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no matter what kind of visitors, an exquisite design is easy to attract people, so the appearance design of the site is good, always easy to attract visitors to the eye view. Secondly, the Road King guide, most visitors are not what the purpose of the web site, the design of a good direction can lead these people to click on the. Combined with the graphic form, as ordinary visitors, often the love is a kind of graphic form, instead of dense text. Simple share button, if you read a personal feeling good article, willing to share this article to a friend, this is not to give us propaganda drainage

Shanghai dragon is more with search engine, search engine users with the difference is very big. Although they have stressed the simulation of thinking, good user experience will meet their standards. However, the reality is cruel, and beautiful FLASH animation, they also recognize it, our pictures contained in the text can not capture the spider. So we can only in the search engine to the site to deal with. In the structure of the site, the construction of the chain, the title, description, keywords and so on a series of Shanghai dragon optimization, of course we are combined with the user experience, the two are the visitors, we should prepare to meet them.

, a regular visitor empathy review website

Three rival

life, people often emphasize empathy, understanding the feelings of others. But the real feeling is not feel the pain, only their own experience to know. Shanghai dragon is different, because we played our web site, but also play other visitors to the site, we can think more easily. This paper consists of free card 贵族宝贝 finishing editing, reproduced please keep the source.

two, thinking

has done so for a long time Shanghai dragon, we often fall into the mindset, with their own perspective on site issues. Thus it is often difficult to see where the nature of the problem. If we forget Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, to examine their own website, and then puts forward personal opinions or feelings, it can better improve the user experience. Personally feel that if you want to do in Shanghai dragon, empathy is a skill to learn.

In fact, we do , empathy

we can win. The competition is a very good teacher, although this is very vulgar, but it is undeniable truth. The competitor’s website and the competitor analysis their difference from each other. The opponent can always find each other’s shortcomings, and then improve their website from, and then beyond the past. How to make yourself as a competitor to analyze their own station, there is a problem. Assume that you want to re build a same type of website, how to exceed its website will become easier.

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