouble.

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