Sumner Court Docket: June 28, 2018 report

first_imgby Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow — The following are a list of criminal court complaints recently filed by the Sumner County Attorney’s office.These are formal charges introduced into the Sumner County District Court system. The suspects listed in the complaint have not been tried by a judge or jury unless specified otherwise. All citizens are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.•••••State of Kansas v. Shawn Walton — Case No: 18 CR 122Date of birth: 1999. Address: Mulvane. Date of alleged crime: April 15, 2018Charges:Count 1: Possession marijuana with intent to distribute between 2 and 450 grams, level 3 drug felony. Count 2: Possession of narcotics, level 5 drug felony. Count 3: Possession drug paraphernalia to facilitate drug distribution, level 5 drug felony. Count 4: Possession marijuana, Class B misdemeanor. Case description: Walton is accused of having two large zip lock bags of marijuana that weighs 116 grams in a backpack in his van. He also allegedly had two Oxycotin pills, about 110 grams of marijuana and about 27 small plastic empty bags in the vehicle. He also allegedly had a small bag of marijuana in his pocket when he was arrested. ————State of Kansas v. Geordi Vandeest — Case No: 18 CR 125Date of birth: 1995. Address: Oxford. Date of alleged crime: April 28, 2018Charges:Count 1: Possession drug paraphernalia, Class B misdemeanor. Count 2: Possession methamphetamine, level 5 drug felony. Case description: Vandeest is accused of having methamphetamine in his backpack and inside a cup holder of his vehicle. He also allegedly had a used syringe in his backpack. ————State of Kansas v. Stephen Parker — Case No: 18 CR 126Date of birth: 1985. Address: Wichita. Date of alleged crime: April 4, 2018.Charges:Count 1: Possession of marijuana, level 5 drug felony. Count 2: Driving while suspended, Class A misdemeanor. Count 3: Failure to provide proof of insurance, Class B misdemeanor. Count 4: Transportation of bottle, misdemeanor. Count 5: Driving under the influence, Class A misdemeanor.Case description: Parker is accused of having a bag of marijuana on the ceiling of his overturned GMC Envoy he was driving which was involved in an accident near milepost 7 on I-35. He then allegedly had a suspended driver’s license, no proof of insurance and a small bottle of rum in the glove compartment of his vehicle, not to mention an open can of Colt 45 beer still containing beer in his vehicle despite it overturning. According to the complaint, Parker had a blood alcohol content of .08 or more as he was driving northbound at about milepost 7.5 on I-35 about 3:05 a.m. when he skidded into the barrier wall causing the vehicle to turn over and land on its top. ————State of Kansas v. Phillip Taylor — Case No: 18 CR 127Date of birth: 1972. Address: Olathe. Date of alleged crime: December 2016.Charges:Count 1: Aggravated battery causing great bodily harm, level 5 felony. Count 2: Aggravated battery where great bodily harm could have been caused, level 7 felony. Count 3: Battery, Class B misdemeanor. Case description: Taylor is accused of recklessly causing great bodily harm to another person, Robert Whaley of Wellington, during an argument that started inside The Dore. Allegedly, the argument continued outside where Taylor punched Whaley several times leaving him bleeding and unconscious on the ground. Whaley was left with a severe concussion, lacerations to the back of his head and medical bills after being transported to Sumner Regional Medical Center and Wesley Medical Center of about $67,000. According to the complaint, Taylor knocked Whaley on the ground and then kicked and punched him repeatedly. He then left him for several minutes on the ground allegedly, bleeding and passed out. ————State of Kansas v. Salena Brooks — Case No: 18 CR 128Date of birth: 1965. Address: Haysville. Date of alleged crime: April 20, 2018.Charges:Count 1: Eluding police officer with accident involved, level 9 felony. Count 2: Driving while revoked, Class B misdemeanor. Case description: Brooks is accused of striking an electric power line pole at Kirby and U.S. 81 then fleeing on foot.  She also had a suspended driver’s license. ————State of Kansas v. Jeremy Hutton — Case No: 18 CR 129Date of birth: 1976. Address: Argonia.Date of alleged crime: April 25, 2018.Charges:Count 1: Theft, Class A misdemeanor. Case description: Hutton is accused of stealing at least two gas cans full of fuel from Meyers Lawn Mower using a red hose at 306 S. Plum in Argonia. ———— State of Kansas v. Michael Wagner — Case No: 18 CR 130Date of birth: 1986. Address: Wellington.Date of alleged crime: May 7, 2018Charges:Count 1: Aggravated assault, level 7 felony. Count 2: Aggravated assault, level 7 felony.Count 3: Criminal trespass, Class B misdemeanor. Case description: Wagner is accused of angrily approaching Curtis Moody with a hatchet in a threatening manner and then Betheny Oxford, who was stepping in between him and Moody during the argument. He is also accused of not leaving when told to do so until the police were called. ———— State of Kansas v. Jordan Byrd — Case No: 18 CR 131Date of birth: 1996. Address: Winfield.Date of alleged crime: April 21, 2018.Charges:Count 1: Possession marijuana, Class B misdemeanor. Count 2: Possession drug paraphernalia, Class B misdemeanor. Case description: Byrd is accused of taking marijuana out of the center console and giving it to a woman and telling her to hide the marijuana and two marijuana cigarettes.———— State of Kansas v. Shawn Howell — Case No: 18 CR 132Date of birth: 1985. Address: Wellington.Date of alleged crime: June 25, 2017Charges:Count 1: Burglary of dwelling, level 7 felony.Count 2: Burglary of non-dwelling, level 7 felony.Count 3: Theft, level 9 felony.Count 4: Burglary of a dwelling, level 7 felony. Count 5: Theft, level 9 felony. Count 6: Theft, level 9 felony. Case description: Howell is accused of robbing a farmhouse and a round top storage building at 1143 W. 20th St. in Milan. He allegedly took a wrench and socket sets, bow and arrow, air compressor, two gun safes, floor safe, battery charger, ATV 3-wheeler and other items. Then on or around July 13-14, Howell allegedly broke into the attached garage at the same residence and got into two safes where he took silver bars, antique coins, and an antique black powder pistol. Later, he allegedly sold some of the silver bars for $3,377 at One Hour Jewelry in Wichita. ———— State of Kansas v. David Gressel III — Case No: 18 CR 132Date of birth: 1988. Address: Caldwell.Date of alleged crime: June 15-28, 2017Charges:Count 1: Burglary of dwelling, level 7 felony.Count 2: Burglary of non-dwelling, level 7 felony.Count 3: Theft, level 9 felony.Case description: Gressel is accused of entering a farmhouse at 1143 W. 20th St., South, Milan to commit a theft of a wrench and socket sets, bow and arrow, air compressor, two gun safes, floor safe, battery charger, ATV 3-wheeler and other items. ———— State of Kansas v. Madison Heberly — Case No: 18 CR 134Date of birth: 1995. Address: Winfield.Date of alleged crime: April 21, 2018.Charges:Count 1: Possession of marijuana, Class B misdemeanor. Count 2: Possession drug paraphernalia, Class B misdemeanor. Case description: Heberly is accused of following the instructions of Byrd (see above) and grabbed marijuana out of the center console and hiding two bags of marijuana and two marijuana cigarettes in the passenger side door of the vehicle they were in.———— State of Kansas v. Elizabeth Smith — Case No: 18 CR 135Date of birth: N/A. Address: South Haven.Date of alleged crime: May 8, 2018.Charges:Count 1: Theft, Class A misdemeanor. Count 2: Failure to provide proof of insurance, Class B misdemeanor. Count 3: No driver’s license in possession, Class C misdemeanor. Count 4: Interference with law enforcement, Class A misdemeanor. Case description: Smith is accused of driving a car with a stolen tag on her vehicle, no insurance, no driver’s license, and misidentifying herself as someone else. Verdict: Smith pled guilty to count 1 and 2 and had 3 and 4 dismissed. She was fined $100 and $300 and has been placed on one year probation. ———— State of Kansas v. Shelly Lynn Glenn — Case No: 18 CR 136Date of birth: 1979. Address: Mulvane.Date of alleged crime: April 26, 2018.Charges:Count 1: Domestic battery, Class B misdemeanor. Count 2: Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, level 7 felony.Count 3: Criminal damage to property, Class B misdemeanor. Count 4: Disorderly conduct, Class C misdemeanor. Case description: Glenn is accused of hitting her estranged husband Jeremy Glenn multiple times. She also allegedly used an orange Mustang car owned by another individual and drove it Jeremy’s pickup twice while he was sitting inside it. She then allegedly got out and screamed at Jeremy after the collision.———State of Kansas v. Lorraine Lott — Case No: 18 CR 137Date of birth: 1990. Address: Mulvane.Date of alleged crime: April 12, 2018.Charges:Count 1: Speeding, traffic infraction. Count 2: Driving while suspended, Class A misdemeanor. Count 3: Possession of marijuana, Class B misdemeanor. Count 4: Possession of drug paraphernalia, Class B misdemeanor. Count 5: Possession of drug paraphernalia, Class B misdemeanor. Count 6: Possession of drug paraphernalia, Class B misdemeanor. Case description: Lott is accused of speeding 64 in a 55 mile per hour zone. Once apprehended, she allegedly had a bag full of marijuana that was in a cardboard box. Also found, allegedly was a glass pipe and a grinder.———State of Kansas v. Kristina Maupin — Case No: 18 CR 138Date of birth: 1990. Address: Oxford.Date of alleged crime: May 17, 2018.Charges:Count 1: Domestic battery, Class B misdemeanor. Count 2: Disorderly conduct, Class C misdemeanor. Case description: Maupin is accused of slapping a family member in an angry manner and yelling profanity at her. ———State of Kansas v. Kayla Montano — Case No: 18 CR 139Date of birth: 1987. Address: Belle Plaine.Date of alleged crime: April 28, 2018.Charges:Count 1: Criminal damage to property, Class B misdemeanor. Count 2: Disorderly conduct, Class C misdemeanor. Case description: Montano is accused of throwing a wicker basket and breaking it and causing a disturbance. ———State of Kansas v. Rebecca Mortimer — Case No: 18 CR 140Date of birth: 1991. Address: Augusta.Date of alleged crime: March 30, 2018.Charges:Count 1: Arson, level 6 felony.Count 2: Fraudulent insurance, level 7 felony. Case description: Mortimer is accused of setting fire to her residence at 510 Arbor in Mulvane with intent of defrauding Nationwide Insurance, causing $5,000 to $25,000 damage. ———State of Kansas v. Brian Vineyard — Case No: 18 CR 141Date of birth: 1991. Address: Augusta.Date of alleged crime: March 30, 2018.Charges:Count 1: Possession of methamphetamine, level 5 drug felony. Count 2: Possession of drug paraphernalia, Class B misdemeanor. Case description: Vineyard is accused of having methamphetamine inside a clear bag. ———State of Kansas v. Robert Howland — Case No: 18 CR 142Date of birth: 1996. Address: Belle Plaine.Date of alleged crime: May 21, 2018.Charges:Count 1: Criminal trespass, Class B misdemeanor. Case description: Howland is accused of going onto the residence at 521 West 5th Avenue of Belle Plaine on May 20 and May 21 when he had no permission to do so. ———State of Kansas v. Matthew Thomas McDonald — Case No: 18 CR 142Date of birth: 1996. Address: Belle Plaine.Date of alleged crime: May 21, 2018.Charges:Count 1: Burglary, level 7 felony. Count 2: Theft, Class A misdemeanor. Case description: McDonald is accused of entering a residence at 1170 Donald Lane in Sumner County and stealing an American Flag and a Motorcycle Pendant. ———State of Kansas v. Hamzah Quaym-Obaid — Case No: 18 CR 147Date of birth: 1994. Address: Dallas, Texas.Date of alleged crime: May 14, 2018.Charges:Count 1: Fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer, Class B misdemeanor.Count 2: Possession of marijuana, Class B misdemeanor. Count 3: Illegal registration, unclassified misdemeanor. Count 4: Driving without a valid driver’s license, Class B misdemeanor. Count 5: Speeding, traffic infraction.Case description: Quaym-Obaid is accused of failing to stop his vehicle for a pursuing Wellington police vehicle with its signals displayed. Instead, he allegedly took off in a pursuit from Vandenburgh Avenue in Wellington and was not apprehended until the intersection of 30th Avenue and U.S. 81. Once detained, Quaym-Obaid had two small bags of marijuana, illegal registration, and no driver’s license. Initially he was clocked at going 52 in a 40 mph speed zone on Vandenburgh, allegedly, when the pursuit began. ———State of Kansas v. Curtis Wade Calloway — Case No: 18 CR 150Date of birth: 1984. Address: Wellington.Date of alleged crime: May 25, 2018.Charges:Count 1: Burglary of non-dwelling, level 7 felony. Count 2: Theft, Class A misdemeanor. Case description: Calloway is accused of  stealing a Bostitch roofing nailer, a hammer drill, a Makita cordless drill, a Bostitch nail gun, sander, two Dewalt cordless drills, Craftsman Router, toolbox, other tools, lawn mower, Blue Chop Saw, Bostitch nailer in a black case, and other items from a garage all valued less than $1,500. ———State of Kansas v. Ronald Dwayne Sharp — Case No: 18 CR 151Date of birth: 1984. Address: Wichita.Date of alleged crime: June 2, 2018.Charges:Count 1: Possession of methamphetamine, level 5 drug felony.Count 2: Driving while suspended, Class A misdemeanor. Count 3: Possession of marijuana, Class A misdemeanor. Count 4: Possession of drug paraphernalia, Class B misdemeanor. Count 5: Theft of a motor vehicle, level 9 felony. Case description: Sharp is accused of possessing Methamphetamine and marijuana within a rectangle tin that was located inside defendant’s front left pocket upon his arrest. He is also accused of stealing a 2001 Ford F350 pickup.last_img read more

Paddy stays on track

first_imgThe near pins went to Neil Harvey, Paul Davies and George Gamble.Daniel Oshiro.Thursday, Feb. 4, Greenwood – StablefordGreenwood was our venue for Thursday where we played the A & B courses, which were in excellent condition.  This is a real value for money course and we had a very enjoyable day.Martin Hayes (H/cap 18) and Paddy Devereux were fighting for the win today.  They both played well, but today Martin won with 40 points ahead of Paddy on 39.  Tony Wakeling (17) came in third with 36 points.Near pins were claimed by Paddy Devereux, a single, and Willem Lasonder with two.Note: Siam Country Resort Pattaya, Restaurant & Bar is located just off Siam Country Club Rd, after going under the arch past the 7/11, turn right after 50 meters, with the venue on the left another 200 meters along.  Golf from here is generally played on Tuesday & Thursday, with the Resort hosting prompt presentations on both days.  As a PSC affiliated venue we welcome ALL golfers, including ladies & seniors (>60s) who have opted for the “Silver” tee option.  Call 089 2535440 (Willem Lasonder) for scheduling or enquiries. PSC Golf from Siam Country Resort PattayaTuesday, Feb. 2, Crystal Bay – StablefordTuesday we went to Crystal Bay and played the B and C courses.  It was a long time ago that we could play the B course which many consider the most exciting of the three layouts here.  It was a little bit disappointing, that the condition of the course was not top notch after such a long period of maintenance and there were wet patches to negotiate also.(Left to right) Paddy Devereux, Martin Hayes and Tony Wakeling.There were no high scores on the day but Paddy Devereux (H/cap 19) confirmed his recent good form again with a winning 34 stableford points.  He just beat the straight hitting Daniel Oshiro (19), who ended with 33 points.last_img read more

Oisín Ó Cualáin retains league crown after absorbing battle

first_imgThe first game started with Hanley taking a 7-4 lead. Ó Cualáin came roaring back and took back the serve and began pounding out inch high serves over the serving line. Even with these top class serves, the Williamstown man was able to get a return and kept the game in line for another 20 minutes. Photo: (from left to right) Eric O’Brien – League Secretary and Cisteoir Galway Handball Board, league champion Oisín Ó Cualáin (M. Breathnach) and league runner-up Kieran Hanley (Williamstown).print WhatsApp Facebook Twitter Email Moycullen Handball OpenThe Moycullen Open takes place from 14th to 16th December with Martin Mulkerrins leading the Galway charge at an action packed weekend of handball. This is an Elite Men’s Open Ranking Event will see tournament ambassador and reigning All-Ireland champion Martin Mulkerrins compete against Golden Gloves champion Diarmaid Nash & multiple All-Ireland champion Robbie McCarthy on what promises to be a cracking weekend of handball. A time-out was called at 15-9 and after this, the Breathnachs player turned on the power and rattled out more low thunder serves to help him win the opening game 21-11. The first game was a battle that lasted 50 minutes.Ó Cualáin opened the serving in the second game, but it was Hanley who pulled ahead to lead 2-0 after five minutes of hand-outs.Hanley changed tactics and slowed the game down to bring take the power shots away from his opponent. This tactic worked well to bring his score to 4-2, but last year’s champion soon regained his composure and his low power shots turned the tide in his favour.Ó Cualáin led 11-6 at the first time out but and the time out seemed to favour the Connemara man as he rattled out power serves to bring the score to 17-6. Hanley put up a very admirable defence against the inch perfect corner serves and regained two aces in the dying stages.Ó Cualáin again got back into serve and served it out to regain his title.The crowd’s approval of a cracking 90-minute battle was evident in their applause and roars at every long rally with both players getting a standing ovation.The final was a great reflection of the current standard of top-level Galway Handball. We would like to thank our new title sponsor RITEWAY ENGINEERING for their continued support of our sport into 2019.The league continues for Divisions 1, 2 & 3 from December to February with the finals set to be held as a festival of Handball in Late February 2019.All players are invited to apply through their club secretaries to enter the County Championship & we hope to see you all in the alley in the coming months. Oisín Ó Cualáin (Micheál Breathnachs) retained his Premier Division title against Kieran Hanley (Williamstown) in a cracker of a game that finished 21-11, 21-8.last_img read more

Pietersen makes front and back pages after England snub

first_imgBy Mike CollettKevin Pietersen dominated the front and back pages of Britain’s newspapers on Wednesday with many sympathising with the controversial batsman whose England comeback bid has been thwarted by new cricket director Andrew Strauss.The flamboyant South African-born right-hander, who hit a career-best 355 not out for Surrey at The Oval on Tuesday, has said the snub has left him “absolutely devastated”.His former captain Strauss, the England and Wales Cricket Board’s new director of cricket, said there was “massive distrust” between them but Pietersen had notbeen banned.The Guardian’s front page was dominated by a huge photograph of the maverick batsman under the headline ‘Kevin Pietersen 355 not out. Except he is.’The Sun’s back page had the headline ‘Traitors’ with a double page spread headlined ‘Retired .. Hurt’ while the Daily Mirror back page screamed ‘Betrayal’, highlighting Pietersen’s remarks “They say they don’t trust me, but how can anyone trust them?”The incident has also dominated social media discussions.“Anyone else struggling to explain to their nine-year-old that Pietersen isn’t allowed to play for England?” tweeted former England captain Michael Vaughan.Another former captain Nasser Hussain said: “The ECB have shot themselves in the foot again. After the appalling way Peter Moores’ sacking (as coach) was handled, they need to get their act together.”Former South Africa captain Graeme Smith also joined the debate and tweeted “I see the head boy (Strauss) is making English cricket a laughing stock again.”Somerset all-rounder Peter Trego said: “Has ‘trust’ ever won a game of cricket ? I thought it was runs and wickets. Is there a new World Cup of trust England are hoping to win.”The fallout went beyond cricket with former England football skipper Gary Lineker saying “Strauss’ decision seems extraordinarily petty. I have never been in a dressing room where I have liked or even respected everyone. You deal with it.”Broadcaster Piers Morgan, a friend of Pietersen’s, added: “Trust? Trust? I wouldn’t trust Andrew Strauss to run a bath let alone English cricket.”In his column Pietersen, 34, wrote: “I am absolutely devastated that it looks like my hopes of an England recall have been brought to a close, especially given everything that has been said and asked of me.”“They have used the word trust to justify not selecting me, well, trust is a two-way thing.”Pietersen will fly to join Sunrisers Hyderabad in the Indian Premier League.Strauss, who fired England coach Peter Moores on Saturday to raise Pietersen’s hopes of a return to the team, explained his thinking at a news conference at Lord’s on Tuesday.“The truth about Kevin is that he is a phenomenal cricketer. But over months and years trust has eroded between Kevin Pietersen and the ECB,” Strauss said.“There is a massive trust issue between me and Kevin.”last_img read more

Apoel back on top after winning top of the table showdown

first_imgApoel were the big winners of the weekend’s top of the table clash against Apollon and moved above the Limassol side at the top of the table as the championship now enters the crucial playoff stage.Omonia made sure of their place in the top six with a convincing 2-0 over AEL, overtaking Nea Salamina in the process, who could only draw at home to Alki.In a tense and fiercely contested game at the Tsirion stadium Apoel came back from a goal down, to defeat their big championship rivals Apollon 2-1.The champions just about deserved their win in a game where chances were few and far between with both sets of players more intent on keeping a clean sheet than scoring at the other end. In the opening 45 minutes Apoel managed just one good goal-scoring opportunity to Apollon’s none, while in the second half, each side had a chance each, both in added time with Papoulis and Zahid being denied by the respective goalkeepers.This was the third consecutive match that Apollon has lost to Apoel, and this despite taking the lead in this tight game just after the hour mark through their top scorer Facundo Pereira. However Apollon hung onto their lead for just three minutes, something that their coach Sofronis Avgousti said was pivotal in the final outcome.It was a soft goal to concede as Natel’s strike from the edge of the box caught Apollon goalkeeper Bruno Vale both unsighted and wrong-footed.However it was apparent over the 90 minutes that Apollon sorely missed the Croatian Anton Maglica who left Apollon for China earlier this month to continue his career at Guizhou Hengfeng. His departure may tip the scales in favour of  rivals Apoel and AEL especially as the transfer period ended on the last day of January.Apoel seem to have found a new hero in their tall gangling striker Norbert Balogh. For the second consecutive game the Hungarian proved his worth, this time latching on to Zahid’s through ball to beat Apollon goalkeeper Bruno Vale from the edge of the penalty box six minutes from the end. Balogh could have doubled his tally in added time when clean through, but he unselfishly squared to Zahid who somehow managed to make a hash of it and the chance went begging.Anorthosis finished the regular season with a 3-2 away win to Ermis Aradipou but it all proved pointless as they finished outside the top six.Cleary disillusioned and saddened with all the off-field events going on at Anorthosis, their coach Jurgen Streppel made his feelings known when he took his entire team to the post-game press conference and accused the club of leaving the players unpaid for 2-3 months and without even a club doctor.Andreas Panteli resigned over the weekend as the club’s president.Omonia overcame a lacklustre AEL at the GSP stadium with their Costa Rican striker David Ramírez grabbing both goals, one in each half.AEK needed 53 minutes and a rather soft penalty to break the deadlock against relegation threatened Enosis Neon Paralimni at the Arena stadium.Eventually AEK ran out 3-0 winners with Larena, Akino and Triscovski getting onto the scoresheet.Alki managed a draw against Nea Salamina and the point may prove precious as they battle to avoid relegation. Both goals were scored in the first half with Alki taking the lead through Carlos in the 17th minute and Fustar equalising on the half hour.In the final weekend game Pafos FC moved well clear of the relegation zone as they overcame Doxa Katokopias 1-0 thanks to a 55th minute Angulo goal.last_img read more

Excitement builds over Tiger’s return to Masters field

first_img“I’m just there to win,” Woods said in a posting on his website this week.“I’ve been better with each week I’ve competed. A little more crisp. I’m starting to put the pieces together.”Woods missed his third Masters in four years last year after spinal fusion surgery, but has contended in his past two starts, sharing fifth at the Arnold Palmer Invitational and second at the Valspar Championship.“It’s fantastic what we’re seeing of Tiger. He looks in control of his game,” said Britain’s Justin Rose, last year’s Masters runner-up.Woods, who at a low point doubted he would ever play competitive golf again, has seen interest in his comeback tale at age 42 send resale prices for Masters badges soaring several thousand dollars above face value.“I got a second chance on life,” Woods said. “I am a walking miracle.”Woods hasn’t won a major since the 2008 US Open, hasn’t won a tournament since the 2013 WGC Bridgestone Invitational, hasn’t played in a major since missing the cut at the 2015 PGA Championship and last won the Masters in 2005.“I’m just really looking forward to playing,” Woods said. “It’s the best-run tournament in the world. The golf course, the patrons, the entire atmosphere — it’s a golfers heaven.”A streak of 12 rounds at par or better has shown Woods has regained his health. This week will tell if he has found the form that made him a global superstar.“It’s a lot different than the first two comebacks. He wasn’t ready,” said Australia’s Jason Day. “He came back too soon. Now he’s hitting it longer than before.”That’s part of the reason some oddsmakers have made Woods the tournament favorite.“That’s kind of funny,” Woods said. “Six months ago the odds were I wasn’t even going to play.”– Top rivals ready too –Woods played two nine-hole practice rounds two weeks ago at Augusta National, his first at the course since the final round in 2015.“They resurfaced a few of the greens but they still look they have been there for 100 years,” Woods said. “My yardage book was basically the same.”Woods, whose 79 career PGA wins are three shy of Sam Snead’s all-time record, faces a world-class field with several top rivals playing their best as well.Multiple major winners Rory McIlroy, Bubba Watson and Phil Mickelson plus 2017 PGA Championship winner Justin Thomas have won Masters tuneup events and reigning British Open champion Jordan Spieth, the 2015 US Open and Masters winner who was third Sunday at Houston, is peaking at the perfect time.“I’ve made some big strides from my past couple of tournaments. I’m very excited for what next week holds,” Spieth said. “I’ll try to nail it in the next few days and try a little speed control at Augusta and hopefully I’ll have a chance at the weekend.”– Garcia shares a locker –Defending champion Sergio Garcia will try to become the first repeat winner of the Masters since Woods in 2001-02, having become a husband and father since ending his major drought after 73 failures, daughter Azalea named for one of his favorite Augusta National holes.“Azalea’s first flight and she did amazingly well! We made it to Augusta for @TheMasters and are excited for a very special week,” Garcia’s wife Angela tweeted.Adding to the specialness of the week for Garcia was an image tweeted Sunday by Augusta National of his new Champions Locker Room plate alongside that of Spanish countryman Jose Maria Olazabal.Last year, Olazabal sent Garcia a note for inspiration saying, “I’m not sharing my locker at the moment, and I hope that I get to do it with you.”0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000Tiger Woods missed his third Masters in four years last year after spinal fusion surgery © GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA/AFP/File / Mike EhrmannAUGUSTA, United States, Apr 2 – Anticipation built Sunday around Augusta National for Tiger Woods returning to the Masters, ticket scalpers already offering prized passes to the unfolding drama at the year’s first major golf tournament.Players traveled Magnolia Lane to the clubhouse on the eve of Monday’s first official pratice session for the 82nd Masters, where 14-time major winner Woods will try for a fifth green jacket after his fourth back operation.last_img read more

Torres will be better than Balotelli for AC Milan, claims ex-Chelsea star

first_imgFernando Torres is a clear upgrade on Mario Balotelli, according to former AC Milan striker Hernan Crespo.Chelsea forward Torres moved to the San Siro on a two-year loan deal last month to replace Balotelli, who joined Liverpool for £16m.The decision to replace Balotelli with Torres was seen by some as a further example of Milan’s descent from Europe’s elite, but Crespo disagrees.And he has backed former Milan team-mate Filippo Inzaghi – now the club’s head coach – to get the best out of Torres when Serie A returns to action this weekend.“I think that the Spaniard is the perfect attacker for Pippo Inzaghi’s side,” Crespo told the Gazzetta dello Sport. “Especially when you look at the Milan midfield.“Balotelli is a champion who can change the game with one piece of skill, but you can’t ask consistency from him.” Fernando Torres 1last_img read more

West Ham boss Slaven Bilic not expecting repeat of crowd trouble against Chelsea

first_img1 The EFL Cup clash between the London rivals in October was marred by coin throwing and fighting Slaven Bilic insists West Ham have solved their crowd trouble issues ahead of Monday’s rematch with Chelsea.The EFL Cup clash between the London rivals in October was marred by coin throwing and fighting between rival fans.But moves to improve the segregation, policing and stewarding have meant that since that night, such ugly scenes have all but disappeared.Vice-chairman Karren Brady has worked tirelessly to put an end to disorder in the stands, and Bilic is confident she has succeeded.“It is not that I think it – it is definitely the truth,” the Hammers manager said.“I have monthly meetings with Baroness Brady. We have talked a lot about that and I know how much effort, through her of course, has been put into solving those problems.“She, or we, have done it so I am not expecting (a repeat).“Of course there could be individual things that may happen, but the club has done a really great job regarding that. They have approached it since that game really seriously. We have done it, yes.”Bilic will come up against a familiar face when the Premier League-leading Blues arrive at the London Stadium.Winger Victor Moses, who was on loan with the Hammers last season but struggled to hold down a first-team place, has just been rewarded for his fine Chelsea form with a new contract.Yet Bilic says Moses’ performances this term come as no surprise, and revealed that even former West Ham star Dimitri Payet marked him out for big things.“I am glad for him,” the Croatian added. “He was our player and we enjoyed that year.“His potential, his characteristics, his strength, were always like amazing. His pace, quality on the ball and stamina is basically top, top class.“Sometimes you have to push him to do it day in, day out, and now he is doing it. His place was anything but guaranteed at the beginning of the season. but he proved himself.“I remember once I spoke to Payet during last season. Payet said that, even including himself, Victor is the best player that we have at West Ham.”last_img read more

Costco to use renewable energy

first_imgLANCASTER – Costco Wholesale Corp.’s Lancaster warehouse store will get some of its electricity from the sun. Southern California-based Permacity Corp. is installing hundreds of RWE Schott Solar photovoltaic panels on the flat store roof. Each panel can produce 310 watts, and 1,860 panels atop the store will provide as much as 40 percent of the building’s peak electrical load on a summer day. “It seems like a good environment for solar power,” said Craig Peal, a Costco official. “It’s high desert, and Southern California power prices are fairly high.” This is Costco’s first solar-power system, a practical test of how well it works. Costco officials hope solar power will supply 19 percent of the Lancaster store’s electricity year-around. “We’re looking at other sites” that could also use solar power, added Peal, an assistant vice president. Permacity designed a nonpenetrating roof mounting system, for which it is obtaining a patent, that holds the modules off the aluminum roof at a 10-degree angle. The modules help shade the roof, decreasing the work required from the building’s air conditioners. When finished, the local Costco’s photovoltaic system will be among the largest in the United States of those that are privately owned, Permacity officials said.160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREWhy these photogenic dumplings are popping up in Los AngelesThe local system is expected to be operational in late August or early September. Permacity has installed solar-power systems on other large commercial buildings around Southern California, as well as on residential buildings in the Los Angeles area, the Coachella Valley and Kern County. Customers seem interested in helping the environment as well as reducing rising power costs, said Jonathan Port, president and chief executive officer of Permacity. “Our motto is `the solar evolution.’ I think they want to be part of that,” he said. State rebates and tax incentives help pay for most of the installation cost, Port said, adding, “California seems committed to going the renewable path.” The Lancaster Costco system covers nearly 45,000 square feet of roof area and sits among 200 skylights. last_img

Mourinho sparks fury by dropping Pogba for out-of-form star

first_imgPogba dropped.But matic still playing#MUNARS #Mufc— Karthik (@karthik_rus) December 5, 2018 BEST OF With Unai Emery naming a back five, his Portuguese counter-part duly reacted. In came Eric Bailly and Marcos Rojo to accommodate Chris Smalling at the back, with Diogo Dalot and Matteo Darmian provided the width from their wing-back roles.World Cup winner Pogba and Mourinho seem destined for a nuclear fallout which will result in one of them leaving the club; their relationship seems to take one step forwards and two steps backwards.After a very public spat during a training session, the Portuguese responded by keeping the France international as his captain.But after only being able to muster a 2-2 draw against Southampton at the weekend, it seems as though Pogba’s performance in central midfield was not good enough to warrant a place for the game against the Gunners at Old Trafford. Boxing Day fixtures: All nine Premier League games live on talkSPORT scrap Matic has several stinkers and keeps his place. Pogba has one poor game and is axed immediately— Babs (@Babs_SP) December 5, 2018 One bad game and Pogba is on the bench. Matic 10’s of bad games but still plays. Why? Jose probably favouring players @MrStephenHowson @AdamMcKola @FullTimeDEVILS @ManUtd #MUFC— Pratik Deodhar (@AlwaysRedDevil) December 5, 2018 Most Read Football Stories Nemanja Matic is one of Mourinho’s most trusted deputies Top nine Premier League free transfers of the decade RANKED latest Jose Mourinho has risked the wrath of Manchester United fans once again after dropping Paul Pogba and keeping Nemanja Matic in the team to face Arsenal.The United boss named the Serbia international in his side for the visit of the Gunners, who are unbeaten in their last 17 games in all competitions. If Pogba is a virus, Matic must be the Plague— Patrick (@Pogblah) December 5, 2018 Pogba dropped. Matić still playing. Martial and Rashford starting solely so he can blast them if they don’t perform and praise Lukaku. Pray Arsenal don’t turn up today.— Jordan Clarke (@FourFourJordan) December 5, 2018 If Pogba can continuously be dropped to be made an example of, the inclusion of Nemanja Matic yet again is unexplainable. He has shown that he can play terribly for a long spell and get away with it. It’s ridiculous at this point.— The Man Utd Way (@TheManUtdWay) December 5, 2018 Every time Ally McCoist lost it on air in 2019, including funny XI reactions As you can imagine, several loyal Pogba fans took umbrage with Mourinho’s decision, and vented their frustrations on Twitter.Check out the best responses below! The average first-team salaries at every Premier League club in 2019 SORRY gameday cracker Liverpool news live: Klopp reveals when Minamino will play and issues injury update revealed Gerrard launches furious touchline outburst as horror tackle on Barisic sparks chaos 2 Relatively happy with that team, still don’t understand how Pogba gets benched but Matic keeps his place, unreal. #MUFC— Paul Murray (@Murray_P96) December 5, 2018 Sky Sports presenter apologises for remarks made during Neville’s racism discussion Jose Mourinho and Paul Pogba have endured a turbulent relationship this season Back 5. No Pogba. Matic virus. Darmian disease. What’s the loss margin? Sticking by my 0-4. #mufc— Hesham Bilal-Hafiz (@hesham786) December 5, 2018 2 i dont understand how its matic over pogba wtf— seray (@manuni7ed) December 5, 2018last_img read more