Developments in Development Talk of Tough Times

first_imgAnd while there are lots of arguments about how this should be addressed, two thinkpieces on the topic caught my attention this week. The first comes from the City Observatory, where Daniel Hertz argues that a recent housing construction boom has started to bring rents down (by $7 to $59 dollars, depending on the city) in some areas of the nation, and that as building continues, those prices will come down more. But in the same piece, Hertz hits on a point that housing activists in San Francisco have been pushing for ages: Lots of new construction is done at the high end and expensive end of the spectrum. On one hand, this could mean that as new supply cools the luxury market, developers might turn to middle-income housing again – or that the affordable and middle-income housing supply continues to simply be throttled. As an aside, San Francisco’s own rents have cooled their crazy jets a little, and actually stayed pretty flat this month, Curbed reports, though Curbed counts a $10 increase as staying flat where Hertz considered a $7 decrease a drop. So, you know, make of that what you will. It should also be noted, while we’re talking about the production of affordable housing, that supervisors just this week approved a proposal to streamline housing projects that are 100 percent affordable – they now no longer need to apply for a conditional use permit, a planning process that can add months to the development process. Some say this is vital for moving affordable housing production forward, while others worry that it won’t affect that many projects anyway and will remove an avenue for public input in the process.Then there’s this suggestion from If you want density without jamming huge buildings into quaint neighborhoods, maybe it’s time to slice and dice inside spaces like Vancouver did. The logic here is that cities could respond to increased demand in trendy-if-sleepy areas of urban areas by divvying up the apartments. Interestingly, many of Vancouver’s split up apartments were divided illegally at first, but once city government jumped on board, they were legalized – an effort that is already underway at our own Board of Supervisors, which is hoping to legitimize the illegal units that many homeowners in the city have added to their buildings and where many low rent seekers find refuge.In business news, there has been lots of turnover involving restaurants. New Starlight Furniture on Mission street could become a restaurant and brewery. A planning notice indicates that an application has been filed to turn the space into a restaurant, and a worker there said the furniture store may close in six months or so, but declined to comment further. As Capp Street Crap points out, that makes Mission between 18th and 19th quite the hotbed of restaurant proliferation, with plans underway for Citizen Fox (currently in the former Hapa Ramen space on the other end of the block) to go into the old discount store space on the corner. Wes Burger is also planning a brick and mortar location next to Mission Comics and Art. In other words, if there’s a long-term business on that block you don’t want to see taken over by foodservice, better get out there and support them with your dollars. Leases don’t last forever. On Valencia Street near Duboce, a building severely damaged by a fire in 2012 (which previously housed Caesar’s Cafe and a troubled medical cannabis dispensary in the rear of the ground floor) has now been almost completely repaired. Plans are underway for a  Mediterranean restaurant called Tawla to move into the ground floor. Eater SF has the details on what you can expect to find there once it opens, which is scheduled to be in spring. Jumping to the other end of the Mission, it turns out that the recently shuttered Roosevelt Tamale Parlor’s building has been for sale for quite some time, and SocketSite reports that the business’ lease and its beer and wine seller’s license are on the market, too. According to SocketSite, the building was sold in February for $1.8 million, was brought to market again last summer for more than $3 million, but has failed to sell and was re-listed in October for $2.9 million.Finally, Inside Scoop has a look into the future of the dearly departed Lexington Club, acquired by Gavin Newsom’s Plumpjack group: It’s going to open in March, as something called Wildhawk. The bar’s new theme will be an homage to 1800’s “bad girl” dancer Lola Montez. Candace is right – times are tough in the Mission. Not only is it expensive, but this neighborhood has one of the highest average student debt burdens of the nation, according to The Street. In the 94110 ZIP code, the average amount in student debt was just over $115,000. Incomes for those graduates with debt averaged out to $180,000 annually. The Street points out that this is roughly three times the average student loan balance and household income nationwide.On top of this is the cost of housing. Everyone knows it’s expensive to rent here, but Curbed broke down the increase in the cost of buying a house in San Francisco since 2011 and it ain’t pretty. Home prices have more than doubled in this neighborhood since 2011, Paragon Real Estate numbers in Curbed show. 0% A funny thing happened on the way to Super Bowl City: Talk of clearing the homeless out of sight has served to catapult them into the spotlight instead. Everyone’s talking about how the city has failed its most destitute, and that talk has expanded, inevitably, into conversations about evictions, housing, and the cost of living. The most recent, and hilarious, example of which is this parody of Adele’s song “Hello” directed at Mayor Ed Lee, guest starring the Mission: Tags: development • Developments in Development • real estate Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0%last_img read more

SECURE your place in Saints history and leave a l

first_imgSECURE your place in Saints’ history and leave a lasting record of your support!There are just a couple of days left to get your place in the Wall of Legends.Shop orders will close at 5pm on Friday and online at midnight as the first installation of the wall begins.Fans can join the likes of Johnny Vegas in expressing their support, passion and loyalty by ordering a personalised commemorative tile that will be placed in the Wall of Legends.His tile, which will be part of the wall on the outside of the North Stand at Langtree Park, reads: Johnny Vegas / Fame is fickle / Saints Forever! Welcome HomeWall tiles will be placed on a first-come, first-served basis around the central St. Helens Red Vee and club logo.A limited number of special white wall tiles with your personalised inscription will also be placed around the Red Vee itself.The famous ‘V’ will be inscribed with the names of the Saints Greatest Ever 17 selected last year, plus other past players to form a centre-piece.You can also order a single red clay wall tile with two lines of black lettering or a double tile with four lines of gold lettering (ideal for families).Each line has up to 15 characters per lines and spaces and punctuation count as characters. The lettering is professionally engraved and hand finished with a long lasting red, black or gold infill.Each tile comes with its own unique ‘Certificate of Authenticity’ that you can frame or present as a gift. You can also buy a replica of your Tile to take home or place in your office.To find out more, click here to download a leaflet or click here to buy. You can also order in store at Langtree Park.last_img read more

JON Wilkin has guaranteed that Saints will rip in

first_imgJON Wilkin has guaranteed that Saints will ‘rip into’ Wigan when the two sides meet on Monday.The utility back says the team owes the fans a performance and in return that will create an intimidating atmosphere.“The Wigan game is big and is as big as they get for me,” he said. “The week’s build up is special. When you bump into people they mention it and the press build it up too. The fans will turn up and just want us to win. They won’t be worried about league position or where we are at the end of the season. It’s about the game and I think the timing is right for us to come into this match.“We need to reconnect the players to the fans and the ground. I thought we’d done that when we beat Leeds here last year. It was buzzing that night. We will bring the intensity on Monday and hope that is picked up by the fans and they make it intimidating.“We owe the fans a big performance. The support away at Castleford was superb but the week before some of the fans were leaving early when we played Hull KR. I’ve never experienced that before. We have a bond between each other at the club and through that I hope the fans will be rewarded with a good performance.“It hasn’t happened yet and there are some reasons but not excuses. We’ve had injuries, no half back perhaps and poor performances and that has led to some anxiety in the ground. I watched us play against Widnes when I was banned and you could feel it in the air.“Long term making Langtree Park as an intimidating place to play has to be a priority.”He continued: “We haven’t started well enough in games this year and that has to be the focus on Monday. You lose energy not having the ball early on and that comes back on us later in the game.“We are going to rip into this game.“Last month we have been good, but in the freakish weather against Hull KR they schooled us. We should be happy with the last month but when it comes to combinations and momentum for longer periods we’ve not had that.“A big performance will set us up for the rest of the season. We have to produce big performances against the teams around us as if we don’t, we don’t deserve to win the comp. We have to put ourselves in a good position to have a crack at the grand final. We are passionate and believe we can do it.”Jon has played in a multitude of positions this season and finds himself back in the halves after a short sabbatical at second row/loose forward.“My role has changed, but it still is to organise the team and move them around,” he added. “I need to bring others into the game like Willie Manu. I’m probably the best organiser in the team due to my experience. I’ve gone from a player who can pass, kick and run a bit into a guy who has had to understand the technical subtleties of a half back.“Nathan Brown has been good for me in that regard really. The more about the game I can learn the better. In the last match I went at 9 and that was a challenge. I believe in the club and what it means to the community and I will do anything for it.“I have sacrificed a lot. I believe I have good utility value for the England squad and I want to be a part of that, but it is difficult when you aren’t playing in best position for you. I like the challenge and the game and I have learnt a lot about myself this season.”Tickets for tonight’s match are still on sale. You can get yours by calling into the Ticket Office at Langtree Park or on the cash turnstiles from 4.45pm.last_img read more

SAINTS Development team will be hosting a seminar

first_imgSAINTS Development team will be hosting a seminar for coaches with Nathan Brown.The Club’s Head Coach will answering questions and giving practical advice on coaching and team preparation on Tuesday February 25 at 8pm.This is a free event and is aimed at anyone who is currently involved in coaching a team.Tickets are strictly limited and therefore if you want tickets please email Steve Leonard here.last_img

Town council approves special zoning for church in business district

first_imgELIZABETHTOWN, NC (WWAY) — City leaders in Elizabethtown are moving forward in the decision of Bible over business this week as a church wants to move into the downtown area.The town voted this week to allow a special change to zoning in its downtown area to make way for the Potter’s House Church. It is filling in an old furniture store in an area that is specifically zoned for business. The new church location would violate current zoning.- Advertisement – Town mayor Sylvia Campbell says allowing the church was the right decision, but still a tough one to make.“It was a tie vote and I had to break that tie first time since I’ve been mayor that I had to do that, but I felt like that we really, you like to have churches it’s not on Broad street and I think it will be an asset to the town of Elizabethtown I really do,” Campbell said.The council voted to allow special use zoning for the church to fill in the vacant storefront.Related Article: Bladen County meth lab bust leads to one arrestThe mayor added that this one time issue will be just that for neighbors. That’s because the city is looking to revise its zoning for the downtown area not allowing any storefront be occupied for something other than retail.“We have limited retail now, and we just feel like that needs to be, if we want our town to continue to grow, we need to keep that section for retail business,” Campbell said.The city should decide by the end of the year on revisions to its downtown zoning according to the mayor.last_img read more

Senate passes plan to find treat remove GenX in Cape Fear River

first_img The plan includes:Directing $250,000 to UNCW to quantify the amount of GenX in the Cape Fear River and determine the impact it could have on public health and safety.Providing $185,000 to the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority and other local public utilities to develop treatment technologies to remove GenX from public water supplies and to make sure that treatment is working through ongoing monitoring.Beginning the development of an electronic filing system to speed up the water quality permitting process along with an online, searchable database where officials and the public can easily find information on permits that have already been granted.It also directs the Department of Environmental Quality to explain why it has not issued a ‘notice of violations’ (NOV) to the company responsible for the discharge of GenX if the department still has not done so by the end of next week.Although the first news reports of the GenX discharge circulated in early June, close to three months later the department still has not issued an NOV informing the company that it is suspected of violating state law.Related Article: Fantasy sports regulations falter in NC House committeeAn NOV is typically the first step to holding violators accountable and potentially requiring them to bear the cost of remediation that is needed as a result of their illegal actions. Since early August, lawmakers have twice asked the DEQ secretary why his agency has not yet issued an NOV, but they have not received a direct response, according to a news release from Sen. Phil Berger’s office.“This plan is an important first step, it gives local authorities who’ve been on the ground dealing with this issue since day one the immediate tools to begin addressing GenX contamination,” said Senators Michael Lee and Bill Rabon. “We expect the General Assembly will continue exercising its oversight responsibilities in the coming weeks to better understand what happened and to determine appropriate strategies to identify and address concerns going forward.”Last week lawmakers met in Wilmington to begin investigating the GenX discharge, which they expected to be the first of multiple meetings.Chemours released a statement to WWAY Thursday afternoon:“Chemours was made aware of these sampling results on Tuesday, Aug. 29. In response, we are now investigating the potential that these two substances are byproducts of the IXM production unit at Chemours Fayetteville manufacturing site. We are working with the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality to understand their data and gain additional clarity regarding these samples. As we gather this additional information, we are also working to determine the appropriate next steps.” RALEIGH, NC (WWAY) — The Senate passed legislation Wednesday that allows local officials to being improving water quality in the Cape fear River while helping ensure the state DEQ enforces the law against the company that dumped GenX into the water supply.The plan, developed by Wilmington-area legislators, takes steps to immediately and directly address the problem of GenX contamination in the lower Cape Fear region.- Advertisement – last_img read more

Port of Wilmington receiving first banana shipment

first_img The North Carolina Ports says this shows their expanding role as a global supply chain gateway. These initial refrigerated shipments from Guatemala signal the start of a yearlong program commitment of weekly banana imports via the Port of Wilmington.“Today’s shipments mean fresh fruits will reach consumers faster and cheaper,” said Hans Bean, VP, Trade Development, NC Ports. “This represents major progress in our ability to service North Carolina’s significant grocery sector, several of which are having their headquarters and perishable distribution centers in NC.”When the bananas arrive, trucks will take them to distribution centers across the Carolinas.Related Article: Trump insists there’s more to Mexico deal than meets the eye“Bananas are the latest addition to North Carolina Ports’ expanding portfolio in the perishables industry,” said Brian Clark, NC Ports Chief Operating Officer. “Joint efforts with our customers, our cold chain partners and government agencies including CBP and USDA have helped facilitate these new produce flows via the preferred NC gateway of Wilmington. This will deliver benefits for produce customers, carriers and consumers with optimized routings and efficiencies through the Port of Wilmington.”The port says they also reached a monumental milestone in December, by becoming the first South Atlantic port to implement both phases of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Southeast In-Transit Cold Treatment Pilot program. The program allows for more direct imports of produce including blueberries, grapes, apples, pears and citrus.The port says this is another example of the Authority’s commitment to growing the movement of refrigerated cargo through Wilmington.“This expansion of produce imports is also a perfect complement to NC’s major refrigerated export base – meaning ocean carriers can optimize equipment flows while serving their global customers” added Bean.In addition to containerized refrigerated capacity, the port is also home to Port of Wilmington Cold Storage – one of only a few on-port cold storage facilities in the country. WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — For the first time, bananas imported from Central America are arriving at the Port of Wilmington this week.- Advertisement – last_img read more

Columbus Co Commission approves incentive grant for renewable energy plant

first_imgWHITEVILLE, NC (WWAY) — Columbus County leaders want a sustainable energy producer to call their county home. Raleigh-based GESS International could put one of the first renewable energy plants in the state in our area.The company first approached the county commission back in July. Since then, there have been plans in the works to put a renewable energy plant in the Clarendon area near hog farm operations along Old Stake Road in the southwestern portions of the county.- Advertisement – County commissioners approved an incentive grant that will set aside upwards to $730,000 for the energy producer. That grant, however, in contingent on when the company is operating in the county and paying property taxes.Green Energy Sustainable Solutions, Inc. (GESS) is a solid waste energy producer. They’re company reportedly is operating all across the country, but has yet to begin work in North Carolina, one of the largest hog production states in the nation. They would utilize swine waste and convert methane gases into re-sellable energy for companies such as Piedmont Natural gas according to county economic development director Gary Lanier.“Everyone knows that hog lagoons are an issue in eastern North Carolina,” Lanier said. “And taking hog waste and converting it into natural gas that would be put onto our natural gas system is a win win for everyone.”Related Article: Hundreds of swine lost in Pender County farm fireLanier says the county expects to received nearly $1 million in property taxes from GESS in their first five years of operation. Construction of the plant has ben estimated at a more than $26 million endeavor into the area. The company has pledged at least 5 permanent jobs to the project once it is operating. Lanier says multiple jobs in transportation will also be added for waste transferring to and from the plant.Lanier tells us that the company could begin construction on the Clarendon site by early 2019.Also at Monday night’s commission meeting a salute was given to outgoing chairman Amon McKenzie.McKenzie was presented a plaque at the commissioner’s meeting this evening.It’s in recognition for his work on the board of commissioners.Jerome McMillian won the Democratic primary beating McKenzie. McMillian also won in the general election and will be sworn into office in next month.last_img read more

Higher demand for water puts strain on utility authority

first_imgWILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Hotter and drier weather in the Cape Fear means more and more consumption of water. We are now abnormally dry.As of Wednesday, Carel Vandermeyden, the Deputy Engineering Director at Cape Fear Public Utility Authority said everything is under control and that they are monitoring the drought closely.- Advertisement – The issue is not a matter of low supply, but instead, high demand. However there is one thing that we can do to prevent the drought from worsening.“Irrigation at these times is a large portion of the water that our people are using,” Vandermeyden said. “If people irrigate we ask them to irrigate between midnight and 6 a.m. and also be very wise on how you irrigate. Don’t let the water run on the pavement, put it on the grass, even dial back a few minutes from what you’re normally using.”This time frame is not only best for Cape Fear Public Utility Authority to provide, but it’s also the best for the grass.last_img read more

Fortina Hotel resolution approved by Parliament

first_img SharePrint The resolution regarding the Fortina Hotel in Sliema has just been approved by Parliament.The resolution was approved after the Opposition voted against the price requested. This vote brought an end to the MEPs working year, adjourning for 7th October.‘I will vote against Fortina’s change in use despite my brother-in-law being involved’ – ArrigoWhatsApp <a href=’;cb={random}’ target=’_blank’><img src=’;cb={random}&amp;n=ab2c8853&amp;ct0={clickurl_enc}’ border=’0′ alt=” /></a>last_img read more