The enterprise station is necessary to write kewords and Description

This is not the

Xiao Jun told everyone we don’t. To carefully analyze the advantages and disadvantages of Description we can clearly and intuitively decide whether to write or not to write. Through the analysis of small Jun found several reasons why many websites do not write Description and keywords:

we don’t need to write a description of it? Just recently had a friend to ask me, ask me why I don’t write many master keywords and Description. Is not all love master without Description and keywords, or is this 2 are not to be loved in Shanghai attention ah. We also study keywords carefully and describe what

Xiao Jun had not written. Today I saw a post, ask: " enterprise Description station can not write? " just recently Xiao Jun in Shanghai Longfeng station to do business, I think it is necessary to express their views.

in fact we consider whether Description is necessary to write at the same time we should first try to understand what is the status of Description and

status: now a lot of websites to can achieve good ranking effect in a short period of time. Use keyword stuffing. But with the continuous improvement of the search engine algorithm, this method has been SE pull the black, while the Keywords and Description value gradually fade, only relatively unique, accurate Keywords and Description SE will be used as reference information.

like this, not only without any benefit to the website, but a cheat too, so as not to.

, web application: head keywords title and description of many programs are the same page call. But now the domestic mainstream free open source program, and only a handful of support for each page of different KEYWORDS and DESCRIPTION function. Although many procedures are called good Shanghai Longfeng function. But by calling the same page. All of the page after adjustment of the entire site will display the same keywords and description information, the station has a lot of enterprises.

two, can not determine the keywords and Description: in fact, many articles or pages are not arranged and fixed Des>


keywords:Keywords is a website to set the home page so that the user can search through the search engine to the site in the vocabulary, web site keywords represent the market positioning website.

Description: to provide reference for the search engine, page description information; search engine adopted, as in the search results page abstract (snippet) display.


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