Determine the website weight through love Shanghai flow and volume index

began to change dramatically in the K, and the recovery of the staggered

In February 19, 2013

from the beginning of February 10th began to go down the

At present,

released love Shanghai radish algorithm announcement, in fact love Shanghai in February 10-12 began a major update, which is the second start update. That day my traffic dropped from 20 thousand to 5000, included stops to increase, but also use our system more than 80% owners have said traffic dropped substantially, included stops to increase, some directly by K, the prevailing situation is the main keyword web page ranking and even search your site name cannot be found not to mention the name of long tail keywords, basic K.



from the beginning of March, the index fell in love with the sea has been on a decline of

At the beginning of the March


The In March 20th,

love Shanghai radish algorithm reduces the hyperlink utility, increased reliance on the content of the website, so we have adopted measures to deal with the two aspects, the first increase in the proportion of the original article, and write their own money for the combination, also looking for original material to micro-blog. The second is the use of love Shanghai new refuse chain, seeking to reduce the weight of the chain links were rejected. The above measures can let the station restore weight but high quality content can make nothing of it, has become the core of the future development of the site, with the chain for the emperor of the webmaster of the back.

Here we


through the love of Shanghai traffic, the index and by contrast, after more than a month of observation data analysis, Shanghai love is adjustment algorithm, but also greatly strengthened the radish algorithm utility, is the analysis of foreign chain appears to change greatly. Based on this site is the chain and the chain increased during the March analysis, love Shanghai radish algorithm focus attack on tracing links, specific against what types of links I don’t have high levels of analysis, but our website manual hair keyword links and purchase is the main chain to the home page, to a certain extent that love Shanghai home on a large number of blow draw links.



website was completely K out of

through data analysis to observe the effect of love Shanghai radish algorithm website, from 12 until the beginning of March I still according to the original way to do content in the hair of the chain, is a commonly used method of pseudo original and hand chain, love Shanghai during this period included and the chain number is still declining, no add a. Sure enough to March when the site was completely K. It seems the hair of the chain and pseudo original has been unable to turn the tide, the website weight depending on no great utility.

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