Usually follow certain rules when planning website directory structure

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(2) resources stored in a different folder in the class.

(5) to avoid the use of long file name. When using the long file name in the website, may the operating system does not support long file names of the user inconvenience when browsing. In addition, named to the attention of case sensitive, because the Internet server on some operating system, such as Unix, is to distinguish between the case of a filename.

site structure planning plays a very important role in Web design. A reasonable structure of the site, not only can improve the user access speed, and on the website of the sustainable development, maintenance plays a very important role.

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says "effect. For example, store image resources folder can be named images, the name text folder to store the text, so that even after a long period of time, still can have a general impression of the contents of a folder.

(4) to avoid using Chinese file or folder name. Although Chinese named for the use of Chinese users more clear and easy to understand,

server is using the English operating system, can not provide good support for the Chinese file names and folder names, that may lead to errors or browse access failed.

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for the site to create a root directory and then create sub folders in which will be arranged to: document stored in the corresponding folder, when necessary, can create multiple folders.

(3) folder level don’t too deep, so as not to find system maintenance trouble.


(6) name should have a clear meaning. In order to facilitate the management, files are named the best specific meaning, can produce "at

website design is to design the logical sense. In the physical sense, the combination site is stored on disk files and folders. These documents include the HTML file format and a variety of images, audio and video files. If so many files out of order stored on the hard disk of the server is bound to bring obstacles to maintain and expand the site. The site structure is reasonable, can accelerate the design and management of the site, improve work efficiency, save time. Site planning is the file directory structure on the site all reasonable file organization. The directory structure planning website, usually follow certain rules:

(L) according to the column content respectively create sub folders. Generally speaking, with the reasonable construction method of document folder structure is: the first

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