Shanghai Longfeng website ranking optimization content details from the start

second: add anchor text links, let the ranking fly.

when we write web content, the article will almost always appear keywords, so at this time we can put the keywords into the anchor text link, which is also called the site within the chain, it is helpful to let the spider understand the content of your site is around what to write, and can effectively transfer pass, can also increase the PV of the website, it is too ah. But when added in the chain we must pay attention not to add too much, according to the content of the article length to add, and to ensure that the specific links between key words do not accumulate. In fact, here the author of the anchor text links the rankings is deep, especially for some long tail keywords, it is quite effective, but we have to remember the site within the chain is a long-term work, insist on

website optimization, website, website such as HTML code label, typesetting, chain and so on, but today I share with you is the best known is the daily need to update the content posted, if you believe is a content help please carefully read the webmaster and ranking and this is the author summarizes some successful and long-term observation site summary.

content layout, but some webmaster can do reasonable layout, I believe few. This is a very small details to a website, but for the search engine is not so simple, with the upgrade of the search engine updated on the content of the construction is more and more attention. So the content layout has become a search engine to determine the value of content, as well as an important indicator of the user experience, so I urge you to learn a lot of content editing, we can refer to some of the success of the site to see how they are editing content, you can also refer to love Shanghai encyclopedia editing method. The best layout is to make web site content do illustrations (picture remember add keywords in the ALT attribute), this will allow users to search engine is also good to hear or see, very easy to rank.

The first point:

in the website optimization, the author has been the pursuit of progress, however, in the process of learning as many webmaster, the so-called "method" will pursue, is often the most neglected site in Shanghai Longfeng optimization is among the most critical details, finally always ended in failure. I think everyone knows, especially for search engines love Shanghai, to a website many webmaster to Shanghai dragon as a technology, and then continue to promote the so-called "technology" and the work site outside the chain, while ignoring the search engine optimization of some basic details, often these details finally become the primary cause of failure.

web content and reasonable layout, make the content more valuable.

There are many details of

third: only around content >

Everyone in the familiar !

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