Baby want to push the noble suspected affordable search rescue group purchase bubble

small, less experience, had to ask the Microsoft Pinyin input method, it said good luck (that is, press the spacebar on the screen.) is "affordable" two words…… If this reasoning holds, because the baby has a noble shopping search service, may be released only the search group purchase.

in Jingdezhen’s rivals: the Tencent soso group purchase the open standard SDD First impressions are strongest, the index has also been used for a long time. Love Shanghai quietly out of the copycat love Shanghai group purchase, and dubbed "the most" title drum gas. There are a lot of group purchase navigation station (through the goods with site navigation is a not?) are beginning to search the concept of speculation group purchase.


in group purchase price higher than the market price, service goods flooded bubble environment, like the nobility baby web data mining, find the most affordable goods for users? We’ll see

noble baby robots.txt has always been a treasure with dirt. In this week’s update in robots.txt, in addition to noble baby Scholar Citations pathway, also added two to the field at the beginning of the /shihui (map). At present, 贵族宝贝贵族宝贝/shihui is still the 404 noble baby tips, even logo services are not displayed.


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