360 on-line search pattern changes 1st Anniversary

360 search engine launched in August 2012 after a short period of time on the 360 is the use of browser navigation and created more than 8% market share, and increase above in the late time, is already beyond the second major domestic search engine Sogou, ranked second in the rankings. This time, in the sea to react, made a series of measures, in order to kill 360 of the search engine, the war continued, contradictions, the fire is too fierce, had to calm down and discuss countermeasures.

Qihoo internal plan is swallowed up the search market share by 10% a year, is in the present situation, this year’s search share is up to the standard, from the CNZZ data above, mid August is already more than 18%, but according to iResearch report, has been early to break the 20% share. Two party data we take a minimum, but also so that in more than 18%, the second half of the year, here has been completely to Qihoo 360 on time buffer, tug of war will also share ongoing.

in order to grow their own strength, the 360 is the exhaustion of the mind, from the top 360 search for it, is already on the line with Google launched the advertising business cooperation, the 360 is only relying on the Google search advertising, in the latter part of the war on shopping, choose the Alibaba’s Amoy network the depth of cooperation, and in the first few days, but also made some changes, if you often focus on the small sentry, is already known.

360 years searching for a clique within the


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since the 360 search on-line is small sentry has been watching, but after a few days is the 360 search engines on the line 1st anniversary of the celebration, here have to talk about those things in the search engine. 360 search on-line, love Shanghai is anxious, why? A very important reason is that the search engine in the market share above very quickly, let a person be taken by surprise. Love in Shanghai after that secured the first throne, the dream may be stable for a period of time for a long time, but never think of, no ass sat down, Cheng Yaojin is a way out, fighting all the way over, the other is not a small force, is an area for the king, invite allies to grow their own.

in Shanghai to discuss the countermeasure of love time is stepping up the pace of 360, as a breakthrough from the fundamental love Shanghai, on-line question answering system, site identification, news, music, pictures, maps, encyclopedia, drug information, hot topic, Ya’an earthquake search platform, search, search, media doctor good tips from the media, fraud, full compensation plan, etc. the function of on-line search of lightning. 1st anniversary, is from the boy, grown into a strong youth, this time has become a trend, even if Shanghai is love heart, but what can you do?

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