Bikes of the 2016 Taiwan KOM: Yumiko Goda’s BH Ultralight EVO

first_imgYumiko Goda is a 23 year old climbing specialist from Japan. She is the only woman on BH’s sponsored team in Japan, and recently took 7th place in the women’s Japanese National Championship race, despite contesting the event on an almost flat course suited to bigger and stronger riders. I rode alongside her several times during media pre-rides before the 2016 Taiwan KOM Challenge kicked off, and thankfully, Yumiko was kind enough to take it easy on me any time the road tilted upward. At a total combined rider and bike weight of around 50 kilograms / 130 pounds, Yumiko and her BH UltraLight EVO are quite light. Click on through to see more of Yumiko’s BH Ultralight EVO… Genuine Campagnolo brake and derailleur cables in red are routed inside the confines of the BH Ultralight EVO frame.The cable port system on the BH allows for clean installations of mechanical or wired electronic drivetrains.Two 10mm carbon spacers sit either side of the 3T ARX1 stem, which is the -17 degree model. Garmin 500 atop the stem.The oversized Deda handlebars on Yumiko’s bike have led a busy life, evidenced by the scratches and scrapes experienced during life on the road.Eschewing a compact chainring setup, Yumiko uses 52 / 39 chainrings on her Campagnolo carbon crankset. A Chorus front derailleur handles shifting duties between chainrings.No power measuring technology for Yumiko, just a cadence sensor and Shimano’s Ultegra road pedals. The all-carbon bottom bracket shell of the BH Ultralight EVO is compatible with the BB386 standard.The rear derailleur cable is routed internally and exits neatly towards the rear of the chainstay. The Campagnolo Chorus carbon rear derailleur is paired to a Chorus 11-27 11-speed cassette. Due to the length of the Taiwan KOM climb and severity of the grades in the final 10 kilometers, this not so low cassette is best suited to a flyweight such a Yumiko. Yours truly was pedaling much smaller gears…Campagnolo’s Shamal Ultra wheels feature CULT – Ceramic, Ultra Smooth Bearings.The Bridgestone Extenza RR2X is a high-end road racing tire but is a brand seldom seen in the United States. Bridgestone spent many hours on design, experimentation, and extensive road testing to hone this latest incarnation of the Extenza. The design is optimized for good traction in nasty conditions, with a long-wearing tread and puncture-resistant aramid belt. By today’s standards, the 700c x 23mm model is narrow but weighs in at 220 grams. The tire is also availble in 700c x 25mm  (230 grams) and 700c x 28mm (255 grams).Campagnolo Chorus dual pivot brake on the front end.And on the rear of the bike… the traditional method of mounting rim brakes may not be as aerodynamically clean as aero brake options, but you cannot put a price on the ease of installation and serviceability of brakes like these.Apologies for the bad photo. Yumiko sits atop a Bontrager Ajna Elite women’s saddle – the shaped nose and full-length contoured cutaway are designed to take pressure off soft tissue areas.Yumiko Goda herself, the day before the 2016 Taiwan KOM Challenge.Unfortunately, I had no access to a scale in the field, and thus cannot attest to the weight of Yumiko’s bike.Yumiko ended up taking second in the women’s field at this year’s event, in a time of 4:31 – very well done! She admitted the ride was very tough, but stuck to her own tempo and pace.About to cross the finish line. Photo by Taiwan Cyclist Federation.Yumiko experienced breathing difficulties at 2,500 meters of altitude, and slowed her pace a little. This altitude coincides with the steepest of the climb’s grades – saving the best – or worst – for last!For an account of my 2016 Taiwan KOM experience, check out Part One, Part Two, Part Three and my Race Day video.BH Bikes USAArticle and photos by Gravel Cyclist. Jayson O’Mahoney is the Gravel Cyclist: A website about the Gravel Cycling Experience. BH released the original UltraLight in 2011; the frame was later optimized for low weight in 2015 along with a name change to UltraLight EVO. The EVO frame is almost a dead ringer for the original, but the changes came in form of different carbon layup and materials.BH also made accommodations for power meter technology, by tweaking the non-drive side chainstay for crank-based measuring units. The front derailleur hanger was overhauled as well, receiving a molded carbon unit designed to be stiffer, lighter and better suited for shifting duties associated with ovalized chainrings.On top of these changes, BH lopped 50 grams off the original UltraLight, dropping it to below a claimed 700 grams for the size medium frame.Yumiko rides the smallest size BH Ultralight EVO – size XXS with a 510mm top tube and 108mm head tube.Yumiko’s BH is kitted out with a Campagnolo Chorus 11-speed mechanical groupset.last_img read more

Vermont AG: Legislator did not violate campaign finance law

first_imgVermont Business Magazine The Vermont Attorney General’s Office has concluded that an email solicitation sent under the name of a representative to the Vermont General Assembly did not violate Vermont’s prohibition against legislator solicitations of lobbyists. Representative Jill Krowinski had given the Vermont Democratic Party permission to send an email soliciting contributions to the party using her name.The email was sent on February 14, 2017, to a list of roughly 15,600 addresses, including some lobbyists and lobbyist employers. The email indicated it was paid for by the VDP and sent from a VDP email account. Rep. Krowinski did not receive any contributions made in response to the email.Vermont law prohibits legislators from soliciting contributions from registered lobbyists or lobbyist employers while the General Assembly is in session. The law does not prohibit political parties from soliciting lobbyists or lobbyist employers. Based on its investigation and review of the law, the Attorney General’s Office determined the email was from the political party and therefore did not violate the law.Vermont Attorney General: Mar 24, 2017last_img read more

LG Business Solutions USA Introduces Two New 55-Inch LCD Video Walls

first_imgLG Business Solutions USA introduced two new 55-inch LCD video wall panels that feature a 0.44-millimeter bezel for virtually seamless video wall installations and a new embedded Smart Calibration tool that drastically reduces both installation and maintenance time.The 55SVH7F Even Bezel Video Wall combines LG’s IPS technology with the new automated Smart Calibration tool. At the same time, the 55SVH7PF adds an external power box with a 197-foot range and redundant, hot-swappable power supplies for mission-critical environments.The panel’s razor-thin bezels enable depiction of content without any distortions, and each panel features a 178-degree viewing angle. LG also says the panel also includes an image improvement algorithm that can adjust the appearance of objects on the bezel boundaries to reduce image gaps among tiled displays when playing videos.LG’s Smart Calibration tool, which uses an embedded light sensor and calibration chipset to measure each panel’s brightness and color reproduction, automatically makes adjustments to ensure uniformity across all panels. The new calibration procedure requires no external tools besides the included remote control and can be completed on a 3×3 video wall in as little as three minutes by any user. This offers time and maintenance cost savings of up to 97% because conventional calibration methods can require up to two hours with a trained specialist. Smart Calibration can be scheduled on a weekly or monthly basis, enabling true consistency throughout a video wall’s operational lifespan.To ensure 24-hour performance reliability of every panel, the 55SVH7PF additionally features external power boxes with hot-swappable power supplies, with each box containing four power supplies but only requiring three for operation. This allows operators or integrators to replace a failing power supply without any effect on operation. Each power box can provide power for up to nine panels if located 19.7 feet away or up to eight panels when located up to 197 feet away.See related  LG’s Cinematic Sound OLED Display Now Listed As Korean StandardBoth panel models offer 700 nits of brightness and can be installed in a horizontal or vertical orientation for a variety of video wall needs. Both feature the webOS 4.0 smart signage platform for simple navigation and content functionality and have the same dimensions as the original 55SVH7E for maximum installation flexibility. Redesigned menus and a new GUI specifically for vertical orientation provide intuitive operation, while a higher haze level of 28 effectively eliminates glare and enhances visibility and legibility under bright conditions.last_img read more

Brinley petitions for Bar reinstatment

first_img June 1, 2007 Regular News Brinley petitions for Bar reinstatment Brinley petitions for Bar reinstatement Pursuant to Rule 3-7.10, Daniel Robert Brinley of Loxahatchee has petitioned the Supreme Court of Florida for Bar reinstatement.In an April 1, 1999, order, the court suspended Brinley for three years for lack of diligence and competence in the handling of clients’ cases; inadequate communication with clients; misrepresentations to clients regarding the status of their cases; failing to respond to Bar inquiry; failing to account for client funds; charging clearly excessive fees; engaging in conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice; and practicing law while ineligible for noncompliance with continuing legal education requirements.Any persons having knowledge bearing upon Brinley’s fitness or qualifications to resume the practice of law should contact Edward J. Deutsch, legal assistant for The Florida Bar, at (954) 772-2245.last_img read more

MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for PTSD causes long-lasting changes in personality, study finds

first_imgShare on Facebook Share Email Pinterest LinkedIncenter_img Mental health professionals have long struggled to find more effective treatments for post-traumatic stress disorder. Scientists are currently investigating whether the illegal party drug known “ecstasy” or “molly” could help those suffering from the disorder. As part of that investigation, researchers have now published evidence showing that the combination of psychotherapy and MDMA (methylenedioxymethamphetamine) not only reduces PTSD symptoms but also causes long-lasting changes in key personality traits.The findings appeared online June 21 in the peer-reviewed Journal of Psychopharmacology. “The scientists in our group (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, a.k.a. MAPS) have been the first to rigorously study the potential therapeutic effect of a psychedelic agent (MDMA) in the treatment of patients with refractory post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) using a double blinded, placebo controlled, open label, cross-over design with long-term follow-up at 12 months (and in one study 45.4 month follow-up),” explained study author Mark T. Wagner, a professor of neurology at the Medical University of South Carolina.MDMA is an amphetamine-like stimulant with psychedelic properties. In the original study, 20 patients with PTSD who had not responded to conventional treatments received either two sessions of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy or psychotherapy with an inactive placebo.“The effect size of the treatment has been large (0.9 effect size) and in long-term follow-up we have found that 67.4% of subjects no longer met the DSM criteria for PTSD,” Wagner told PsyPost. “What has been even more remarkable has been that the treatment effect is most evident after a single MDMA-assisted psychotherapy session.”“The immediacy and magnitude of the therapeutic effect seems to defy current psychological theories of psychotherapeutic change and is instead a therapeutic epiphany life-changing experience similar to what had been described so many years ago by psychologist Abraham Maslow.”But the researchers wanted to know more about how MDMA-assisted psychotherapy helped to treat PTSD.“Our most recent study was an investigation to better understand the psychological mechanism of action involved in MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for PTSD,” Wagner explained.The researchers found that MDMA-assisted psychotherapy resulted in long-lasting changes in two aspects of personality: openness and neuroticism. Both are part of the “Big Five” model of personality traits. These personality changes were associated with reduced PTSD symptoms. “Inconsistent with prevailing theory that personality structure is a stable throughout life, we found that MDMA-assisted psychotherapy resulted in persistent fundamental alteration in personality with subjects showing evidence of reduced neuroticism and increased openness on the NEO Personality Inventory-Revised (NEO PI-R), which in turn was associated with reduction in PTSD symptomatology as measured by the Clinician Administered Post-Traumatic Stress scale (CAPS) — often leading to a cure,” Wagner told PsyPost.“Neuroticism has been considered a pervasive tendency to experience negative emotion sufficient to interfere with effective adjustment to life, perhaps making such individuals more vulnerable to PTSD. Though changes in personality were linked to reductions of PTSD symptoms, the cause and effect behind this association was unclear.“In our study, whether reduced neuroticism associated with MDMA-assisted psychotherapy was due to PTSD symptom resolution or whether lower CAPS scores were a reflection of reduced neuroticism, was an open question,” Wagner said. “Similarly, those who had the greatest increase in Openness did demonstrate greater decreases in PTSD symptomatology, demonstrating that increased Openness may be the mechanism of therapeutic change.”“On the NEO PI-R, higher scores on the Openness facet are associated with individuals who tend to seek out new experiences and are open to self-examination. It appeared that this was the mechanism that served to enhance therapeutic change in both behaviors and cognitions for our subjects with treatment-refractory PTSD. “We speculated that there may be epigenetics at play in using MDMA that caused personality change whereby environmental factors such as profound experiences related to a trauma or cathartic MDMA-induced psychological insight can permanently influence underlying genetically driven personality trait.”The researchers emphasized that while MDMA may be a necessary catalyst for psychological change, it is not a magic pill. There’s no evidence to suggest that consuming MDMA without psychotherapy improves symptoms — and it could even make symptoms worse.“It is our feeling that the MDMA experience is necessary, but not sufficient, and only safe in a controlled psychotherapeutic setting. We cautioned that in a non-therapeutic setting, the reverse effect could occur,” Wagner told PsyPost.“Based on our phase 2 scientific studies, in late 2016 the FDA has approved a phase 3 clinical trial of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for at least 230 subjects. This phase 3 trial may lead to MDMA becoming a prescription medication in the US for treating certain forms of psychopathology.”The study, “Therapeutic effect of increased openness: Investigating mechanism of action in MDMA-assisted psychotherapy“, was also co-authored by Michael C. Mithoefer, Ann T. Mithoefer, Rebecca K. MacAulay, Lisa Jerome, Berra Yazar-Klosinski and Rick Doblin. Share on Twitterlast_img read more

Gases in the non-ferrous metals industry

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Remembering Dag Nordby

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Divided we stand

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Evacuations begin as Dorian bears down on northern Bahamas

first_img Hurricane Dorian shut down some hotels in the northern Bahamas and forced some evacuations Saturday as the fierce Category 4 storm prepared to unleash torrents of rain and howling winds but was projected to spin farther away from the coast of the Southeast U.S. next week.Forecasters expect Dorian, packing 150 mph (240 kph) winds, to hit the northwestern Bahamas on Sunday before curving upward. The storm’s march north could spare the U.S. a direct hit but still threatens Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas with powerful winds and rising ocean water that causes potentially deadly flooding. The Bahamas still recovering one year after Hurricane Dorian Recommended Do you see a typo or an error? Let us know. Related Articles:Category 4 Dorian bears down on Bahamas, may skirt Florida Author: TIM AYLEN/APWriter:WINK News Published: August 31, 2019 5:39 PM EDT center_img Investigation says NOAA leadership violated integrity policies during Trump’s Hurricane Dorian map scandal In the northern Bahamas, any remaining tourists were sent to government shelters in schools, churches and other buildings offering protection from the storm.“My home is all battened up, and I’m preparing right now to leave in a couple of minutes. … We’re not taking no chances,” said Margaret Bassett, 55, a ferry boat driver for the Deep Water Cay resort who chose to leave her home. “They said evacuate, you have to evacuate. It’s for the best interests of the people.”Over two or three days, the hurricane could dump as much as 4 feet (1 meter) of rain, unleash devastating winds and whip up an abnormal and dangerous rise in sea level called storm surge, according to private meteorologist Ryan Maue and some of the most reliable computer models.Bahamas Prime Minister Hubert Minnis warned that Dorian is a “devastating, dangerous storm.”In the northern Bahamas, small skiffs rented by authorities ran back and forth between outlying fishing communities and McLean’s Town, a settlement of a few dozen homes on the eastern end of Grand Bahama, about 150 miles (240 kilometers) from Florida’s Atlantic coast.Most were coming from Sweeting Cay, a fishing town of a few hundred people that’s about 5 feet (1.5 meters) above sea level and was expected to be left completely underwater.A few fishermen planned to stay, which could put them in extreme danger.“Hoping for the best, that the storm passes and everybody is safe until we return home,” fisherman Tyrone Mitchell said.Jeffrey Allen, who lives in the city of Freeport on Grand Bahama, said he’s learned after several storms that sometimes predictions don’t materialize, but it’s wise to take precautions.“It’s almost as if you wait with anticipation, hoping that it’s never as bad as they say it will be, however, you prepare for the worst nonetheless,” he said.Fears weren’t as great in the capital of Nassau after the storm moved north, said Barbara Carey, owner of a tourist company. She said people there were stocking up on supplies.The storm-prone Bahamas on average faces a direct hit from a hurricane every four years, officials say.Construction codes require homes to have metal reinforcements for roof beams to withstand winds into the upper limits of a Category 4 hurricane, and compliance is generally tight for residents who can afford it. Poorer communities typically have wooden homes and are generally lower-lying, placing them at tremendous risk.After walloping the northern islands, forecasters said Dorian was expected to dance up the Southeast coastline, staying just off the shores of Florida and Georgia on Tuesday and Wednesday before skirting South Carolina and North Carolina on Thursday.South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster declared a state of emergency Saturday, mobilizing state resources to prepare for potential storm effects. President Donald Trump already declared a state of emergency in Florida and authorized the Federal Emergency Management Agency to coordinate disaster-relief efforts.The National Hurricane Center in Miami said the risk of strong winds and rising water will increase along the shores of Georgia and the Carolinas by midweek.The center also stressed that Dorian could still hit Florida, where millions of people have been in the storm’s changing potential path. But after days of predictions that put the state in the center of expected landfalls, the hurricane’s turn northeast is significant.Carmen Segura, 32, said she had installed hurricane shutters at her house in Miami, bought extra gas and secured water and food for at least three days. She feels well prepared and less worried given the latest forecasts but still uneasy given the unpredictability of the storm.“Part of me still feels like: So, now what?” Segura said.Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and federal officials warned people not to let their guard down.“Looking at these forecasts, a bump in one direction or the other could have really significant ramifications in terms of impact,” DeSantis said.David Bibo of FEMA echoed the call to stay vigilant as the storm becomes “a long-duration nail-biter for folks throughout the southeastern United States.”The storm upended some Labor Day weekend plans: Major airlines allowed travelers to change their reservations without fees, big cruise lines began rerouting their ships and Cumberland Island National Seashore off Georgia closed to visitors.Disney World and Orlando’s other resorts held off announcing any closings, with Dorian days away and its track uncertain.Sherry Atkinson, who manages a hotel on North Carolina’s Outer Banks, said the hurricane wasn’t spoiling holiday vacations for guests. She said she’s lived on the Outer Banks for 26 years and that “so far, there hasn’t even been a snippet of conversation about evacuations.”Some counties in Florida told residents of barrier islands, mobile homes and low-lying areas to expect evacuations in coming days.Dorian was centered 385 miles (625 kilometers) east of West Palm Beach and was moving west at 8 mph (13 kph).In the Bahamas, canned food and bottled water disappeared quickly from shelves and some people boarded up their homes.“We ask for God’s guidance and for God to assist us through this,” Minnis said.___Associated Press writers Seth Borenstein in Washington; Michael Weissenstein in Havana, Cuba; Adriana Gomez Licon in Miami; Brendan Farrington in Tallahassee, Florida; Julie Walker in New York, Michael Kunzelman in College Park, Maryland; and Amy Forliti in Minneapolis contributed to this report. McLEAN’S TOWN CAY, Bahamas (AP) Evacuations begin as Dorian bears down on northern Bahamas SHARElast_img read more

‘Business as usual’, claims MoJ on first day of action

first_imgThe Ministry of Justice has said that courts ‘sat as usual’ today, the first day of a national protest against legal aid fee cuts. However lawyers reported delays and defendants being left unrepresented at courts across England and Wales.As the first day of direct action draws to a close, a spokesman for the MoJ described that the impact of today’s action as ‘negligible’. A statement timed at 5.23pm said: ‘Over 95% of cases at a police station requiring a solicitor have been picked up within an hour – little different to any other day.’ However the Gazette has received numerous accounts of problems at both police stations and magistrates’ courts.Zoe Gascoyne, chair of the Liverpool Law Society criminal practice committee, said: ‘We have been aware there have been a number of problems at a number of police stations across the country. The duty solicitor scheme has struggled to cope with the number of cases coming through without own solicitors being in place. This is indicative of how things would be under two-tier [legal aid contracts].’‘Both the Defence Solicitor Call Centre and police themselves have spent a significant amount of time ringing around trying to obtain cover,’ she added.Mike Gray, a partner at Gray and Co and a member of the Criminal Law Solicitors’ Association (CLSA), said that a rape case in Chester was passed around 17 solicitors before the case was finally accepted.He said that the court in Chester was extremely busy, with ‘irate clients’ in the court corridors. ‘Everything was moving particularly slowly,’ he said.Meanwhile in West Kent, police at one stage had to ring round solicitors asking if they would act privately for a detainee. ‘This was a person who had no money with him, no way of meeting the cost and therefore one has to worry about the police action in suggesting the person would or could meet the cost of private representation,’ Dennis Clarke, a CLSA committee member, said.Clarke suggested that the impact of the action on crown courts will start on Friday, as murder cases have to be listed within 48 hours of commital by magistrates. ‘It is therefore correct to say the impact is incremental,’ he said.In Colchester, the youth court was not able to start its business until 11.30am, with young people left ‘waiting and bewildered outside’, according to Laura Austin, a partner at Levy & Co Solicitors.And in Northumbria, David Forrester, a solicitor at Geoffrey Forrester & Co who was on duty today reported that two defendants had been sent to the Crown court without representation.last_img read more